Voir Dear: Court Summons Potential Jurors With Referral To Sex Hotline

170px-Sound-Powered_Telephone_SystemsThere is voir dire and then there is voir dear. The court in Pascagoula, Mississippi, sent out a jury summons this month but, when prospective jurors called the telephone line, they found themselves speaking to a sex hotline. It does not help that the Clerk’s name is Randy but he is really really sorry.

Circuit Clerk Randy Carney was not sure how the mix up occurred but will send out an apology. The question however is who will pay the charges for the calls. The idea of a court paying for sexual lines is a bit irregular. Moreover, I am not sure if the court will place a limit on how many minutes it took for the callers to conclude that the person on the line was in fact not questioning them for voir dire purposes when asking what they were wearing and what were their particular fetishes. I assume that when the conversation turned to their “assets,” it became a tad clearer.

7 thoughts on “Voir Dear: Court Summons Potential Jurors With Referral To Sex Hotline”

  1. All the jurors are now likely on a terrorist watch list also, how will they remove their names from the “enemy of the state” blacklists? The State Police of each state usually run these blacklists.

    Non-Terrorists occupy most of these blacklists since they ran out of real ones.

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