Fallen Angel: New York Woman Charged With Stealing From Christmas Cards Sent To 8-Year-Old Burn Victim

19368667-mmmainkim-bradfordWe deal with so many truly horrible crimes on this blog that it is often difficult to be truly shocked by the actions of some felons. However, if the allegations are proven, Kimberly Bradford, 41, may be a true stand out. Bradford is accused of stealing money from Christmas cards sent to Sa’fyre Terry, the badly burned 8-year-old survivor of a 2013 arson. Volunteers were used to sort through the outpouring of cards and gifts for Sa’fyre sent to “Safyre’s Angels.” As one of those “angels”, Bradford was one of a number of volunteers suspected of pocketing money and gift cards.

Sa’fyre’s father and three siblings died in a suspicious fire at their Schenectady home. Sa’Frye spent months in the burn unit; lost one of her hands; required multiple plastic surgeries; and continues to need a special mouthpiece to stop her mouth from shrinking because of scar tissue.

After Sa’fyre said she wanted Christmas cards, her aunt got the word out on Facebook and a campaign was launched. Volunteers and a warehouse were needed to handle the more than 1 million Christmas cards addressed to the girl. At one time, there could be as many as 150 volunteers working at the warehouse.

That is the heart warming part as were the many volunteers who came and helped. However, the organization heard that volunteers were stealing from the cards. For a while, Bradford was allowed to take cards home to write back to the donors. However, they were supposed to be emptied at the warehouse and the contents removed. She was told to stop taking cards home in January after allegations of stealing surfaced.

The organization had contacted police about their fear that volunteers were stealing from the cards. That led to the arrest and charge of Bradford for Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, a class E felony.

She could face four years in prison.

The organization clearly believes that this was not the only fallen angel but the arrest is likely to deter any continued pilfering. The organization said that it had other names of suspected thieves. However, no other charges have been filed.

7 thoughts on “Fallen Angel: New York Woman Charged With Stealing From Christmas Cards Sent To 8-Year-Old Burn Victim”

  1. For heavens sake, more than one person is suspected of stealing from an 8 year old burn victim who lost her dad and siblings? Pathetic. Charge everyone involved and let them handle the repercussions of having that on their record.

    This is a good reminder to mail checks, instead of cash and gift cards, in cases such as these. It’s the best way to ensure it gets to the intended recipient.

  2. I have experienced some very bad pain in my life. But, when asked on the 1-10 scale I NEVER give 10. That is reserved for burn victims IMHO. There is a special place in hell for people who steal from child burn victims.

  3. Well, we won’t be sending any cards with money in them to wounded warriors or anybody.

  4. Along with the cop who stole from the funds for his fallen officers’ families, these scums should be studied but over at least twenty years.

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