Corpus Delicti: Two North Carolinians Arrested In The Act Of Burying Dead Body

The Sopranos make this look so easy. A man and a woman have been arrested in Ellendale, North Carolina after they were caught burying a dead body on an abandoned property. It does not get stronger than that for a criminal case. Suspect Tony Hearne is quoted as saying it was just his “bad luck” that things worked out this way.

If there was any lingering question of culpability, one of the suspects reportedly confessed immediately that the body was his uncle and he killed him in self-defense. The problem is that Tony Hearne choked his uncle Tico Hearne to death. That tends to be a tougher sell for a jury.

Police were alerted by a neighbor that a car had pulled into the abandoned property. They found drag marks leading from the trunk to the body, which was covered with leaves, tires, and wood.

It now appears that the two actually got stuck after pulling into the property.

6 thoughts on “Corpus Delicti: Two North Carolinians Arrested In The Act Of Burying Dead Body”

  1. Weekend with bernie. Seriously if they killed the guy that should be the crime. Not burying the body. A lot of ppl kill ppl then just have them creamated. Like abortion or our latest attempt to play god….via advanced directives….and “living” wills. Where the third parties give them what they were asking for. If cops would have been justified killing uncle bernie bc he was ” asking for it”….he would have been buried or creamated. Not to be callous here but if they killed him that’$ the crime….everyone deserves to be buried just like a lot of ppl deserve an autopsy. To determine cause of death.

  2. Oh My! What a ding a ling! Oh well, let’s write him an Irish Poem!

    Doing The Spadework???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a fellow named, “Hearne”,
    And this is the lesson he learned. . .
    For clandestine “Last Rites”,
    Mein Gott! How the stupid does burn!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. I was in a fight where I had to choke the guy into submission. I could buy his story.

  4. I would not be surprised if these morons took selfies with the uncle right before and then after they killed him.

  5. clearly, they have not been watching the right TV shows. (But most of their knowledge probably does come from watching TV shows.)

  6. Well, they were family members so they had an obligation to bury the body. What does Turleyblog want here– a church burial in a family cemetary? The lot was abandoned. They did their duty to bury dead guy and put the abandoned lot to use. They should clean up the tire tracks. The nosey neighbor can go to hell. As for the cause of death, it was self inflicted for assaulting Tony. Self defense is turn about is fair play.

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