The Clinton University Problem: Laureate Education Lawsuits Present Problem For Clintons [Updated]

225px-Laureate_International_Universities_Logo220px-Clinton_and_jiangWhile largely ignored by the media, the Clintons have their own university scandal. Donald Trump has been rightfully criticized and sued over his defunct Trump University. There is ample support for claiming that the Trump University was fraudulent in its advertisements and operations. However, the national media has been accused of again sidestepping a scandal involving the Clintons that involves the same type of fraud allegations. The scandal involves a dubious Laureate Education for-profit online college (Walden) and entails many of the common elements with other Clinton scandals: huge sums given to the Clintons and questions of conflicts with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. There are distinctions to draw between the two stories, but the virtual radio silence on the Clinton/Laureate story is surprising. [I have updated the original column with some additional thoughts, links, and clarifications for readers].

I have long been a critic of many online courses, though I am increasingly in the minority even on my faculty. However, the rise of online courses has allowed for an increase in dubious pitches and practices that prey upon people who cannot afford or attend a traditional academic institution.  I should also reveal a general opposition to for-profit universities, a view shared by many teachers and experts.  While there are some good for-profit programs from student camps to specialized training courses, Laureate is a massive, mega-corporation that is often criticized for its impact on education.  As companies maximize profits, students often become a mere cost of doing business.  The rate of default has been higher at such for-profit universities and less than half of students at for-profit schools actually finish such programs accordingly to Brookings.  Laureate is often cited as the leader in reducing education to a commodity in a mass for-profit enterprise.  The company has made huge profits and is worth over $4 billion.

Laureate Education was sued over its Walden University Online offering, which some alleged worked like a scam designed to bilk students of tens of thousands of dollars for degrees. Students alleged that they were repeatedly delayed and given added costs as they tried to secure degrees, leaving them deeply in debt.  Laureate itself has been criticized for “turbocharging” admissions while allowing standards to fall and shortchanging education.

The respected Inside Higher Education reported that Laureate Education paid Bill Clinton an obscene $16.5 million between 2010 and 2014 to serve as an honorary chancellor for Laureate International Universities.  Various news outlets said that neither Clinton nor Laureate were forthcoming on how much he was paid for the controversial association.

Bill Clinton worked as the “honorary chancellor” which sounds a bit like the group’s pitchman. He gave speeches in various countries and was heavily touted by the for-profit company to attract students.  The size of this payment (which has been widely reported) raises obvious concerns as to what the company was seeking to achieve and whether Laureate received any benefit from the association with the State Department given its massive international operations.

Various sites have reported that the State Department funneled $55 million in grants during Hillary Clinton’s tenure to groups associated with Laureate’s founder.  That would seem a pretty major story but virtually no mainstream media outlet has reported it while running hundreds of stories on the Trump University scandal.  The stories on the grants do not name Laureate directly.  Accordingly, the company might have not received direct grants (my first column did not make that clear and, in fairness to Laureate, there is no evidence of a quid pro quo arrangement or even direct grants).  However, there are references to the International Youth Federation (connected to Laureate chairman Douglas Becker) as receiving USAID funding.  Becker, who reportedly did not graduate college, is a controversial figure and the Washington Post wrote that “Becker’s peers in the education industry paint him as a tireless promoter, skilled at pitching Laureate to investors and persuading universities to sell to him.”  Becker is reportedly a major donor to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Laureate was able to “skirt” regulations on reporting “gainful employment” due to its large number of schools and students outside of the country who do not receive federal aid.  The Journal noted “[o]nly 31% of students who enroll at another Laureate school, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, graduate. After 10 years, a mere 58% earn more than Americans with a high school diploma.”

Clinton resigned from his post just before his wife declared her candidacy but praised the company for producing high quality education.  Yet, MarketWatch reported “five out of its six U.S. campuses are on a list of 544 schools the Department of Education is monitoring over concerns about shaky finances or regulatory compliance.”

Indeed, Laureate has come up in the Clinton email scandal.  In her first year as Secretary of State, Clinton is quoted as directly asking that Laureate be included in a high-profile policy dinner — just months before the lucrative contract was given to Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton later references “Laureate Universities, started by Doug Becker who Bill likes a lot.”

Of course, there is a good reason why Clinton would ask for a more inclusive listing since “It’s a for-profit model that should be represented.”  Even though most teachers (including the unions supporting Clinton) tend to be opposed to such for-profit companies, there is no denying that this model is on the rise.  Later, Clinton called for a crackdown on for-profit companies but was criticized for the former association with Laureate.

There was even a class action — like the Trump University scandal. Travis et al v. Walden University LLC, was filed in U.S. District Court in the District of Maryland but dismissed in 2015. It is not clear why it was dismissed. However, the size of the contract to Clinton, the grants from State and the complaints over alleged fraud should warrant a modicum of attention to the controversy. The controversy has many of the familiar complaints over fraudulent online programs that take advantage of hard working people.

As an academic, I find both Trump University and Laureate to be deeply troubling stories. Yet, only one has been pursued by the media to any significant degree. I am not suggesting that Laureate as a whole is fraudulent.  It clearly is a large for-profit educational company that has far more to show for its work than Trump University.  Indeed, this is a huge global company with tremendous financial assets and profits.   Moreover, there are distinctions that can be drawn with a university like Trump that is based entirely on the presumptive nominee and his promises in advertising. However, the money given to the Clintons, the involvement of the State Department, and the claims of fraud make this an obviously significant story in my view.  The ridiculous amount of money given to Clinton alone raises legitimate questions.  This is a company that was expanding exponentially in foreign countries. The association with Clinton was obviously greatly desired by the company.  The question is whether the association with the Clintons resulted in any favorable treatment for the company or its affiliates.

Update:  Walden University President Jonathan Kaplan was kind enough to respond to my query for a comment to this story.  He maintains that Walden has been misrepresented in terms of its program and success with students.  He noted:

Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and was founded in 1970.  We are committed to delivering quality degree programs and to focusing on student outcomes. More than 80% of our students are enrolled in masters or doctoral programs. Walden has programmatic and professional accreditations in key areas serving the public good such as social work, teacher education, mental health counseling, nursing, and more.

Walden University takes its financial aid responsibilities very seriously and has worked hard over many years to be good stewards of federal financial aid. This is demonstrated by our three-year cohort default rate of 6.8%, which is well below the national average of 11.8%, including all nonprofit and for-profit institutions.

Additionally, we have achieved a rigorous form of certification for social responsibility through Laureate Education and Walden University becoming Certified B Corporations® in 2015.

Walden University is a part of the Laureate International University Network.  We are proud of our association with President Clinton and his role as honorary chancellor at Laureate from 2010 to 2015. It is unfortunate that this association has now drawn us into a political debate.

I should further note that Laureate has claimed a higher than average success yet with its students and currently has almost one million students in its various schools around the world.


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    1. I earned my Ph.D. at Walden. The program was extremely rigorous and most of the professors “top notch”. I did graduate with debt which I am slowly paying off but honestly, my debt primarily resulted from my specific circumstances and delays in completing my dissertation due to issues that were beyond my control. Walden did everything in their power to facilitate my successful graduation. I believe most of those who post on this and similar websites reflect their personal biases rather than facts. Satisfied graduate.

      1. I entered Walden’s PhD program for Information Technology. They called me six times and billed me $18,000.00. The program didn’t exist. After reporting them to The Minnesota Office of Higher Education they agreed to drop the billing since the program as well as the faculty was a hoax. Then they billed Navient without notification. After 16 months of trying to get justice I’m now forced to pay the bill. The thieves at Walden cover their tracks very well and the Minnesota Attorney General has no jurisdiction over for-profit colleges!

        If you want a good education online I suggest Capella. They are expensive but you’ll get your money’s worth.

        James Zinnel PhD

  1. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Walden University. I am a full time teacher and received my Master’s degree in education from Walden. I have returned to Walden and am now working on me Doctoral degree. I am taking two classes at a time in order to get through faster. My professors have been telling us from the very beginning of the cohort to start writing our dissertation (capstone) now. If you wait until your course work is over, it prolongs the process. I can see how it would take two more years of writing if you wait until your courses are finished. As an educator, I can honestly say the Walden curriculum is aligned to what I am doing on a daily basis in my classroom and it is rigorous. I am not a fan of for-profit schools at the k-12 level, but my feelings are different at the college level. Even public universities are making tons of money off of us. I am paying my son’s college tuition right now and believe me it is more than what I am paying Walden. If I didn’t have Walden as a choice, I would not have had the opportunity to further my education. I work too far out in the country to leave work and make it to the city for night classes.

  2. As a supporter of HillaryKaine, I find this highly upsetting. I also listen to you, Professor Turley quite often on TV.
    While I have heard of Walden, I have little familiarity with this class-action lawsuit, Bill Clinton”s involvement or Hillary’s culpability during her years as Secretary of State.
    Is the media covering this up, as suggested or like her emails, “it doesn’t rise to any level of criminality? “–which doesn’t mean it still doesn’t reek of quid pro quo/blackmail!
    Please reply. I’m a supporter but not a,”Kool-Aid drinker.”
    Thank you,
    Cindy DeGele
    Yardley, PA 19067

    1. We can all agree that Hillary’s remarks about for profit schools are in bad taste. She trash talked Trump University is all that happened. Bill Clinton was associated with Walden for five years. Although there is no scandal, it is purely made up. Hillary trash talk Trump University + Bill associated with Walden = Some how a scandal.

  3. @Yemesrach Tadesse Woldemeskel

    Walden is not a real university – you are wasting your time and money. My suggestion is that you check out ASU, NAU or Webster – any school that actually has a brick and mortar site along with online classes.,

  4. I am an international student living outside US , currently enrolled at Walden University, MS Human and Social Services; it is in one of the programes listed on the Walden Uni websites. My worry is that after spending a quarter I realized this specific program may not be accredited, if so there is no reason for me to proceed. Can anyone let me know if you have an information if this specific program MS Human and Social Services is an accredited program at Walden or if there is a need be where is the best place to put my complaints.

    1. Please review the fallowing link

      Your program most likely is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Unlike the Social Work program that also has CSWE accreditation and the Counseling Program with CACREP accreditation.

      What are you looking to do with your degree? You need to make sure your degree will suffice to what your goals are.

  5. Walden is a joke. All about collecting $$. A friend of mine taught for Walden for awhile – she is retired from a real university – and took an adjunct job just to keep busy. Finally jumped off as she witnessed one of her students being milked for money over several semesters. School should be shut down.

  6. I am presently a student at Walden University and I can only write while attending my internship , other so called elite universities students could not compare to the knowledgeable Walden students. I have had professors who have been second to none when in comparison to professors of the brick and mortar schools. I am well prepared to become the great scholar that Walden University has prepared me to emerge to become!

    1. Looks like Walden is still playing politics. They have source out students to say positive things about them when in facts they are guilty of using students to collect financial aid. I wonder how much they will paid these students to lie. How about listenting to students who experience Walden scam….what support or red tapes Walden provided? Walden’s lack of accountability never cease. The program is not rigorous, It is designed to take advantage of innocent students, with unnecessary delays with the goal to collect financial aid funding. Walden is not stupid….they select vulnerable students to scam so they have reason to support their act. Why has no one audited the school and interviewed students that have dropped out or still trying to finish? It is clear there is no justice and no accountability in the United States….”some” are “allowed” to get away with fraud.

      1. The state of MN actually investigated all these schools a few years ago and found Walden’s retention rate to be better than their own state schools. My friends thesis was rewritten many times and rejected twice before she earned PhD. This is the normal course of most schools. If you cant handle rejection stay out of graduate school. Until you can find cold hard facts your talking is just complaining.

    2. Attended Rutgers and Harvard’ professional Masters program and I still found Walden to be the most challenging during my doctoral studies. What people forget is that there is a reason why only 1% of the US population has a doctorate of any kind. This is not easy stuff. A bunch of the complainers thought that it was an easy way to get a graduate degree. Furthermore, there is a reason why it it takes on average 8 yrs to complete a doctorate, specially a PHD. So please stop the non sense. I have compared my experience at Walden against any other institution I attended and Walden prepared me much better. In fact I took on a director role right after graduation. Most importantly, the social change instilled was an experience I would not trade for anything. I now operate a non profit IRS tax exempt organization focused on early childhood education in developing nations.
      And for the “professor” writing all this non sense, you should know better about methodology when comparing variables. You cannot compare an Accredited Institution to a money scam like Trump University, which anyone can create in their Gran ma’ basement.
      Folks try to separate your political believes from reality.

  7. I am a current student as well as have a friend that completed her PhD at Walden University. I am very competitive with coworkers and paid less than $40k for my degree. I ran into many complainers that did not last past the first few quarters. They either could not adapt to the rigors, had major mental health problems, or were not willing to take the responsibility of what it means to be a scholar. Yes, me and my family had to make a lot of adaptations to life, sometimes my career burns me out, but I not only gained knowledge and became a better person. I am not worried by this article as Walden University always comes ahead through media attacks. Although it is in poor taste for the Clintons to bash Trump University and for profit universities when they have been associated with one.

      1. Hi, can anyone direct me to an official firm/office where I can place a complaint please ?

    1. Anyone advocating attendance at Walden University is paid. The school is a den of thieves. I will provide anyone that asks with specifics of my horrible experience. Please stay away from this school. You will regret enrollment. I did.

    2. You really need to check your grammar and punctuation before you post as a Walden student. People could get the wrong impression.

  8. Walden U. claims that 80% of its students are in graduate programs. Turley does not dispute this claim.

    Walden U. claims that its three year cohort default rate is five points lower than the national average. Turley does not dispute this claim.

    Walden U. was the subject of a class action lawsuit. That suit was dismissed without going to trial. Turely does not diaspute this claim.

    However sleazy the Clintons may be, Turley has surely outdone them. And I can remember when he had real credibility.

    Esteban D’G

  9. Yawn, more of the same old Clinton corruption. And who thinks any of the Dem LIVs will pay this any mind?

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    1. I have experience with many of these profit type schools. of course they can have a decent retention rate since they don’t want to fail any student as long as the government paid tuition keeps arriving

    2. Santa Fe University is closing. Parents and kids were told about two weeks ago. There will be classes for kids who are close to graduation to graduation. Others are left high and dry trying to find a new school. It is so late and with finals it impossible. Many credits do not transfer to other schools. It is a nightmare. The tution with dorm was about 50,000 a year. All that money or loan money is lost. It is a really maddening situation for all.

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