Intern Becomes Internet Sensation After Falling Asleep At First Day At Work

56b2714b1a00009c01ab1f5fThis is why I love this country. An intern starts with a tech startup and falls asleep. The response? A group picture of course. What followed was a hilarious series of photoshops of the now famous but nameless intern. The guy even has his own teeshirt as an inspiration to us all.

The intern told the media “One of the associates noticed me sleeping. And it just went downhill from there!”

Here is my favorite photoshop:


30 thoughts on “Intern Becomes Internet Sensation After Falling Asleep At First Day At Work”

  1. Enough about the “intern” aspect and whatnot. He is eligible for the Supreme Court. If its good enough for Ruthie, its good enough for me. Give me that ol time religion, give me that ol time religion. Sleepin on the job, is good enough for me. It was good enough for Martin, …. etc

  2. Carl-Edward; Hell is when you see people you went to high school with running the government.

  3. Reisling; Thanks for pointing that out. I actually did read the entire thing AFTER I commented. LOL Anyway, my opinion still has merit I think. I mean, what kind of people DO this kind of thing? Call me old fashioned but is this even remotely following the golden rule? And yes, it’s fantastic the guy can laugh at himself. There’s no end of entertainment when you can laugh at yourself but let’s face it, why put yourself down when there are plenty of other people who will do it for you? 🙂

  4. Further to Tin’s comment, it is true that a wave of immaturity has been sweeping the country for many years, and when I look around me, I think of what my tenth-grade biology master told us – that the wrong people were having children, and that the price to be paid for this would be high. (One day, in a department store, I looked at the general class of customer, and thought that I had died and gone to hell.)

  5. Neighbordave: “Key word in the story? “Intern” You get what you pay for.” Here here. Going to be interesting to see if, five years from now, this kid turns out to be the next Steve Jobs, Seth Rogan, or struggling financially (as so many others, in all of our generations, are these days). When I was coming up professionally, this would’ve easily ruined a career…just the whisper that someone might have dozed off at a work function. But when I was coming up there weren’t too many interns either…other than up on Capitol Hill. You get what you pay for.

  6. bam bam: people here are outraged. Not only Germans but all of Europe. I mean, she let all these unvetted people in without asking anyone else what they thought of it. But a lot of the problem lies with everyone putting the guilt on the Germans 70 years later. You weren´t allowed to say anything against anyone from another country (except the Dutch or the English!) unless you wanted to be branded a Nazi. I wish they would realize that they can never make it good again – so stop trying. Today they had to send out 450 police officers to find 4 suspected terrorists. It´s pathetic.

  7. Hilde: read the original article. The sleeping guy posted the picture to the internet himself because he thought it was funny. He is able to laugh at himself. Not many people have that quality. I find it refreshing.

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