Why Is The Iran Report On The Treatment Of U.S. Sailor’s Still Classified?

160113105251-01-iran-sailors-framegrab-large-169We previously discussed how the government has kept 28 pages classified in the 9-11 Report to protect Saudi Arabia from a public backlash of its alleged involvement (or at least the involvement of Saudi officials) in the attacks. Now, a report on the treatment of U.S. sailors by Iran in seizure of Navy boats earlier this year will reportedly remain classified for some time. That is rather curious since Iran already knows how it treated the sailors. Again, there is a suspicion that the Administration simply does not want the public to know the full details of the mistreatment, which Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, says are far worse than has been made public. Recently, the Navy fired the commander in the incident.

The 10 sailors were captured and their high-speed special boats were seized when they drifted into Iranian waters around Farsi Island. They were held for 16 hours and the Iranians used videotapes of sailors apologizing and crying for propaganda purposes.

Now, Forbes (who was given a classified briefing) alleges that the Administration is keeping details of the incident classified for a year or longer. He stated “I think that when the details actually come out, most Americans are going to be kind of taken aback by the entire incident, both how Iran handled it and how we handled it.”

I fail to see why the description of the treatment cannot be released immediately. I can understand the need to review and potentially classify the conditions leading to the seizure. There are issues of communications and diplomatic exchanges are likely sensitive. However, the full details of the treatment of the sailors after they were taken into custody is obviously known to Iran . . . it is simply not known to the American people.

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  1. this is laughable. most likely an intentional and unlawful incursion, the fact that they dont want to air the dirty laundry about it is understandable. hey, military has to probe, I don’t think the US was doing anything all that naughty here, nor the Iranians. Next time watch the GPS and radar closer and dont get caught. LOL

  2. Mr. Obama, it seems, knows what is best for us and wants to keep certain information from confusing us. His failure to bring war crimes charges against Bush-Cheney was because He didn’t want to “look back.”
    Of course, every trial ever held does exactly that, but he chose and continues to choose to ignore those laws he doesn’t like, presumably because he has some kind of superior knowledge
    Pictures taken in Iraqi prisons of torture by American soldiers were judged by him to be too much to show American viewers. Besides, exposure of these pics might result in unrest in the Middle East!
    Failure to enforce existing immigration law—and a president is sworn to uphold those laws—was just another example of what he calls “prosecutorial discretion, a legal principle not applicable to large classes of people, but to individuals.
    If he is guilty of misinforming the American people on the issue of American captives held by Iran, it wouldn’t be the first time he has decided certain information should be intentionally withheld from us.
    All this plus an abuse of directives reveal a president who would be ruler, with no respect for the intelligence of the people and a patronizing attitude toward them.

  3. One is to recall that we have given Iran access to millions of dollars and are practically building their nuclear reactor for them. Should their behavior come out (such as what Iran itself has released on video), the American people might reconsider our actions.

  4. “I fail to see why the description of the treatment cannot be released immediately.”

    1. Because it reflects very badly on the US, which for praised Iran for its behavior
    2. Because we are in an election year, and the timing of the release is after the election
    3. Because past behavior predicts future. When politicians successfully delay the release of damning evidence, the American people have already moved past their outrage. “What difference does it make?” Obama is betting that by the time it comes out, he’ll be out of office, a Dem will be in the WH, and what difference will it make that we bowed and scraped to Iran? (Which wants to blow us up.) We have shown a remarkable tolerance for lawlessness, so why not weakness and backstabbing our military?

  5. Congress could legislate clear rules for all agencies to follow and that legislation could be approved by the U.S. Supreme Court for constitutionality.

    There has never been clear rules governing all agencies, which is why there are so many problems. Also ridiculous rules, that bureaucrats simply make up, would be removed as well.

    For example: the DoD classified what Gitmo detainees had for lunch, it was classified whether a detainee had a turkey sandwich or a Big Mac. It’s extremely expensive for taxpayers to over-classify petty things like this.

  6. We simple folk can’t handle the truth. We’re not nuanced.

  7. Aside from not telling the American public what happened, the administration has actively lied about what information the Iranians took.

    We were told that the Iranians got only 2 sim cards from the sailors’ GPS devices.

    Subsequently, the Iranians revealed that they had captured 13,000 pages of data.

    The Iranians know what they have, the government knows what the Iranians got; the only ones kept in the dark is the American public.

    Apparently being “the most transparent administration” allows you to lie with impunity.

  8. The main job of government seems to be hiding the truth about its actions and making up false narratives.

  9. Got caught red-handed doing the usual stuff… government coughs, clears it off the table, moves to the next unlawful activity…

  10. As Ben Rhodes recently revealed, Obama lied to the US about the Iran deal.

    This event was a black mark on the Iran deal, so must be hidden away because it might make Obama look bad.
    Nothing more than that.

  11. In previous posts, Prof. Turley has asserted that he holds a high level clearance, and has for many years. This does not mean he has access to the classified portions of the report, but it does mean that he should have had frequent periodic training on the reasons why they might be. If his assertions about his credentials are accurate, he should be able to consider at least three aspects of the situation that would reasonably be classified. He would also know that the behavior he is implying is expressly illegal (see the Presidential Memorandum: Classified Information and Controlled Unclassified Information at whitehouse.gov). It is disappointing to see Prof. Turley express these views when he should, and probably does, know better.

  12. It’s not a question of what the Iranians did. It’s a question of what stupid jerk managed to get ‘lost and drift’ in the Persian Gulf. I imagine some careers may suffer a setback hence a lot of bottom covering may be going on. Due process will take a little time.

    As to when the congressional investigation may be complete? I suggest a consult with Trey Gowdy. I believe his report is due on the Twelfth of Never.

  13. Why are we not surprised. We do not have the reports yet on the treatment of our military during the Gulf War.

  14. Obama and the need to classify. It would appear that our government fears that our people will know what is going on. It’s ridiculous. The people who captured them know what they did and they know the conditions that lead to their capture. It is likely they have shared it. As usual the only ones who don’t know are us!

  15. All of the Iran documents and all of Saudi documents must be kept under seal as part of the President’s 100% Transparent Government Policy. Would you want the President to make the documents public in violation of the President’s US Government 100% Transparency Policy? Of course you wouldn’t.

    President Obama has promised to make all documents all documents concerning Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, 911, the JFK assassination, the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination, and the Malcolm X assassination readily available for public inspection at any time; provided that the requestor supplies the correct 47 numbers in the proper sequence, plus the Powerball number.

    However, requestors should understand that as a matter of national security, the 47 numbers and their sequences will change every 10 minutes. President Obama’s Policy represents a radical departure from the Bush Policy, which has blocked all documents from public view without exception. At least now, should a requestor hit the right number sequence of the 47 numbers and the Powerball number, the requestor has a chance of understanding many long buried government secrets. And not only that, but each request only requires the payment of a $1 administrative fee. How much more transparent could you get?

    [Proceeds of the President’s 100% Transparency Policy Program are used to fund vital US Government Black Operations Worldwide to promote vital activities involving terrorism, insurrections, and political assassinations. Administrative fees are not tax deductible.]

  16. I agree with Po. The official story was ludicrous, that 2 ships both happened to get lost together and cross into Iranian territory. Seems much more likely a cover up of what they were actually doing than anything the Iranians did in following protocol for such an infringement. It’s a definite possibility that someone within the military was trying to create an incident that would derail the Iran treaty.

  17. I don’t get it…rather than the problem being what we were doing in Iranian waters, we are blaming the Iranians for doing exactly what they were supposed to do…for holding the sailors but treating them well under custody and by releasing them through the proper channels.

    Rather than the scrutiny being on what the Iranians might have possibly done outside of what the navy said , and what the video said, perhaps we should ask the logical question, are we trying to hide something untoward WE might have been doing?

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