Albany Expels Two Students And Suspends A Third After False Allegations Of Racist Attack On Bus

asha-burwell-ariel-agudio-alexis-briggs-mugshots-640x480We previously discussed the controversy at Albany University where three black students alleged a racist assault on a public bus. While the allegations produced protests and the women campaigned against racism, videotapes later showed that the three women were not assaulted but rather they were the aggressors. The three face criminal charges and two of the women (Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell) have now been expelled (and the third student, Alexis Briggs, has been suspended for two years).

It is the suspension of Briggs that I think hard to fathom. She is accused of participating in an assault and then lying about the incident — accusing others of being racists and potentially ruining their lives. The reason appears to be that (while Agudio and Burwell are charged with both misdemeanor assault and falsely reporting an incident), Briggs is only charged with misdemeanor assault. However, there is no evidence that Briggs came forward as other students were painted as racists and the false incident was producing protests across campus.

imagesThe women originally claimed that they had been the victims of a racist attack from “10-12 white men” on a city bus on January 30th However, after the videotape was reviewed the police found that it was the three students who allegedly initiated the attack and then participated in rallies denouncing racism in America. Hillary Clinton tweeted support for the women in their claim as victims of racist.

TRIADInvestigators say a review of multiple videos of the incident showed no evidence the women were victims of a crime or subjected to racial slurs. The white men involved who they claimed assaulted them were actually trying to break up the fight. The police concluded that “[t]he evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them.”

asha-burwellBurwell was due to graduate in 2017 and is pre-law. She and her friends reportedly said that up to a dozen “white men” attacked them without cause. Burwell, a junior from Long Island and student manager of the women’s basketball team, tweeted “I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us the ‘n’ word and NO ONE helped us.”

Here is the videotape:

21 thoughts on “Albany Expels Two Students And Suspends A Third After False Allegations Of Racist Attack On Bus”

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  2. agua,
    One does not need to believe in God to find moral truth in the Bible. You seem to want to toss out the entire book simply because you don’t recognize the source as legitimate. When you found out Santa Claus was not real did you eliminate the holiday from your calendar and/or stop want to give or receive gifts? In the end, truth is truth regardless of the source.

  3. This is why we all need to wait until we have all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Sadly, I’ve become jaded by all these malicious, false reports, which in and of themselves are racist hate crimes. Trying to get innocent people’s lives ruined because of the color of their skin. Pathetic.

    Any real victims of racist attacks have my full sympathy and support.

    In order to reduce racism, we also need to fight against the rising acceptance of racism in the minority communities. Where I live, racism between African Americans and Hispanics is quite common. There is a school where the parents claim their African American kids have been driven completely out by violent bullying by Latinos. A mom told me her child’s leg was broken in the 6th attack against him. And there are Latinos who claim they’ve received the same treatment from African Americans. And of course there is the casually accepted racism of African Americans against Caucasians.

    We all need to cool it. Racism was so much better 10 years ago than it is now. We’re really eroding tolerance.

  4. I learned in grade school that if a bunch of black kids get in trouble the first thing they will cry by way of excuse, is racism. Much has not changed.

  5. At bottom of this page:
    Unedited video of UAlbany bus fight–unedited-video-of-ualbany-bus-fight.html

  6. If they based their conclusions on that tape I have no confidence right decisions were made. So much could have happened off camera,or have been said, to have caused the commotion. I hope all witnesses were interviiewed.

  7. Olly, there is no god as you define him, it, or whatever. The bible is just a collection of fables and folk wisdom weaved through a good story

    1. Agua deOro – much of both the old and new testaments have been verified by archaeology.

  8. All hate crimes are hoaxes until proven otherwise, unless they’re committed against white people. Isn’t that what you really meant to say?

  9. There is a reason the Bible identifies bearing a false witness as one of the things God hates.The real victims could have had their lives destroyed in any number of ways. They could have been targeted physically as well, all based on the lies these three women spread. The penalty for bearing false witness was to be equivalent to what the punishment would have been for those falsely accused. Charging them only for their “actions” on the bus rather than the potentially more serious consequences they would have had rained down on these 10 men will not discourage anyone in the future. The risk/reward is clearly in the favor of the lying sack of *&%#’s that will do this to innocent people.

  10. I heard them described as “Twannabe Brawleys”.

    All hate crimes are hoaxes until proven otherwise.

    Can someone here point to a real hate crime in the last 10 years.
    There must be at least one.

  11. Hillary Clinton the ultimate PANDERER. Has anyone asked her how she feels about these women now it it’s clear they lied seeking notoriety and possibly wishing to generate racial violence.

    In my opinion if we are going to to continue charging people with hate crimes these women certainly should have been charged with at least 15 counts.

  12. I think it is a fair result. We see so many of these so-called “hate crimes” turning out to be fabricated. Whatever benefit that people think they will get from being “victims” has to be balanced against the serious implications of falsely accusing others, as well as wasting limited police resources. These students are young and can rebuild their lives, hopefully with a more mature understanding of the consequences of irresponsible behavior.

  13. Interesting. And what is the result if/when three white young persons report the same lies to the police about a group of blacks?


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