Merkel Offers Erdoğan The Head of German Comedian In Final Surrender Of Free Speech

220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganAngela MerkelChancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to first apologize to authoritarian Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for a satirical poem and then approve the prosecution of the comedian is a shocking and chilling disgrace. Merkel, who hails from the former Communist East Germany, has never been a reliable ally to free speech but the crackdown on comedian Jan Boehmermann has shocked the West. Even with the recent rollback of free speech rights in Europe, Merkel’s actions (and the cringing response of ZDF television) has been wake up call for all civil libertarians.

Under German law, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government had to approve a criminal inquiry. While she said that her government would move to repeal the controversial and little-used Article 103 of the penal code, which concerns insults against foreign heads of state, this would not happen until 2018. The provision (dating back to 1871) on defamation of organs and representatives of foreign states, states:

(1) Whosoever insults a foreign head of state, or, with respect to his position, a member of a foreign government who is in Germany in his official capacity, or a head of a foreign diplomatic mission who is accredited in the Federal territory shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine, in case of a slanderous insult to imprisonment from three months to five years.

It is a ridiculous law that denies the very essence of free speech. Yet it was used successfully by Shah of Persia against a Cologne newspaper in 1964. It was also sued by hen-Swiss President, Micheline Calmy-Rey to prosecution a Swiss man living in Bavaria after he posted offensive comments Calmy-Rey, on the internet. Despite these outrageous cases, Germany has retained the law.

Moreover, Merkel’s fawning apology to Erdoğan, one of the world’s rising totalitarians, was widely viewed as the final capitulation of Western leaders to the calls for greater censorship and speech regulation.

We have seen the erosion of liberties in Turkey after the election of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his coalition of Islamic parties. Just last month, we discussed the arrest of Mehmet Emin Altunses, 16, who allegedly committed the crime of “insulting” Erdoğan. calling people who use birth control “traitors” and saying Muslims discovered America, you are not allowed to be disrespectful or insulting in discussing Erdoğan. Then there was the prosecution of model and former Miss Turkey Merve Buyuksarac, 26, for criticizing Erdogan for quoting a few lines from a poem called the “Master’s Poem” from weekly Turkish satirical magazine Uykusuz. Erdoğan’s totalitarian measures have earned him the nickname “Buyuk Usta” (the Big Master). Even a joking reference to Gollum and Erdoğan is enough to land you in jail today in Turkey.

Böhmermann will now have to prove that his poem was satire about free speech, rather than a deliberate insult — a bizarre standard since satire is often insulting and insults are part of free speech, particularly with regard to political leaders.

Merkel recently denounced the poem was “deliberately offensive” and ZDF television abandoned both free speech and its presenter in pulling Böhmermann’s weekly satire programme last week.

Despite her public apology and statement, Merkel insisted “The presumption of innocence applies” to Boehmermann.

For his part, Böhmermann used humor to respond to his own government’s persecution and told fans he planned to spend his break studying “freedom of the press and freedom of art in greater detail while traveling through North Korea.” He said that his decision to take a break was intended to allow “the public and the Internet can return to focusing on the important things in life, like the refugee crisis (and) cat videos.”

Merkel needs Turkey to take back refugees and has added $6 billion in aid to her sacrifice of free speech to keep Erdoğan happy.

It is important to note that Merkel is not alone in abandoning free speech. Despite its effort to spin the scandal, ZDF, the German network that airs Neo Magazine Royale, showed no courage or principle in taking the offending poem off the web. It then tried to maintain that it “respects” Böhmermann and will support him in any legal defense against the Turkish government.

We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, particularly in France (here and here and here and here and here and here) and England ( here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). Much of this trend is tied to the expansion of hate speech and non-discrimination laws. We have seen comedians targeted with such court orders under this expanding and worrisome trend. (here and here).

Merkel has plunged Germany into this rising sea of censorship and criminalized speech. Fortunately, polls show Germans are opposed to her and this appeasement of Erdogan. Perhaps the case will serve to focus Germans and Europeans in general on the diminishing protections for free speech in the West. If nothing else, the attempt to imprison a comedian for insulting an authoritarian leader should capture the dire status of free speech in Europe.

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  7. Merkel needs to declare War on the Islamic State and all terrorists. With that she can round up the Muslims like we rounded up the Japanese in WWII and put them in concentration camps. Yes folks America did that in WWII. Google that one. With a state of war a Commander in Chief in a civilized nation state has some authority to over ride the Constitution. One of our comments above has a link to the German Constitution. It seems to give their high court the authority to set aside a statute which invades civil rights. The German court needs to get off its Kraut arse and do something. Otherwise it is Heil Merkel !

  8. This is a storm in a teacup. Politicians of whatever persuasion are human refuse, waiting to be carted away. Merkel is clearly deranged and Erdogan is a vulgar clown. In a libertarian world, such creatures would never be able to realise their maniacal dreams of power. Who but a lunatic would attempt to welcome a pack of murderous stone-age savages?

  9. “Calmy-Rey”. Is this a reference I don’t get or did Turley put his text message in the article by mistake?

  10. We are all talking as though our comments don’t put us at risk here in the US. About 10 years ago a UofA professor was accused of insulting Turkey:

    In Istanbul, a writer awaits her day in court

    “Bestselling novelist Elif Shafak is the latest writer to face trial for “insulting Turkishness”. She tells Richard Lea about her work, the charges that have been brought against her, and how the Turkish language has become a battleground.

    “Shafak joins a roster of more than 60 writers and journalists to be charged under Article 301 of the Turkish criminal code since its introduction last year. University professors, journalists and novelists such as Perihan Magden, Orhan Pamuk and now Shafak have been charged under legislation drawn so broadly as to criminalise a wide range of critical opinions. Writers not only face the prospect of a three-year jail term, but the prosecutions also lay them open to a campaign of intimidation and harassment waged by rightwing agitators.”

    Richard Lea
    Monday 24 July 2006 11.58 EDT

  11. The question is, are we going to follow suit and throw away our freedoms?

    Because it appears that this is a rising problem here in the US. (See the stories about universities punishing conservatives, IRS punishing conservatives, Hillary Clinton’s efforts for blasphemy laws, etc.)

    Merkel is in this position because she let in too many refugees from a hotbed of terrorism and misogyny, and now she’s desperate for Turkey to take some of the burden before her citizens revolt. Another mistake that the Left seems hellbent on repeating here.

    GaryT – absolutely right.

    Jim – So true. Europe is held up as a model to what the US can aspire to – massive taxes, inefficient health care system where only the rich can afford health insurance to actually be seen in a timely manner, eroding free speech, and rising crime. If the Left gets its way, we will be like Cuba. Our government will take all our pay and give us $20/month to live on, to pay for all that “free” stuff. Everyone will be equal…equally destitute, that is.

  12. Where´s Squeeky? I would love to read an Irish poem about a Turkish dictator and a German appeaser!

  13. The list of “here, here and here”‘s is starting to pile up across Europe. Criticism of governments and their leaders via satire or blasphemy, where a religion is concerned, now place their authors at risk of criminal prosecution in their own country even where the target resides in a foreign country (Trans-national criticism). Erdogan had the grace to ask a foreign leader and foreign courts to do his repressive work for him. The satirists at Charlie Hebdo in France did not have the same privilege. They were punished by assassination by decision of a foreign islamic “court” for violating a foreign “law” that had no validity in France. The punishment was different to what can be expected to be doled out by German courts, but the principle is the same. The question now is: can criticism of a foreign head of state by an American citizen on a site such as this one create a risk of retaliation by the US government, or by the mobile enforcement arm of a foreign Islamic state.

  14. Someone might review the Nuremberg Trials and see if we prosecuted any Germans for actions such as Merkel’s. I am going to go look at one book: Tyranny On Trial. I will report back.

  15. History repeats itself.
    And now oh so ironically so.

    This kind of appeasement for Hitler’s demands, simply led him to demand more, not reciprocate, and then just ignore concessions made for the appeasement after getting a strategic stance.
    He used that then to position himself strong enough to launch what was thought unthinkable, and something that Germany actually neve had the power to do originally.

    Erdogan has learned well from Hitler.

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