How Does An Irish Political Party Manifesto Differ From Those In The United States?

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

fine-gael-logoOne aspect of American politics I find particularly disappointing is the lack of substance inherent in political platforms of both the Republican and Democrat parties. Since most voters in the United States have only experienced the politics resident in our country, I thought in light of this year’s election it would be worthwhile to experience another point of view that is removed from our current political ideologies.

It seems unfortunate that most of what we see today are mere soundbites of half a dozen topics considered to be of utmost importance to each of the parties — seemingly only designed to inflame emotions and provide the voter with very little information which can be ambiguous at best.

I present to you a political platform from another nation, and  political perspective: the 2016 Fine Gael manifesto.


the Fine Gael party, formed in 1933, is a major political party within the Republic of Ireland. It is noted for its fiscally liberal economic policies as well as a somewhat conservative social approach: though not to the degree of conservativism as defined in the United States.

Since politics in the United States on the federal level especially, has become so polarized and unworkable I have doubts that many politicians can see the broader picture of the needs of the United States. It would be refreshing for many to see another perspective at least looking at it from a structural point of view. For the purposes of our discussion it is not necessary to evaluate the political tenets of the Fine Gael party, but instead to see documents such as this as an example upon which to formulate a greater governing approach by political parties generally.

I invite the readers to view this political manifesto: again not from a perspective of trying to evaluate so much the goals of Fine Gael, but instead to look upon it as an example of how the U.S. parties can do better to convey actual solutions to those problems facing us today. And, for each of the voters to evaluate for themselves. While certainly this is not intended to be all encompassing of Fine Gael’s itemized plan for its future governance, it certainly is much more comprehensive than what we are given here.

Fine Gael 2016 Manifesto

By Darren Smith

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    Three more posts, at least two. If a Republican gets in then we are doomed. If Clinton gets in, the least damage will be done and perhaps the Supreme Court will respond in an intelligent manner to issues such as disallowing concentrated mega bucks for the purchasing of our supposed freely elected representatives. It is a start.

    1. issac – Obama has every looking to Putin for leadership. He has taken us from the 6th strongest economy to the 11th. And I expect a recession by election time. Watch the Democrats scramble with numbers to make the economy look better than it is.

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