Mexican Smuggler Jailed . . . After 24 Prior Arrests For Smuggling and Illegal Entry

220px-Pedestrian_border_crossing_sign_Tijuana_MexicoThere is a story out this week that shows just how porous our borders have become and how relatively little is done against repeated offenders who smuggle people over the border. Efrain Delgado-Rosales, 35, was sentenced to five years in jail by a federal judge in San Diego for bringing an illegal alien into the U.S. for financial gain. However, the case reveals that Delgado-Rosales, an abusive and dangerous smuggler who is believed to have conspired to rob undocumented immigrants, had been arrested 24 times dating back to 1999. That’s right, 24 times.

Delgado-Rosales was arrested with a group of four undocumented immigrants in California. The immigrants had been robbed of their money and cell phones. Delgado-Rosales was described as indifferent and probably a co-conspirator in their robbery. He had to be convinced to go back to recover three of the people who had fallen behind.

Delgado-Rosales was first arrested on July 19, 1999. On 23 of the 24 occasions he was arrested, Delgado-Rosales was accompanied by smuggled individuals, including incidents were he was found with 46 or 61 illegal immigrants at a time. However, he was then simply returned to Mexico where he continued his smuggling operation.

None of this makes sense to me. Why would the government repeatedly return a recidivist smuggler who had, one at least one occasion, left one person dead in the effort to illegally enter the United States? Should it really take 24 arrests to finally secure a jail sentence in the United States?

Source: LA Times

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  1. None of this makes sense to me. Why would the government repeatedly return a recidivist smuggler who had, one at least one occasion, left one person dead in the effort to illegally enter the United States? Should it really take 24 arrests to finally secure a jail sentence in the United States?

    Perhaps Efrain Delgado-Rosales was/is affiliated with one or more of the US governments various intelligence agencies?

  2. Delgado-Rosales needs to be sweeping the runway on Johnson Atoll until he begs to be deported to Tierra del Fuego, if the penguins will have him.

  3. Nick,
    I worked on my Sister and Brother-in-law’s dairy farm in Iowa for two years back in the 70’s. It was the County Home’s farm and we had the resident’s of the home for labor. Many of them had mental handicaps but they were hard-working, punctual and overall reliable. For many of them this was great therapy and it gave them a purpose. I don’t know if anything has changed there regarding labor but I certainly developed a work ethic there as a teenager that has benefited me for life.

  4. Lars, A little history regarding illegals and WI. dairy farmers. Being a dairy farmer is a 365 days a year job. The cows must be milked twice daily, and of course fed, groomed, etc. Getting good dairy farm help was difficult. Often, they were alcoholics from the local bar who were not dependable. There were some migrant illegals in WI. when I moved there in 1983. But, these few would work the green bean and pea farms during harvest and canning and move on. In the late 80’s illegals started settling in WI. Among the full time jobs they would take would be dairy farm hands. Mexicans are great w/ the animals. They are hardworking and dependable. Often times the job includes a house. Dairy farmers often build new houses and simply rent out their old farm houses to whomever. This migration has been a real boon to dairy farmers. We don’t have the large factory farms you see out west. Most dairy farms in WI. have ~100 or so cows. Prior to illegals, it was difficult for dairy farmers to take a vacation. They now can. Dairy farming is HARD work. Milking cows when it’s -25 degrees or 105 degrees is grueling.

  5. Lars: Visa overstays are a major problem. I’d guess half the Brazilian community here in San Diego and elsewhere have expired visas. Another real problem is corrupted ICE agents waving through certain vehicles for fast cash.

    This post wasn’t about immigration anyway; it was about not prosecuting and imprisoning coyotes, a fact which provides little incentive to end such employment.

  6. There was a dairy farmer from Wisconsin on the CNN show last night when they interviewed Cruz. The dairy farmer said that there were no citizens who would work on his farm and he needed Mexicans. He asked Cruz how his border policy would affect the dairy farmers. Cruz talked pretty good but did not directly address the employment situation. Can’t we just give these guys some six month ticket and border pass and then ship em back at the employer’s expense– until the dairy farm needs them again? Or does the dairy farm need them all year? It is not like picking cotton.

  7. Just to be clear; his first arrest was in 1999 not 2009? I suspect then, for nearly 17 years and 3 administrations he has been receiving free room and board and a no cost trip to Mexico on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime. I wouldn’t be surprised to find we gave him free medical screening/treatment and per diem.

    It’s easy to blame this on one President but our entire system is absolutely out of whack.

  8. I believe the new PC term is Undocumented Citizen. We all need to stay up to date with the correct terminology otherwise you might be sued for causing a micro aggression against those people who already feel bad about breaking the law and entering the country illegally.

  9. Don’t forget the DoJ has gone after the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept. because they have been tracking down illegal aliens and jailing them.

  10. I prefer the correct term “illegal alien”, not the PC double-speak “undocumented immigrant”……

  11. I can say from personal experience that this type of matter is the rule rather than the exception.

  12. What Spinelli said. Second is Obama’s sycophantic MSM/press, who blatantly allowed Obama’s guys Lannie Brewer and Eric Holder to perform a bloodless coup/takeover of the so-called “Justice Department:” This is the most power packed and well documented proof of Obama’s crime syndicate I’ve seen, 45 minutes but it seems like 10. Audio/video right out of Brewer’s and Holder’s mouths on one side of the screen, exploded text directly from the Federal Laws about which they lied on the other side of the screen:

    This video will leave you breathless at the scope of the felony crimes. Why Turley does not harp on this daily I can only surmise is because he does not know about it, but that does not makes sense either.

  13. No one is more responsible for the rise of Trump than our feckless, incompetent President Obama.

  14. @JT

    I am sooo ashamed of your xenophobic hate speech against Hispanics! My goodness, this poor Latino is only doing work that Americans don’t want to do! We need to give this man some Medicaid and food stamps! And then put him on a pathway to citizenship! Where he can vote!

    What are you—anti-wily coyotes???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Five years isn’t long enough! Just recently someone lectured me over saying that our borders are porous. I’d say they are pours and apparently controlled by massive incompetence and indifference.

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