English Student Given 15 Months For False Rape Claim

PrisonCellBritish student Natasha Uttamsingh, 22, has been found guilty of lying about being raped by her boyfriend and sentenced to jail for 15 months. We have previously discussed how false rape accounts are often not punished (as in the case of the infamous Duke Lacrosse rape case) or lightly punished. There has been a variation of sentences for false rape charges but they vary greatly, including just a few weekends in jail. (here; here; here; here; here; here; here; here; and here).

Uttamsingh, 22, falsely claimed that she was beaten and strangled by her ex-boyfriend Aakash Andrews after he broke up with her. She reportedly first told him that she was pregnant but then created an elaborate lie that he had raped her, including false text messages. She also made a false call to the police under an assumed name.

Her lies resulted in the granting of a non-molestation order against him. However, her undoing proved to be a text purportedly from Andrews where he admitted to raping her. The police determined that the text was sent when he could not have had possession of the phone and that she had sent the message to herself to create incriminating evidence. She also altered medical evidence to support her claims.

Her lawyer claimed that the actress had a personality disorder and that any jail time would interfere with her plans to become a midwife — a somewhat conflicted argument that the court should not convict her because she is not responsible while arguing that she is on a career track to help deliver babies.

Given the effort to send away Andrews as a rapist and particularly the detailed and premeditated effort to frame him, a year in prison may be viewed as a bit light. This was not a single police call but an effort involving falsified evidence over a significant period of time.

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  1. The sentence was the recommended sentence contained in the pre-sentencing probation report. In preparing the report, the probation officer considers sentences given in similar cases as sell as the specific facts of the case. As I recall, the recommendation was based, in part, on a statement the victim made indicating that she did not want him imprisoned. However, I saw something suggesting that the perpetrator made some statements to the probation officer which new evidence suggests are untrue.

  2. Sandi – that sounds so scary! You’re so lucky those people saw and stopped to help. You should tell your granddaughters so they’ll remember to be aware of their surroundings.

    Those who get involved to help strangers are heroes.

  3. We need corporal punishment for many types of crimes — particularly any crime involving assault and battery. When a government imposes corporal punishment the crowd takes notice. It would be best to put the punishments on national television on the 24 hour news channels. Pay the channels like Fox to play the tapes. Rape: cut off the weapon. Slapping or punching: cut off the hand. Kicking: cut off the foot. Lying: cut out the tongue.

  4. When I was younger women were guided by family, friends, faith, etc. Today, young women don’t learn these things, not even after seeing video of girls on beaches during sprinkle break drunk and passed out. If men would think about someone raping their mother they might make a different decision. Again, parenting should take the blame. At least now society has grown to understand more about rape and the victims.

    I was getting out of my car in the garage when I saw two men in the driveway. I froze, I could not scream. They began pulling me to their car when, oh so fortunately for me, a couple drove by and saw what was going on. The woman held her hand on the horn and by the time her husband had gotten out of the car to help me, a lot of people came because of the horn. They got away, but I escaped something terrible. I then paid a lot more attention to my surroundings. If there was a car behind me I passed my apartment and went around the block.

    I thank all those people often in my mind. They came to help with no regard of their own safety. They will be my heroes forever. I’m 74 and still remember that night vividly. My granddaughters are in their late teens, living at home. But soon I will tell them what happened to me. I am not a victim, I am a winner!

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