50 Cent Called To Bankruptcy Court To Explain Posted Pictures With Stacks Of Money Spelling “Broke”

Screen_Shot_2016-02-20_at_10.22.32_AM_rfdxiz-640x414It is bad enough to represent a guy in a bankruptcy case named “50 Cent.” It is even more difficult when your client says that he is broke and then posts an image of himself with piles of money spelling out the word “broke.” Just to make sure that the court did not miss the disconnect, Curtis James Jackson III (aka 50 Cent) also posted himself on a bed covered with piles of money. It worked. Judge Ann Nevin and his creditors took notice and now 50 Cent has been called to court. Jackson seems to be competing with the bankrupt Kanye West for the world’s greatest certifiable numbskull. The pictures however raise a question of the significance of such pictures used to maintain the “bad boy” image of such personalities.

50 Cent is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and creditors are seeking $7 million. Judge Nevin ordered 50 Cent to appear and explain the photos, noting

“I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency in the case. There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.”

UnknownHis lawyers directed their anger not at their immature client but opposing parties and said that 50 Cents was merely trying to “maintain his brand and image (or those of the products he is promoting).” They objected that these images were being used to “disingenuously smear” 50 Cent. That would seem hardly necessary when your client is 50 Cent who hardly needs help establishing that he is a colossal ass. Saying that you need the cash display to maintain your reputation as an immature toddler in a man’s body.

The lawyers for 50 Cent added that they are working to clarify the situation and reach an agreement with all parties and that “We are confident that the matter will be fully resolved to all parties’ satisfaction.” Satisfaction with 50 Cent may be a bit too ambitious. I would focus on just not being found in contempt.

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  1. Who is to say it’s his money? Might just be a prop from the photographer. Maybe it’s not even really money, but a prop reproduction. Maybe the backs of the bills are blank.

  2. Jonathan, can you tell me, or at least recommend, where to go with information about a corrupt federal judge? Is anyone interested in following up on allegations of corruption within the federal court system? So far, it has been impossible to find someone who is so inclined. Why is that, Jonathan? You are one of the most respected lawyers in America, no question, and even you seem unwilling or unable to name a person who could help. I don’t understand that. You know what Jonathan? That suggests corruption is so widespread and so deep that our most trusted legal minds fear retribution from a completely compromised justice system. If I can see clearly there is a very serious problem with at least a few judges and a particular court, then experts like you must know a great deal about how bad things really are. The fact that no one, No One, is willing to pursue this matter shouts out that something is terribly, terribly wrong, wouldn’t you say?

    All the work that you do as a law professor and all the efforts throughout the centuries to make our judiciary a safe and honorable place for any citizen to find justice has all been in vain when our judges our criminals.

  3. That’s taking entitlement to a whole new level.

    When I read about Kanye pleading for money, and all the innumerable stories of self destruction and excess among the glitterati, I can’t help but marvel at the waste. These people, if they are so bored, could go join the Peace Corps, or some other similar group, and go dig wells for people in Africa. Distribute water filters. Volunteer with Big Brother programs. Anything. They would come away with it having literally saved lives, with a whole new perspective about what is important in life.

    As it stands, their life has no meaning, direction, or purpose. My dad would say they are all mach with no vector.

  4. When he comes to court with his lawyers he can bring his faux dollars with him. He can wear lthem on his shirt and pants. Then he can put the party on the other side of the case on the witness stand and ask him under oath if the dollar or hundred dollar bills are faux. Then show him the video and ask if those look real. With the testimony of chumpo now in the record the case can go forward. While he is at it he can ask the judge if the robe he is wearing indicates that he is a preacher. He can ask the bailiff if his gun is real. Then he can talk about lawyers, guns and money. Lord get me out of this.

    This is, as some commenter above said, a bit of a shallow article for the blog.

  5. Donald “No Trump” Duck and Guinness, Hi!

    I’m no fan of The Donald, but my understanding is that corporations he was affiliated with filed corporate bankruptcy. He did not file personal bankruptcy. Many types of businesses are considered separate legal entities from their owners and apparently, this is the case with Trump..

  6. if you guys think he’s an idiot then you just proved your own lack of insight.
    this stunt has earned him tons of free publicity and helped keep his brand alive
    envigorated it, actually, with all the tut-tutting from observers
    it is a masterful act of “guerilla advertising”

    Fiddy is one of the cleverest “rap” or hiphop artists of his generation.

    I generally dislike hiphop and “gansters” etc and have been called racist many times but I have great admiration for the cleverness of Jackson. and I like many of his songs too. “Candy Shop” is about the best erotic-dance tune to come along since Alice Cooper’s “Poison”

  7. A hustler’s ambition

    Curtis Jackson’s introduction into the business world was selling drugs on the streets of Queens at age 12.

    He’s worth $155 million and is showing no signs of stopping until he hits those b-racks.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump, when he filed for bankruptcy, took a cab down to the bankruptcy court to do the actual filing, and when he got there, handed the cabbie a proof of claim instead of paying his fare. The Donald knows chutzpah.

  9. He’s a playa. That flash roll probably has stacks of Washington’s under the top Benjamin.

  10. Hey, who verified that the paper bills, pictured in the photographs, were real currency? Anyone? If not, it could very easily be argued that these photos were just promoting his image as a gangsta, using phoney-baloney props to do just that. Has Judge Nevin ever visited the Dollar Tree? You can buy stacks of these faux bills for a dollar a pack there, Judge Nevin. From a distance, one cannot tell whether these stacks of faux bills are fake or the real thing. Did 50-Cent–which I do believe is pronounced Fitty-Cent–or his attorneys acknowledge the authenticity of the bills? That should’ve been one the the things mentioned in his defense. I wonder if it was. . .

    Don’t hate the playa, baby, hate the game.

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