Prescott College Adds Charge To Tuition To Fund Scholarships For Undocumented Persons

UnknownPrescott College, a private college in Arizona, has caused a firestorm of controversy over the creation of a fee to fund a scholarship for illegal immigrants. Students can decline the $30 annual fee but must do so affirmatively — otherwise it is automatically added to their $28,000 tuition.

The faculty and students at the college voted to create the scholarships to reverse the image of Arizona as a “national example of discriminatory politics.” The move was praised by President John Flicker who said “I am proud that our students take on the role of scholar activists” and promised to do more to “broaden access to higher education for a diverse group of students” and work for “social justice.”

Clearly the college can extend scholarships to anyone that it deems worthy. However, I have serious problems with imposing this type of charge on students and requiring them to affirmatively bow out rather than requiring them to affirmatively accept the charge. The fact is that many Americans are opposed to immigration reforms allowing undocumented immigrants to secure licenses or other benefits. Such a position does not mean you are racist or hateful. I have long been critical of companies that get people to accept offers but, in fine print, automatically renew the subscriber unless they affirmatively ask out of the offer. It is disheartening to see educational institutions adopt such tactics, particularly on an issue of such deep philosophical division.

On the merits, I would simply add that a college can affirm that it is open to the admission of undocumented persons while making scholarships available to all students regardless of their status. Such a system guarantees that undocumented persons will be given scholarships if they are the most qualified academically. Likewise, the school can simply reaffirm that undocumented persons will be treated equally on scholarships based on need without reference to their status. Instead, the college is imposing a fee for a scholarship for undocumented persons as a group on all other students unless they affirmatively ask not to be charged for that scholarship.

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  1. Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would ensure that a fee to subsidize illegal immigrants would not just be an option, but an absolute requirement, boosting the amount from a mere $30 to 100% full tuition, housing, food, and entertainment expenses, and engineering it as a tax so that Justice Roberts can sign off on it, like he did for the Healthcare Fraud Policy. After all, the US Government must do all that it can to help the underprivileged illegal immigrants at the expense of the disposable middle class.

  2. We ALL pay for illegal immigration. It burdens our benefits system, which leads to higher taxes. It crowds our schools. Since they refuse to get vetted first in the legal immigration system, we suffer from crimes committed by criminals that were never supposed to be here. Mexican drug cartels are highly active in the US, with the associated drug abuse and crime. Human trafficking. Plus, antibiotic resistant TB is on the rise, imported from immigrants who refused to go through the system and get a health screening. Plus, massive illegal immigration creates high competition for entry level jobs at a time when people have struggled for years with a bad economy. So many are trying to cobble together a life with multiple part time jobs, and we keep dumping more and more into competition for those jobs. We’re making it harder and harder to succeed.

    Our legal immigration system is supposed to screen out criminals, catch and treat disease, and also keep numbers at a level that we can absorb and support.

    If we completely shut off illegal immigration, and the only way to get here was through legal immigration, we would have vastly higher resources to invest in helping our newest citizens and visa holders thrive – English classes, health screenings and treatment, classes on how our laws differ from their home country’s, and other supportive programs aimed at assimilation.

    I am admittedly stuck on what to do with the children who were brought here illegally. They are obviously innocent. On the one hand, if they are allowed citizenship or legal status, then we have an incentive for more illegal immigration. We need to remove or reduce the reasons to come here illegally. Make the wrong thing hard and the right thing, legal immigration, easier. On the other hand, deporting children who were raised here is punishing innocent victims. I don’t have an answer to that specific problem yet.

    Tin – it sounds like this school has a very poor graduation rate. It overcharges and under delivers. How much would a degree from a university be worth that doesn’t believe in tests, and most do not graduate?

  3. If there are only 464 students then the revenue at $30 a piece would not amount to tuition for one person.

  4. Aiding and abetting criminal behavior is exactly what this is. “What time is it?” asked the judge to the defendant. “Five to ten” said the guy in cuffs standing there. Judge: “That’s exactly what you get.”

  5. This judicial type analysis is why this place is so valuable. I have no problem asking students if they would like to donate. When I renew my vehicle plates I have been asked if I would like to donate to an environmental fund. That’s legit. I may donate to a fund like this. But, what is so important is what JT says, just because you don’t abide this fund, does not make you a hater. I really like Mexicans. However, I am very tough on illegals that commit crimes. I have seen in my professional life the pain they have inflicted. Like we keep waiting for those moderate Muslims to step up to the plate, we need law abiding Mexicans to support toughness on criminal illegal aliens.

  6. OK all you legal scholars let me ask you a question. When I was in law enforcement any person who helped a person who committed a crime could easily be charged with “aiding and abetting”. I read each day how these criminals/illegals (and they are criminals) are being assisted by so many: employers, hospitals, sanctuary cities, politicians and the list goes on. Here is where the citizens of this once great nation should be speaking out. Why should we prosecute a drug user for buying from a drug dealer or he is really just an unlicensed pharmacist?
    The parents and students should file a police report against those “aiding and abetting” these criminals.

  7. There is an upside. At least the students and/or the parents get to choose whether they want to contribute towards supporting illegal aliens. The rest of us simply fund through taxation an inept government that enables illegal behavior. Our choice is elections which ultimately means we have our own selves to blame.

    “No Mr. Franklin, we cannot.”

  8. Obama was an illegal alien who went to the best high school in the United States out in Hawaii. He got into Harvard Law. One can come up from the bottom with a little help from your friends.

    This school in AZ was first known as “Pre-Scott”. You went there before a school in Scottsboro. $28K a year is not high for a private school these days. American U in DC is $58K or so.

    It is not named after Prescott Bush.

  9. Having spent my teaching career working with illegal aliens, they are generally illiterate in two languages, Spanish and English. Any student they take, scholarship or not, who is an illegal alien is probably going to need some extra hand holding.

  10. I think the whole concept is rather obnoxious and condescending. First, I had never heard of Prescott College, but I looked at some the the reviews online. It is described as an alternative, or “niche” college. There are only 464 enrolled students. The student-faculty ratio is 9:1. Classes average 7 students, and there are no grades, just a written evaluation. The school emphasizes “hands-on” and “experiential” leaning. Tuition is $28,000 per year. Acceptance rate is 68% and the four-year graduation rate is 17%. The college was reportedly founded by parents who wanted an alternative learning environments for their kids.

    I may be wrong, but I get the impression that this college is made up of somewhat well-to-do white kids, who for a variety of reasons may have social, learning or emotional reasons for not fitting in to a traditional college environment. For $28,000 per year, they can get a lot of personal attention and alternative learning.

    Into this environment comes a kid whose family brought him to the U.S. illegally. He or she undoubtedly has a significantly different social and economic background. He probably had to struggle and is much more mature than his classmates. Yet he has to feel that the eyes of everyone in his class are upon him, because they all personally contributed to the lunch he is eating and the textbook he is reading and the tennis shoes he is wearing. I find that to be degrading. The essence of charitable giving is that it is done freely and the giver should not be in a position to lord it over the recipient.

    I am not at all in favor of illegal immigration, but the children of illegals should be treated with dignity and not be humiliated as someone else’s “feel good project.” I’m sure this idea was well intentioned, but they really need to rethink it.

  11. Which laws should be applied and which laws should be broken? That’s the basic question here. Look, man I want to drink my beer while I’m driving like I used to do in the early 70s. So the d&d law should be broken. Ah… Should a college be dictating the latter by rewarding illegal ALIENS (how I hate to be told NOT to use certain terms) and essentially telling its students that breaking immigration law is fine?

  12. “And London Bridge, has fallen down, and moved to Arizona. Oh, I know why. They substantiate the rumor that the English sense of humor is drier than the dead fruit fly. And when you’re from down South, and open your mouth. They always seem to put their foot there.
    I wanna go home to the Armadilla….”

  13. I think all AZ residents should fire the staff and make a statement of how they will not put up with such BS

  14. I don’t know if Arizona has regulations baring negative option marketing but if the state does it might be worthwhile to review.

    Unless the college plans to distribute these scholarships evenly across the student body spectrum it seems it is giving one demographic financial opportunities the other students are not equally afforded.

  15. Leave the Social Justice schools to those that want to become social justice warriors.My child would be out of this school immediately. Parents need to reject these institutions and pay for their children to attend schools that have “higher” education as it’s primary goal.

  16. This is wrong. If the school wants to give scholarships it should search for a better way that charging students for it. As to having to affirmatively say NO, what a nice way for the Univeristy to brand you a racist! Lovely.

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