CDC: Half of Black Gay Men Will Be Infected By HIV In Their Lifetime

220px-HIV-budding-Color140px-us_cdc_logosvgA new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) contains a staggering new statistical finding: roughly half of the gay black men in the country will be infected with HIV in their lifetime. As if the high rate of incarceration and poverty found in the black communities is not enough, this epidemic appears to be racing through the ranks of gay black men. The CDC also found that a quarter of gay Latino men in the United States will be infected with HIV in their lifetime.

The findings were the first of their kind as projections for lifetime infection rates in the United States and were disclosed at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston.

The good news is that there is an improvement in the overall risk rates which currently stand at 1 in 99. That is much improved from 1 in 78 ten years ago.

There remains a huge racial disparity. overall african-Americans have a lifetime HIV risk of 1 in 20 for men and 1 in 48 for women. For whites, that rate is 1 in 132 for men and 1 in 880 for women.

Source: CBS

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  5. Hmmm.

    No surprise here. Too many self-absorbed sodomites who can’t take the time to put on a condom. They just get to bouncing around in bed and. . .hmmm. . .bouncing??? Gee, that makes me think of an Irish Poem!

    No Rubber Checks???
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    There once was a sodomite dude,
    Quite impulsive when caught in the “mood.”
    But, his partners, Alas!
    Took it “dah dah dah”*,
    He had AIDS! Golly gee, they were screwed!

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  6. Renegade:

    I just cannot understand this phenomenon of people who either know they are HIV positive, or know they have promiscuous, unprotected sex, continuing to have sex with people. Do they hate them, or hate themselves? Misery loves company? Why does a cheater come home and have sex with his or her partner, knowing they’ve had unprotected sex with someone else? That’s murder. And it’s a very difficult way to die.

    It’s true that people need to take responsibility for themselves if they are not in monogamous relationships. The people who have unprotected hookups just boggle the mind. But my heart breaks for those who think they are in a monogamous relationship, and trust their partner, who is out there basically trying to bring something home that will either kill them or give them any number of unpleasant STDs.

    The HIV plague can and should be stopped in its tracks. All we have to do is be responsible, and this scourge would die out in a single generation.

  7. Love yourself before you love anyone else – protect yourself. Anal sex transmits HIV easier than conventional sex, because it’s more likely to tear the tissue. But both can do the job. HPV is associated with both cervical and anal cancer, and syphilis is on the rise, too. Don’t forgo safety precautions if you’re heterosexual because you think HIV is just a “gay disease”, and if you’re gay, don’t forgo safety precautions because you think HIV is not a killer anymore.

    Take care of yourself so you can be healthy and happy. And think of all the drama and heartache you can avoid if you’re monogamous.

    And let me get on my soap box and express my concerns about what making 26 forms of birth control “free” (with massively increased premiums and deductibles) will do to condom usage. Condoms help prevent the spread of STDs. Putting everyone on birth control will only reduce their use, with the entirely predictable rise in STDs among the heterosexual population.

    1. No Brainer – this is a forum where people like you can take pot-shots from behind a nom de plume.

  8. Add this:

    CDC predicts mosquito born Zika virus will spread via sexual transmission and will run rampant through the gay community.

  9. Birds of a feather, flock together. Many bent guys are chronic smokers. Suicide ain’t “painless”.

  10. Jim22: there is a little more to it than that last piece of advice. It is not the “sleep” that gives you the AIDS. It is putting the wrong prong in the wrong place. It is kind of like the approach to the First Amendment taken by some courts and discussed on the blog. There are several prongs to the First Amendment. With humans things are different. You are more likely to get AIDS if you get it dirty.

  11. I remember being told in high school during the 80’s that we would all be dead from aids by the year 2000. I also remember being annoyed that it seemed that people refused to change their lifestyle until the problem became everybody’s. Don’t share needles and don’t sleep around and aids will most likely pass you by.

  12. “I could tell you why the difference in statistics, but it would be thought both sexist and racist.” — Paul

    Are those the only two reasons, Paul?

    Speak up, impress all with your acumen that continually borders on ignorance.

    This blog has not frequently spoken to serious issues for years; it is a forum for bluster, of homilies and distractions.

    You fit right in, Paul.

    1. Darspin – I have been down this road before, no sense going there again just to be called racist or sexist by someone like you.

  13. It is sad really. The one very contagious and certain death disease that was not quarantined and spread to children (and others) needing blood transfusions and IV drug addicts. Remember Magic Johnson and his spreading of his magic? Oh what a rehabilitated hero for coming forth. If he had spread syph?? A ton of bricks.

    Some thought it was a way to rid the world of an aberrant behavior through the natural selection process. Others (straights and gays) did not want to deal with sex in general, much less men w men.
    The 1978 Dan White killing of Harvey Milk then essentially getting off with the Twinkie defense (actually a progressives’ legislation) really set things on fire. Nobody was wont to pursue any type of quarantine as AIDS came on the scene.

    In any case the population of infected grew exponentially and soon was beyond any type of hospital quarantine. Imagine if people were rounded up as the Japanese were in WWII.

    I remember a personal experience.

    In 1985, I lost a Yeoman 1st Class to it. As the YN1 started to show symptoms, the Hospital Corpsman knew the cause (activity) but the YN couldn’t be quarantined. The YN1 would have been immediately discharged if caught in a public display. We all knew he would die fairly quickly and sought to keep him in the medical system ….he died in the Philly Naval Hospital of a pneumonia that only kills sever auto-immune patients.. But, he had continued with his sexual practices up until then. No family claimed him or his extensive art collection.

    From the Philly Inquirer 2013:

    After debunking the inaccurate portrayal of the sensational Patient Zero, “bit by a monkey and introduced the disease to the US,” the article, derived from a book, establishes the actual account.

    The following is found further into the article which describes the scenario.
    Of particular interest to me is the text between the ********* lines which I inserted.
    “How the first serious examination of AIDS policy had to be sold as sordid tabloid fare is described in a new book by Philadelphia University historian Phil Tiemeyer, Plane Queer: Labor, Sexuality, and AIDS in the History of Male Flight Attendants .
    When he recently asked students about the media deception, “three-quarters of the class were a bit repulsed,” Tiemeyer said. But they don’t remember a time when AIDS meant certain death, he added, and preventing it was not a priority for the news media, the Reagan administration or most of the public.
    The 1970s and early 1980s — after New York’s Stonewall riots and before AIDS — were the heyday of gay male sexual liberation, with dance bars and steam baths overflowing as meeting places and hundreds of sexual partners a year not that unusual. A new disease surfaced in 1981, but its mode of transmission was then a mystery.

    “People were dropping dead left and right of the most horrible, opportunistic infections, no one knew what was happening, and everyone knew that if this was sexually transmitted,” they’d be dead, said Denneny.
    Patient Zero was an actual early case. He just wasn’t the first case. And in the book, Denneny said, he “was representing all the people who refused to stop having unprotected sex even after they became ill.”
    Shilts describes the astonishment of scientists, who were trying to learn how the infection was spread, upon hearing again and again from patients that dying men in different cities had all had sex with a gorgeous young (Canadian) flight attendant.

    Shilts discusses the 1984 study that demonstrated sexual transmission by diagramming links among cases labelled by location, such as LA9 and NY4. Eight are directly connected to a patient labelled simply 0 — the Patient Zero who, according to a study author, originated as a letter O (for “Out of California”) in an earlier study of men around Los Angeles.
    And Shilts relays the attitude of that patient — calling him “the Quebecois version of Typhoid Mary” — as he continues to have sex with men in different cities, in chilling scenes….”

  14. I could tell you why the difference in statistics, but it would be thought both sexist and racist.

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