Milwaukee Woman Caught On Videotape Fleeing Traffic Stop And Injuring Two Officers and A Passenger

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.24.13 AMPolice officers are often most at risk in approaching cars along highways and a new case shows just how dangerous that task can be. Two officers were injured when Kelvina Freeman, 23, threw her car into reverse and fled a traffic stop. She was later captured and now, rather than facing a speeding ticket, Freeman is facing serious jail time for multiple felonies.

10608695_G-620x348The police pulled over Freeman for speeding and a passenger got out of the car. Her license was suspended. Notably, that passenger was also struck by the maneuver.

Remarkably, she was not arrested for days. It is astonishing that she could actually escape or that it took days when you have a passenger left at the scene as well as her identity. It is hard to imagine that anyone would think that they could get away with such an act, particularly when you leave a passenger with police. Of course, none of this suggests a rational mind.

She faces up to 45 years in jail.

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  1. There seems to be something missing from the analysis so far. If she was pulled over for speeding. Why was anyone asked to get out of the car? Why was the trunk of the car open? Why was there a flat bed tow truck staged and ready to tow her car? Why were both officers apparently getting ready to drag her out the drivers side door? It’s possible this was more of a driving while black incident and the “perpetrator” opted to/panicked and escaped. When the officers later wrote up the report all they could plaumsibly pull off as probable cause was speeding (because of the witness left at the scene). They then went with the old; crazy/stupid/Negro/ with low impulse control, tries to kill selfless public servant over mere traffic violation, when it came time to charge her.

  2. It must be so heartbreaking to realize that your own daughter would leave you on the side of the road, like roadkill, just to get out of a couple of traffic tickets.

  3. “That must be so heartbreaking to realize your child has gone so far wrong.

    Maybe, but they often seem to claim their child was “always such a good girl and had just started turning her life around.”

  4. I hope her mother was not seriously injured. That must be so heartbreaking to realize your child has gone so far wrong. And thank goodness no one was thrown into the freeway traffic. She could have killed people, and she hurt her own mom and left her there.

  5. It is actually not remarkable that she remained free for days. Here in CA, the Car Chase Capital of the world, whom does the public blame when anyone gets injured in a car chase? The perpetrator? Nope. The police. The police are deemed completely out of line for attempting to catch reckless drivers. And, of course, the police do not want fleeing suspects to run over anyone.

    So in a recent car chase for suspected burglars, the police hung so far back that the reckless perpetrators had time to take selfies and hang out with their friends, even handing them stuff. At one point a TMZ bus intervened, in a moment of art imitates life. These guys drove the wrong way down streets in Los Angeles and spun donuts.

    We’ve really glorified criminals too much in society.

  6. “Wow, I’m continually floored by the number of douche bag comments on this blog.”

    Including yours! 🤓

  7. Wow, I’m continually floored by the number of douche bag comments on this blog.

  8. Assuming that this was an expression of self preservation, of which any and every one is capable, society measures this expression by how one expresses this emotion at the expense of others. A sociopath is not concerned with the harm done. A psychopath aims to do harm. This particular example is or was square in the sociopathic behavior group. She may have been momentarily deranged or is typically like that. She may have been trying to evade a more serious charge of possession or whatnot. Regardless, the minimum vacation in the slammer should be at least two years if every other part of her activities prove that this was an aberration or really, really, unlike her. Given the circumstances, her complete disregard for everyone else, including her mother, it might just be safe to assume that she is a sociopath and needs care and attention by the state for a minimum of ten years. Or, a good lawyer can get her off and the next charge might just be manslaughter as she self preserves again.

  9. Tin, Maybe she had something in the car that would get her locked up?

  10. It’s not that she lacks a “rational mind,” it’s that she’s impulsive and lacks self-control. She knew she wasn’t going to get away with it, but at the moment, she didn’t care. I believe that there are certain groups of people who, by nature, are especially impulsive, but it wouldn’t be P.C. to study the issue, so we’ll just have to rely on observation. But it is obvious that some cultures are quite disciplined and orderly, while other peoples are indolent, poorly organized and lacking in motivation. There has to be a genetic component, because 400 years out of the original environment has not produced an appreciable behavioral change.

  11. “Earth to POH-lees mans: c’min? Earth to POH-lees mans: c’min?….please remember step one of arrest procedure: REMOVE KEY FROM VEHICLE! REMOVE KEY FROM VEHICLE! REMOVE KEY FROM VEHICLE!…….”

  12. That weave is gonna be mighty difficult to maintain in prison.


  13. LOL! i know a couple Milwaukee cops. They got some stories to tell.

  14. She was fleeing the institutional racism, patriarchy and white privilege of Interstate 43.

    Black Drives Matter!

  15. Gee, you mean cops deal w/ sh!tbirds like this? I thought cops were fascist and victimized all minorities. This video must be an aberration. This is Milwaukee, a thriving city w/ law abiding citizens.

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