After Court Order Over Prior Pictures, “Bankrupt” 50 Cent Posts Another Picture In Front of Pile of Cash

cent24f-1-webWe recently discussed the difficulty faced by the lawyers for Curtis James Jackson III (aka 50 Cent). While claiming bankruptcy, 50 Cent posted an image of himself with piles of money spelling out the word “broke.” Just to make sure that the court did not miss the disconnect, 50 Cent also posted himself on a bed covered with piles of money. Judge Ann Nevin responded by ordering 50 Cent to appear in court to explain. Despite the court order, 50 Cent published a new picture that shows him in front of a tower of money while referencing his song “Too Rich for the B—h.”

The Instagram picture was captioned “The KANAN Tape now playing, I’m Too Rich,” the “Hate It or Love It.”

As before the obvious argument is that this is an artist maintaining his bad boy image and that the money does not mean that he is not in compliance with his bankruptcy obligations. However, the move could well be viewed as virtually taunting the court and the creditors. It certainly leaves the impression of a client who is entirely out of the control of his lawyers. At some point, such actions can raise the question of whether counsel can continue in the case without destroying their own credibility with the Court. It is hard to be in court explaining that your client is broke when he is outside proclaiming how he is literally laying on a bed of cash.

18 thoughts on “After Court Order Over Prior Pictures, “Bankrupt” 50 Cent Posts Another Picture In Front of Pile of Cash”

  1. So…he cuts up a bunch of paper and adds a few $1 bills to get attention…and the news and social media is all over this?
    “Laura Jackson: What a stupid idiot.
    Jed Clampett: Did you say something, ma’am?
    Laura Jackson: What a stupendous intellect.
    Jethro: That’s cause I “grad-ge-ated” the sixth grade, ma’am. Only took three years.”

  2. I do feel sorry for his beleaguered lawyers.

    Legal fees add up exponentially. I have my doubts about his being broke, regardless of the photos of stacks of cash, if he can afford all these court dates.

  3. 50 Cent, Glaceau forge unique bond




    Curtis Jackson, the Queens-born rapper who goes by 50 Cent, has made his name with such rap hits as In Da Club, as well as a hip-hop product empire including ring tones, movies, a video game, sneakers, apparel, music publishing and his own recording label.

    But Jackson, 32, is also known for enthusiastic promotion of a product less associated with hip-hop: Glacéau VitaminWater. Beyond ads, he’s also mentioned it in songs and put it in music videos.

    The relationship began when privately held Glacéau, founded in 1996, saw Jackson pose with a bottle in a print ad for Reebok, another endorsement, and learned he’s a fan. In 2004, Glacéau offered him a minority stake to pitch VitaminWater.

    He’s done print ads and promotions, and now is in the first national TV ad. In it, he leads a “National Symphony” orchestra in a classical arrangement of In Da Club from his CD Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

    Jackson even helped develop his own VitaminWater — grape-flavored, vitamin-enriched Formula 50.

    Jackson’s backing has helped Glacéau with younger consumers. And that was among the reasons beverage giant Coca-Cola ko scooped up the company in May for $4.1 billion. Jackson’s stake got him an estimated $100 million, according to the Forbes list of “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” or about half that, by other estimates, but either way, the sale earned a line in his new, appropriately titled single: I Get Money.
    I couldn’t help but think of this sketch. . .

  4. Or, the court is in on the take. This is nothing but big bucks for the dude and his career which spells money. Now another way to look at it is that the guy is trying to make money through this free publicity to pay off his debts. He is a creative type after all and it wouldn’t work unless the court got miffed. Yup.

  5. There needs to be at least one rational mature side in this affair. It certainly cannot be this mutt so what happens when the court allows itself to be baited?

  6. The cash should be tested for traces of cocaine, meth and heroine. It could be real and dirty. And have the IRS CID do an income tax audit.

  7. Turley is getting trolled by his own hypocrisy now. Free speech rights go out the window if a person is too poor, but of course. Prof. Turley, please show your evidence that the debtor owns the money. Or show that it is in excess of the allowable limit declared. If you can’t make your case, explain your basis for attempting to deprive him of counsel.

  8. Where are his attorneys during all of this? If they were doing their job, as they should, this low-life thug wouldn’t be conducting himself in this manner. Afraid of offending this client and losing, what I expect is, a very handsome legal fee, his attorneys are, obviously, turning a blind eye to his antics, so long as the meter continues to run and they are profiting from this case. The more difficult the case, the more it results in additional billable hours being racked up; there is no incentive, on the part of his attorneys, to make this process proceed smoothly and efficiently. Where’s the incentive, on the part of the attorneys, to force their client to behave in a decent and respectful manner? There isn’t one, if you ask me. The bottom line is that this misfit is nothing more than a street thug, with, what appears to be, no respect for authority. No doubt, we’ll be reading about him, soon enough, wandering the streets of LA and rummaging through dumpsters for food. I can’t wait until he calls the judge a b@tch and a ho. You just gotta know it’s coming.

  9. He’s toying with the Court; showing off piles of money, but knowing that there is no way to prove that it is real. I don’t know that it’s in his interest to thumb his nose at the Court, but essentially he’s saying that he’s untouchable.

  10. It would have been ok if the picture showed Johnny Cash and the song was “Ring of Fire.” Now this guy may get to write his own sequel to Folsom Prison Blues.

  11. It could be a con job. Real money on the top and newspaper underneath. Then again, maybe he is just too arrogant to fail.

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