English Taxi Driver Cleared Of False Sexual Assault Allegation By Videotape

1962_Austin_FX4_London_taxiA 48-year-old taxi driver in England was facing a long prison sentence after Claire Emma Carr, 20, accused him of sexual assaulting her. The driver however turned out to have a camera system or he could have been convicted based solely on the testimony of Carr. While she was prepared to send him away for years and ruin his life and the lives of his family, she will be jailed for only 12 weeks.

Carr told police that the driver picked her up in Camelford Close, Bransholme. She told police that the driver made sexual statements to her and then stuck his hands down her pants. She said that she screamed and ran off.

The police came to arrest him and the driver told them about the camera system. The film showed them barely speaking except for noting that a bicyclist was knocked of his bike. She paid the fare and got out.

Carr pleaded guilty but is only facing 12 weeks for attempting to use the police and the courts to destroy the life of an innocent man. That does not strike me as sufficient punishment for such an act. I would think that this would warrant a year in jail.

What do you think?

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  1. Feminists, particularly the British and Australians, are completely insane.

  2. In the Republic of Venice, false accusers received the same punishment for the alleged crime.

  3. My suspicion is that she was hoping for a shakedown leading to a big cash settlement.

  4. Corporal punishment. Even if she is a Private. Cut her tongue out and feed it to sea otters.

  5. One issue that should be considered when levying a penalty against someone for false reporting is that if a grave penalty is assessed, and this is widely publicized, it can deter victims of legitimate crimes from reporting due to their belief they might be arrested if they report and there is not what they believe to be rock solid evidence.

    There are cases where victims feel that they will not be believed or law enforcement has no evidence when in actuality their case is meritorious and the police have the ability to easily catch and convict the suspect. But, if there is a strong deterrence for a victim in this situation, they likely will not report being victimized. Moreover, suspects can use the threat of prosecution for false reporting and the subsequent prison time as leverage against the victim reporting crimes.

    At least in the United States (I am not familiar with whatever protections the UK might have) there are immunity guarantees for good faith reporting of crimes. But the average person is not versed in these matters and they might falsely believe they could be punished if the matter is not easily proven.

  6. Not enough information…but could there be a race angle? It would be useful to know the race of both the cabbie and the customer.

  7. What she did rates a felony conviction,along with the appropriate lengthy prison term of at least two years. I hope the cab driver is pursuing a civil suit against her.

  8. Typical feminist “equality”! Her crime is tantamount to murder! Go ahead and tell me that giving this female 12 WEEKS is not female supremacy or FEMALE PRIVILEGE.

  9. I agree: one solid year, no less.

    Remember, shrinks estimate that 4% of the general population are sociopaths (a.k.a. psychopaths). They need to know that what their prey, i.e., the rest of us, considers bad behavior will be punished. In case anyone is interested, one good and readable book on the subject is titled The Sociopath Next Door.

  10. Follow the phoney Anglophone MONEY!

    Just like the UK Fake Whiplash False Claims BIG Biz – beyond control.

    There’s ONE main reason for this kind of Mass Injustice, rife in rabid Right wing Fascist Market UK since MadDogMurdoch/MadHagMag’s ‘Mammonite Holocaust’ – 19Hateys ongoing unchecked.

    The 1990s rabid Right wing populist Tory, Michael ‘The Coward’ Howard legalized ‘Uncorroborated Evidence’, and made BIG Compensation easy for so called ‘VICTIMS’ to falsely claim BIG Bucks & Media FAT Fees while boosting bent-Cops careers and lowbrow Murdochized media high-ratings and profit.

    All crudely masked by Mass Deception of the shallow ignorant sheeple, as so called ‘Public Protection’ – but perversely not for the people.



  11. We’ve seen different types of these false claims. There are those in which the accused is some nebulously-described person (usually a man and usually a minority) and never identified. Those, to me, are less harmful than this and should be punished about the way this woman was.

    This woman, however, made a false accusation against an actual person. There was no mistake made on his part, and he is factually innocent. There’s no gray area. In cases like these, I’d support imprisonment and civil penalties on the scale of what he faced had he not had incontrovertible evidence of his innocence.

    This lack of punishment, along with the push in Europe for a “right to be forgotten” by search engines, shows a real lack of appropriate consequences in their society.

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