Goldman Sachs CEO and Clinton Donor Warns That Sanders Creating A “Dangerous Moment”

BernieSandersLloyd_Blankfein_CEO_Goldman_SachsWe recently talked about how a poll showing that 17 percent of the federal government workforce would resign if Donald Trump were elected. It seemed to me a perfect pitch for Trump to make to conservatives that he has already delivered on shrinking the size of government. Now Bernie Sanders may have been given the greatest possible gift from a past donor for the Clintons. The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has given an interview and warns that Sanders is “dangerous.” If that is not the next political ad from the Sanders campaign, they are asleep at the switch.

Blankfein stated “To personalize it, it has potential to be a dangerous moment. Not just for Wall Street … but for anybody who is a little bit out of line.” In what could be a reference to Hillary Clinton, Blankfein said “It’s a liability to say, ‘ I’m willing to compromise’ It’s just incredible. It’s a moment in history. Eventually people, the electorate, will notice nothing is getting done.”

Blankfein was one of Clinton’s supporters in 2008 and has been often associated in the media with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Since January 2014 alone, the Clintons made 25 million from speeches. Their hotel from lucrative speech deals since leaving the White House is an estimated $125 million.  Clinton was heavily criticized for her huge speaking fees from Wall Street and banks.

Notably, Bill Clinton shocked many in an account of a statement he made to former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that dismissed liberals who were demanding punishment for Wall Street and bank executives. Clinton said “You could take Lloyd Blankfein into a dark alley. And slit his throat, and it would satisfy them for about two days. Then the blood lust would rise again.”

That “blood lust” is likely to rise in anyone hearing that Blankfein wants to warn everyone about the dangers of electing Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Bernie Sanders and Anderson Cooper both hit Hillary Clinton pretty hard about her ties to Wall Street, especially about the $675,000 for 3 “speaking engagements” to Goldman Sachs.

  2. Bill Clinton’s criticism about citizens wanting “blood lust” is very unfair and out of proportion. Most Americans today probably want a real “deterrent” for future bankers. Americans should be given much credit for tolerating these guys for so long after having our 401K funds robbed.

    Real “deterrents” to minimize future fraud/theft can come in many forms, not all involving prison or harsh penalties.

    Regular citizens don’t receive an exemption from following the law. If we have “equal justice under law” then CEOs receive the same treatment as anyone else – not harsher and not lighter – it’s not so-called “blood lust”. Bernie Sanders gets that concept unlike the Clinton’s.

  3. Steve Fleischer – “I continue to be amazed by the Libs who whine about the bankers and then ignore Hillary’s deep ties to those same people – a case of seeing what you want to see in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

    Steve, you don’t even have to go that high up. How many of these libs have their 401K’s tied up in Wall St. and will cry if they don’t get their 15%? They are such hypocrites.

  4. Neither Sanders nor Trump can do anything useful so long as USAmericans continue to vote low-information folks into Congress and so long as the current twisted misguided SCOTUS exists. Hillary knows this. She understands that nothing gets done unless you feed the sharks and snakes along the way. Cruz, on the other hand, is king of the sharks and snakes, the most ghoulish public figure imaginable.

  5. The “dangerous moment” is coming for the banksters again, as in ’08, and they need an administration that will do their bidding again. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, etc. should have been allowed to implode or nationalized.

  6. Well look at it this way Bernie will never be elected. Hilly will probably be replaced by someone else once the FBI concludes their investigation. Blankfien will continue to make a great deal of moolah. You and I will be right back here posting our wisdom and meaningless wit. Not much will change.

  7. We recently talked about how a poll showing that 17 percent of the federal government workforce would resign if Donald Trump were elected.

    Be serious Turley, the poll asked if fed employees would “consider” resigning. We all know zero will actually do it. The only insight from this poll is how insane the pollsters, reporters, and fed employees are.

  8. Poor Lloyd. He is so dreadfully treated by the little people. Give the man a break so he has time to count his money! ‘As the largest individual owner of Goldman Sachs stock, he has a stake in the company worth almost $500 million. Real estate and an investment portfolio seeded by cash bonuses and distributions from the bank’s private-equity funds add more than $600 million.’

    I have nothing against slimy banksters robbing the public to feed their voracious appetite for more loot, but please stop the whining.

    I agree with Lloyd that it a dangerous moment….for obscene Wall St bonuses, getting away with flagrant financial crimes that go unpunished, and robbing the people’s treasury at will and with the approval of a blind and complicit congress. Go Bernie!

  9. Come on, the classic match up is Trump v Sanders, Capitalism v Socialism – all in and let’s see the hole card. Man, the Koch’s would be freaking out, trying to buy anything they could.

  10. Clinton made the Wall Street criminals and banksters that own him and his wife. It had been a slow creep for years, but Clinton put the nail in the coffin with the repeal of Glass-Steagall. So called liberals do know about Hillary’s connection to the crooking banking cabal and progressives, the real Democrats, know even more. Hillary is another Manchurian candidate, a neocon/neoliberal war mongering power hungry give a shit less about America like all the other candidates, except Bernie. Although she will continue to lie about her shift to the so-called left, as soon as in office her true loyalties will show. BTW the programs Bernie are pushing are nothing but old fashioned New Deal programs that have been discarded by the neoliberals of both parties. Bernie can and will win if the Democrat “leadership” doesn’t continue to stab him in the back along with the lame stream media. It won’t matter which Democrat wins, the repugthuglicans will do the same as they did the day before Obama took office. Swear in mass to not allow anything Obama or Democrats want to pass to pass. The only reason the right wingnut repugthuglicans might not hate Hillary as much is they did Obama is she isn’t black. Oh, and Bernie has more experience in government than Hillary, check the record.

  11. I guess Lloyd Blankfein would know dangerous. After all he and his colleagues in the “banking” industry were able to crash the economy of the entire world with their rapacious and fraudulent ways.

  12. In an ideal world Bernie vrs Ted would be the appropriate match up. In a parliamentary system with multiple parties where cooperation was an ingredient either one could move their agenda forward with compromises, how it’s supposed to work, but not how it works under the present system. Under the present system, Cruz with both houses is more dangerous than the three stooges. Bernie, at his age, with his outside the box experience, with his socialist labels, with his radical plans, up against both Congress and Senate, would be stifled, thwarted, frustrated, and ground into dust. Unfortunately the American political system is a sewer, owned and managed by oligarchs. Unfortunately, to fix some of the problems and move along the US needs a rat for a President. The next President has to be Democrat and Clinton is the best rat for the job. She knows her way around the sewer, Bernie don’t.

  13. I continue to be amazed by the Libs who whine about the bankers and then ignore Hillary’s deep ties to those same people – a case of seeing what you want to see in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  14. Nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session. Gridlock – for lack of a better word – is good.

  15. It’s incredible to think that liberals would actually reform Wall Street, unless one means to re-form the system to further the lining of their own pockets.

    There’s just something of the saying “me thinks he dost protest too much”
    In re. Bernie’s screeching from the podiums.

  16. Yes, dangerous for his organized crime syndicate and all the other Wall Street criminals and banksters. Not to big to break, not to big to jail.

  17. Lloyd Blankfein, remember him whining about how awful it was..the way the little people were talking about bankers! As FDR said: Bernie should welcome their hatred.

  18. Cruz v Sanders is the appropriate matchup in this revolutionary election year.

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