Report: Police Officer Removed Knife From OJ Estate And Kept It As Souvenir

oj simpsonIn an unbelievable development, news reports have revealed that an unnamed police officer found a knife on the estate where O.J. Simpson lived at the time of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Sources say that the knife appeared to have possible blood residue. Here is the truly incredible part: the officer, who was off-duty at the time, kept the knife as a souvenir and later sought to confirm the case number for a proper framing of the knife. There still may be more to this story and we have not heard from the officer. However, unless the officer clearly knew that this knife was not involved in the crime or other crime, the failure to disclose the potential evidence is startling. There is no indication that the officer has been arrested for the removal of the possible evidence. While it could prove to unrelated to the murders, the officer clearly thought that it might be key evidence.

la-oj-simpson-storiesThe discovery may have been made around the time the home was destroyed in 1998 in the Brentwood section of LA.  Some reports indicate that the officer was working at a “movie shoot” when a construction worker turned over the knife to him.  He then allegedly decided to keep it for himself.

The trial featured a 15-inch knife with a retractable blade that Simpson purchased before the murder. However, forensic tests later revealed that the knife had no scratches or bloodstains consistent with a double homicide.  A kitchen knife was also later found on or near the property.  This latest find reportedly involves a knife that would be inconsistent with the murder.  However, that does not change the seriousness of the officer’s conduct in keeping the potential evidence.

It presents some interesting issues since a jury had already found Simpson not guilty in 1995. Thus, he could not be retried without violating the double jeopardy clause. Yet, it was still possible evidence of a crime that was removed and hidden by an officer.

The potential evidence is a folding buck knife and is now being tested for hair and fingerprints after being handed over the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division.

The officer, who should be named, had contacted a friend in the homicide division and told him he was getting the knife framed for his wall. At least that officer was professional and reported the finding.

Obviously, there is great interest in the testing. However, there should also be equal interest in how to handle a now retired officer who stole and kept potential evidence of a crime.  It is simply unimaginable how an officer could justify such an act to himself, even if he found the knife off-duty. Officers are expected to conduct themselves (even off-duty) in accordance with law enforcement policies and principles.  There are few acts more inimical to those principles than the removal of a possible murder weapon as a personal trophy without reporting it to the police.  Indeed, for all this officer knew, this knife could have been a weapon in another crime.  It could certainly help close a technically open case since Simpson was never convicted. If it were linked to the crime, it would raise serious questions about the adequacy of the police search of this property after the crime. It would be very serious if, after all of the time and money spent on the search, that the murder weapon was missed on the property. Indeed, it would seem highly doubtful that a knife would have made it past such a search at the time.

What do you think should be done with this officer?

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  1. In a StatesRights! state where they do not follow any constitutional jurisprudence the notion of some piece of evidence taken off a yard of a house being worked on by a crew of workers over five years then being admitted into evidence is quite possible. And it is not just a notion.
    This is not admissible evidence under a solid constitutional examination. Why? Because it is not tied to the date of the crime. It is only some friggin knife found on an “estate” six years later. I will drive by and throw one in the yard. Blood on it? So what? Knifes are invented and employed to cut up cows and whatnot. Knives often slice into some human’s finger by mistake. Blood can stay on an item a long time. Long time could be five years before the murder when the victim was herself slicing up onions and cut herself.
    In some StatesRights! jurisdiction this knife could possibly be admitted into evidence against some human accused of a crime which occurred six years before the knife was “seized”.
    It is possible that this knife never touched ground at the so called OJ Estate and some people are trying to either incriminate OJ or shine light on themselves.

  2. Paul,
    The preservatives was from preserving the blood. But the preservatives was not in their sample.
    I got to ask OJ where the knife from the knife box on the master bath was. He claimed he gave it, like so many others he got from Swiss Army Knife company, to a friend but he didn’t say which friend.

    That knife was tested and supposedly clean, I was told by the detective on that case.

  3. I am very, very pro cop but this guy really had his head up his poop shoot. I don’t beleive it would have mattered had he turned it in when it was first given to him, but guy what were you thinking.

  4. Well, maybe what this thread needs is an Irish Poem! Let’s see. . .a knife…evidence… buried. . .dug up. . .double jeopardy. . .Aha! Eureeka!

    Prescience Memories???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    To prove O. J. “done it” was hard!
    And this new evidence, well it’s barred. . .
    When Kardashian ranted,
    ‘Bout evidence planted. . .
    It was! By O.J. in his yard!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. The knife was taken by the dude in 1998? The OJ was acquitted in 1995? So when was the crime committed?
    The knife might have been relevant on the day of the killing. But five years later?
    Was the home vacant all those years?
    What a bunch of BS. BS means Budder Shodder– ein deutsch.

  6. How many knives are in your house. Do you carve meat? It might have blood on it. Jeso.

  7. That knife was already tested by LAPD prior to 2006 because I knew about it back then. I know both detectives in this case. And the detective on the defense side.

    After the murders, Bob Kardashian & OJ hired a team to scrub out his house between the 1st general warrant that Van Atter wrote up and the 2nd warrant, which was more precise. Van Atter didn’t read the murder notes if Det’s Roberts and Fuhrman until after the 1st warrant was issued.

    Another thing, it was Det. Roberts who discovered all of the blood drops at Rockingham, not Van Atter, which he perjured himself by testifying to. Det. Roberts wrote a letter to the DA stating such. That letter was logged into the evidence file but is missing from the evidence room because Roberts got a call from Van Atter about the letter he wrote that it was he whom discovered the blood evidence. Van Atter got that letter out of the evidence room and gave it back to Roberts.

    I know for a fact that Kardashian took whatever damming evidence they found at Rockingham, after it was scrubbed by professionals before the 2nd warrant, to Mexico.

    There was also two sets of extra large isotoner gloves in OJ’s room. The other pair was in the closet on the top shelf and never mentioned in the trial. One was brown and the other was black.

    They also put up pictures of OJ and his kids and made the house look more ethnic, for the jury. The sweats in the wash machine were taken as well.

    The defense all knew OJ was guilty. That’s why Kardashian never really spoke to OJ again after the murder trial. Political correctness hit him off.

    1. Lisa N – Alan Deshowitz claimed the defense had evidence that the blood on OJ’s sock in the bedroom had perservative in it. That proved that it had been previously been collected and OJ was being framed. They didn’t use it because they had so much other stuff, it was like overkill.

  8. These people have never demonstrated an exceptional degree of intelligence.

  9. 2016 is shaping up to be a memorable year. It’s only early March. Hold on to your seats.

  10. What do I think think should be done in this situation? The officer has should extraordinary initiative in seizing and preserving the evidence (although some improvements could have been made in maintaining better chain of custody over the knife). This stands in stark contrast to other important murders cases. For example in the JFK case, the authorities went to great lengths to promptly destroy key evidence, such as the limo, the clothing, original medical records, CIA, FBI, and Secret Service records, and so forth. Similarly in the 911 murders, all of the key evidence on the site of the destroyed towers was immediately destroyed. And with the Scalia case, no evidence was preserved at the crime scene (although not autopsy was performed, which eliminated the need to destroy that evidence). Given this officer’s exceptional performance in resisting the authorities’ desire to destroy evidence, I’d say the officer should receive the Presidential Medal Freedom.

  11. Perhaps this really is just a case of a stolen prop from a movie set. See Miles Mathis’ thinking on the alleged murders and phony trial:

    While we were all watching the white Bronco and the “trial” I wonder what was happening in Washington DC? Up is down, black is white, and everything we’ve been told is a lie…

  12. Unbelievable. Since he’s retired, what are their options?

    The mishandling of this evidence for years may well have destroyed DNA evidence.

  13. It would not have mattered, even if it was the crime knife. Because at some point in the officer’s life, he probably said the “N” word, and that would have been brought up in court, and you would have the same characterization—“this racist planted that evidence!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  14. The prosecution had two knives that they were trying to frame OJ with, but couldn’t. Now, a third knife has shown up. Of course, this just follows the careless handling of evidence that happened during the OJ trial. The LAPD did a poor job, as did the lab and the prosecutor’s office.

  15. Judges, lawyers, cops, elected representatives, and other privileged types get away with corruption and blatant stupidity on a daily basis. This should take a number and wait its turn, perhaps in the next century, universe, dimension, etc.

    OJ is in prison, still I hope. It is perverse but some sort of justice has been done. It’s near impossible to reprimand a cop when he or she does this sort of thing while engaged in the service of the public. How can a retired cop answer for his stupidity?

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