Report: Police Officer Removed Knife From OJ Estate And Kept It As Souvenir

oj simpsonIn an unbelievable development, news reports have revealed that an unnamed police officer found a knife on the estate where O.J. Simpson lived at the time of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Sources say that the knife appeared to have possible blood residue. Here is the truly incredible part: the officer, who was off-duty at the time, kept the knife as a souvenir and later sought to confirm the case number for a proper framing of the knife. There still may be more to this story and we have not heard from the officer. However, unless the officer clearly knew that this knife was not involved in the crime or other crime, the failure to disclose the potential evidence is startling. There is no indication that the officer has been arrested for the removal of the possible evidence. While it could prove to unrelated to the murders, the officer clearly thought that it might be key evidence.

la-oj-simpson-storiesThe discovery may have been made around the time the home was destroyed in 1998 in the Brentwood section of LA.  Some reports indicate that the officer was working at a “movie shoot” when a construction worker turned over the knife to him.  He then allegedly decided to keep it for himself.

The trial featured a 15-inch knife with a retractable blade that Simpson purchased before the murder. However, forensic tests later revealed that the knife had no scratches or bloodstains consistent with a double homicide.  A kitchen knife was also later found on or near the property.  This latest find reportedly involves a knife that would be inconsistent with the murder.  However, that does not change the seriousness of the officer’s conduct in keeping the potential evidence.

It presents some interesting issues since a jury had already found Simpson not guilty in 1995. Thus, he could not be retried without violating the double jeopardy clause. Yet, it was still possible evidence of a crime that was removed and hidden by an officer.

The potential evidence is a folding buck knife and is now being tested for hair and fingerprints after being handed over the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division.

The officer, who should be named, had contacted a friend in the homicide division and told him he was getting the knife framed for his wall. At least that officer was professional and reported the finding.

Obviously, there is great interest in the testing. However, there should also be equal interest in how to handle a now retired officer who stole and kept potential evidence of a crime.  It is simply unimaginable how an officer could justify such an act to himself, even if he found the knife off-duty. Officers are expected to conduct themselves (even off-duty) in accordance with law enforcement policies and principles.  There are few acts more inimical to those principles than the removal of a possible murder weapon as a personal trophy without reporting it to the police.  Indeed, for all this officer knew, this knife could have been a weapon in another crime.  It could certainly help close a technically open case since Simpson was never convicted. If it were linked to the crime, it would raise serious questions about the adequacy of the police search of this property after the crime. It would be very serious if, after all of the time and money spent on the search, that the murder weapon was missed on the property. Indeed, it would seem highly doubtful that a knife would have made it past such a search at the time.

What do you think should be done with this officer?

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  1. Bill McWilliams:

    There were two killers, two knives, two white broncos and an accomplice after the fact.

    Think about it for a minute. A man who has known OJ since being teens, who was loyal to him to the bone, to this day. What name comes to mind?

  2. P.I. William Dear’s 12 year-long investigation found compelling evidence for his conclusion that the real killer is JASON Simpson, OJ’s son.

  3. Oj probably didn’t do it. He took the rap for his son who had a history of anger management issues for which he was taking medication except at the time of the murders, was currently charged with assaulting a former boss with a knife, had been dissed the evening of the murders by Nicole who failed to show up where he was subbing as head chef as she had promised, had hand-to-hand combat training, owned a knife that would produce wounds as if it were 2 knives, wore a black cap that probably had hairs from his dog (like the one found at the scene) but didn’t wear a black cap after the murders. OJ is most likely guilty of charges based on what he did to protect his son after the fact. His son was never interviewed even though his sister gave a deposition for the civil trial.

  4. Lisa N:

    Are you certain this is the same knife that was tested in 2006?

    I spoke to Fred Goldman on multiple occasions during the trial. It’s been so many years ago, but I recall there was a disguise and money in OJ’s infamous white SUV that was not admitted at trial. Judge Ito was too starry eyed by all the publicity.

    I was disgusted by the whole “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit” business. I’ve ridden horses for many years. My leather show gloves would come out of storage in hard little balls if I failed to properly oil them before storing. Sweat (and blood) will shrink and stiffen leather. I would have to spend an hour gradually oiling and working them onto my hands. Once oiled and supple, they fit me like a glove. The prosecution made a terrible mistake in requiring an unwilling defendant to try on gloves. Not only could he pretend they didn’t fit, but he was also wearing latex gloves. In addition, if they had sweat or blood on them, they would be unyielding like my own show gloves. These were the same brand and size that OJ had bought for years, and yet he would have us believe they suddenly didn’t fit him.

    This was another example of an ex terrorizing a woman for years. He enjoyed his own freedom, but would rather Nicole Brown Simpson die than be free of him. Her 911 calls over the years were heartbreaking.

    I thought this was a miscarriage of justice because of a series of events, such as the above. However, with double jeopardy there’s nothing we can do if they get it wrong. We just have to accept it – kind of like Casey Anthony who, by the way, is allegedly pregnant again. I recently read interviews by her former jury members, who believed she was guilty as heck, but felt there was not enough evidence against her.

  5. Lisa N, thank you.
    “That knife was already tested by LAPD prior to 2006 because I knew about it back then.”

  6. Vince Jankoski

    Don’t underestimate the capabilities of the LAPD. A retired prosecutor involved in the OJ case who went on to an illustrious career teaching traffic school has told his class that the police found human tissue underneath Nicole’s nails and put it in an evidence bag for testing later. Then they “lost” the bag.

  7. Hey guys,

    This is a hoax. Does anyone really think that the LAPD searching the home of a suspect in a double stabbing homicide where the suspect is a prominent figure and where the case is getting extraordinary media attention are going to miss a knife with a 15″ blade? In the alternative, do the police see the knife but fail to recover it? Odder still, three years later a construction worker finds the knife which has apparently been undisturbed notwithstanding that OJ no longer lives in the house and, presumably, his personal effects have been removed. This all occurs while the house is being demolished. The construction worker then, instead of calling the police to report his find, gives the knife to a cop who happens to be on the site of the demolition for a movie shoot. Unless it was a movie shoot of a building being demolished, why would a construction worker even be inside a house being demolished and why would a cop be there in any event?

    Next we will hear that the knife was used to murder Justice Scalia, Jimmy Hoffa, and the Lindberg baby.

  8. T Hall

    I’m sorry but the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

  9. The officer in this case should be forced to read each and every comment on this blog, every day for the rest of his life. That should ensure he’ll be as miserable as everyone here, particularly if the reporter girl continues

  10. The knife should not be admitted into evidence on a sufficiency of evidence in a circumstantial case doctrine. This is by all regards a circumstantial case. What evidence put OJ at the crime scene when the murder occurred? See Jackson v. Virginia and progeny (offspring).

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