Can You Guess What This Man Was Charged With?

636017698262810353-aPuppyBoydIf you guessed allegedly throwing a caged puppy off a balcony, you pegged Kendedrique A. Boyd. Police say that tossing the puppy was Boyd’s response to a fight with this girlfriend, which the 23-year-old man videotaped for the enjoyment of others.

Boyd shares the second-story apartment with his girlfriend and sent her a text message showing him tossing the 10-week-old puppy over the apartment’s balcony. The video shows the contained with the puppy hitting the ground and the Labrador mix named Baby is heard yelping. He added Facebook messages on this horrific acts. Police say that he confessed and said that he was simply angry at this girlfriend for wanting to break up. So his reaction is to try to kill a puppy? It is that reaction that makes, in my view, Boyd such a dangerous person as well as others who are so detached from the pain and suffering of innocent animals. To be so devoid of humanity as to toss a 10-week-old puppy off a balcony is to constitute a danger to society. However, these crimes of cruelty to animals generally result in low sentences.

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  1. I suspect this mental midget’s grim life-path was signed & sealed, the day he realized nobody on the planet would ever – either spell or pronounce – his name.

    Nominative determinism gone wrong can be a jaw-dropping thing to behold.

  2. Hugh Beaumont w/ a very insightful comment. A black child in the ‘hood would not engender this outpouring from many people.

  3. I understand the love of animals. I share that love. But, to give them status of humans is simply wrong and a huge can o’ worms. I surmise much of this comes down to parenthood. I think very few parents or grandparents would equate the throwing of their baby child/grandchild off a building w/ that of even their most beloved animal. Again, I abide stiff penalties, but not equitable to human.

  4. What happened to the puppy??? Is it OK? Paralyzed? Broken legs?

    This failure to learn empathy, impulse control, and anger management is exactly why so many young people are wasting their lives in prison. And it’s also why we need a break from them. I have no idea how to teach someone empathy and basic human decency if he’s managed to grow into an adult without it. How do you rehabilitate someone who would throw a little sweet puppy named “Baby” off of a building? It’s nice if you can reduce recidivism by somehow rehabilitating criminals, but sometimes they just need to go away from the rest of us for a while. Animal cruelty is also one of the markers of the psychopath. I wonder what else he’s capable of?

    As he was documenting trying to kill a sweet little puppy on Facebook, did he ask his friends why his girlfriend would want to leave such an awesome guy?

  5. I think Kendedrique and his ex-girlfriend will reconcile and adopt a new dog. Another happy ending.

  6. Of course, if he’d thrown off a baby, no one would even have read the article.

  7. LOL! This guy is human. BARELY! I think you know I meant the penalties for puppies should not be the same for crimes against humans.

  8. I love dogs. The penalties for this sh!tbird should be stiff. But, they should not be equal to penalties against humans. That’s PETA talk.

    1. My Belgian Malinois, Susi, has walked to work and home with me every day for the past seven and a half years. If someone hurts her, then someone has hurt me.

      To me and many others, dogs are more than just livestock or furniture, and should be accorded as much public protection as confused humans do.

      1. Steve – I agree with you. I obey my dog more than I do my wife. My dog is not just chattel, she is my best friend. Just as the law seems to have caught up in other areas, it needs to keep up here.

        1. Paul, I would never obey Susi, although she gets darned near whatever she wants, but that’s only so that I don’t incur her wrath. Hmmm. Maybe it’s the same thing? Maybe I better rethink things.

  9. Two years in prison; and, one year’s service in a canine-rehabilitation facility of the court’s choosing. Otherwise, three years in prison.

    He just doesn’t get it, . . . yet.

  10. Had the crate landed in a pool he would have done two horrible things that ISIS is known to do to humans. It’s no wonder why this woman dumped this guy.

  11. “Attacking/Killing a puppy is not the same crime as attacking a human.”

    Thanks for pointing out a serious deficiency in our current legislation.

    We need to get on that and fix it right away.

  12. “I suppose it’s too much to ask that as a criminal penalty he be thrown off a balcony.”

    ” I am afraid of people who ask for over the top revenge against Kendedrique A. Boyd. ”

    Let the punishment fit the crime.

    A puppy is maybe 1/10 to 1/5 as tall as the perpetrator. Let the sentence be to throw Boyd off a 10 story roof – proportional and appropriate works for me.

    But no videotaping – that would be insensitive.

  13. Attacking/Killing a puppy is not the same crime as attacking a human. I am afraid of people who ask for over the top revenge against Kendedrique A. Boyd. I am also afraid of Kendedrique A. Boyd. …. 99guspuppet

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