Turkey Grants Immunity From Prosecution To Security And Military Forces Fighting Kurds

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Flag of TurkeyIn what can be seen as a prelude to future rights abuses by Turkish military and police forces engaged in countering the pro-Kurdish resistance fighters in the east, Turkey’s parliament passed laws granting immunity to its military engaged in “anti-terrorist” operations.

The government has become engaged in fighting since a cease-fire with the PKK broke down two years ago.

NGOs and opposition parliamentarians voiced strong disagreement and concern that lax or blind oversight will lead to human rights abuses in a struggle that has already claimed the lives of over 7,000 Kurds and 500 police and military forces.

A Kurdish news source reported the already dire situation in eastern Turkey:

Since July 2015, Turkey initiated a controversial military campaign against the PKK in the country’s southeastern Kurdish regions. Since the beginning of the campaign, Ankara has imposed several round-the-clock curfews, preventing civilians from fleeing regions where the military operations are being conducted.

Activists have accused the security forces of causing huge destruction to urban centres and killing Kurdish civilians. But the government says the operations are essential for public safety, blaming the PKK for the damage.

The law requires that for any prosecution to be initiated, permission must be first obtained from the military or political leaders, a dubious clause since there is more than sufficient reason to cover-up any possible controversy. Somehow, it would seem that after this law, Turkey can now claim that abuses and malfeasance committed by its security forces simply do not exits; making it a most benevolent social benefit agency for the Kurds.

If that was not enough the law will also be made retroactive to cover any other “misunderstandings” allegedly committed by the military.

Two years earlier, however, President Erdogan in his former role as Prime Minister devoted considerable time to creating civilian oversight programs to watch its military and police services. And, just over a month ago he stripped parliamentary immunity from Kurdish members of parliament, making them subject to arrest for “crimes” committed within their respective constituencies.

By Darren Smith

Source: eKurd.net

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21 thoughts on “Turkey Grants Immunity From Prosecution To Security And Military Forces Fighting Kurds”

  1. Wow! Not only is it similar to but it could be straight out of the Barbarossa decree of 13th May 1941. And that was a crime against humanity. As is this.

  2. Germany censors entertainers? Is censoring in Germany common? I think we should have done more for the Kurds after the first Gulf War. They seem to be the only rational Arab country. Our “no boots on the ground” military should be protecting the Kurdish people. Obama thinks his legacy will be Obamacare. I think it will be unwinning a war. Bush/Cheney advised leaving troops in Iraq for stability. But our well-known expert on war, Barack Obama, didn’t listen. Instead he lied to the American people, his way of doing things. Why pay for a Defense Secretary when Obama ignores his advice? I don’t understand what happened since WWII when we got the job done before we left. I know, Vietnam. And we all know how restricted the military was there. That’s Johnson’s legacy, losing the Vietnam War. We are not the world’s policeman, but we do have aversions to lighting people on fire, cutting off heads (especially children’s heads), throwing caged people into the ocean. We who spent our careers in the large business world always asked why don’t we elect someone who knows how our economy works? Trump will bring to DC people who’ve worked with him and do know how to “run a railroad”. So there’s my view of our world.

    Does anyone have some book recommendations about Kurdish history?

    Idea: Why don’t we move the Palestinians to one of the Middle East areas being vacated by refugees? As far away from Israel as possible. In the name of the US, Harry Truman gave Israel its right to exist. But we don’t help them. We watch as bombs rain down and say restrain yourselves.

    Oh, Kerry has gone to the UK for discussions about their leaving the EU. So look forward to our messing up the whole thing. I haven’t heard what folk singers he brought with him.

  3. The PKK is a Kurdish communist party and is completely separate group from the Iraqi Kurds (KRG). In fact, the KRG doesn’t want to be associated with the PKK. Barzani has asked them to leave the region and has turned a blind eye while Turkey bombs PKK camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. The PKK mostly operates in Turkey, but they have small following in Iraqi Kurdistan. The PKK’s goal is to break away from Turkey and start their own communist government. Whereas, the KRG’s goal is to break away from the Iraqi gov’t in Baghdad.

    The Syrian Kurds also have their own political party called the YPG, and they want their own separate state in Syria. They’ve also done all the heavy lifting in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by the US and EU.

  4. This is, of course, a pernicious policy designed not just to protect Turks from prosecution of any abuses and atrocities but to give troops a green light to commit such offenses. Americans can’t object due to our own pernicious policy exempting the US and its forces from such charges internationally.

  5. It’s a hair thing. Notice that the nut cases almost always have mustaches and comb overs. The only thing left for Trump to reduce him further is a strong wind to blow that rug over-nail in the coffin.

  6. The answer is a Kurdish state in northern Iraq and northern Syria. Allied with the US and NATO it would be the perfect launch pad to monitor and contain the thugs in Syria and Iraq. The Kurds in Turkey could slowly or quickly move to the new state. There is ample oil reserves to fund a new Kurdish state and a strip taken by force from Syria to link Kurdistan to the Med would definitively make a statement as to what the US and its allies who have balls think of the puppets in the area. This would act as a move to stand down Russia, stand down Assad and illustrate further actions, i.e. a new Sunni state, and alleviate the age old problem of racist Turkey and the Kurds, racist Iraq and the Kurds, racist Syria and the Kurds. The Kurds would soon be one of the most prosperous countries in the region. Forcing all these disparate ethnic groups to live in phony countries was a European move and should no longer be observed. Great Britain can’t even keep its own country intact. How should the salad that they created stay intact?

  7. Those poor Kurds are caught in a no-win situation. I have a friend who is currently teaching English as Second Language in Kurdistan (KRG) – he says the Kurds are some of the most kind and decent people he’s ever met (and he has worked in many other countries) – the vast majority want their own state and to raise their families in peace.

    Erdogan is our proxy puppet. And Merkel has been brought to heel numerous times. The military industrial complex depends on global instability to keep their blood profits flowing. Remember General Smedley Butler’s book, written in 1935 warning that “War is a Racket”


    Nothing has changed except some of the players. IMO, a vote for HRC means supporting more interventions and leading to massive unrest.

  8. I’m sure just like Saudi Arabia the more find out how absolutely authoritarian, in the mold of Islamist fascism, Turkey becomes the more we will depend upon them to help us fight radical Islamist terrorists elsewhere. Except ANYWHERE EXCEPT in their own damn country. Oh, and increase our sales of sophisticated weapons too.
    Doe anyone else see a pattern here?

  9. My great grandfather died in Europe in 1918. Right after he had sex with my great grandmother up in Jersey. My grandpa did not go to war in WWII. My pa avoided Vietnam. I am going to avoid Kuwait. Yeah. That is the next war. Can’t wait for Kuwait.
    We need a war to end all wars.

  10. oh. Turkey.
    Are we not the nation state which fought WWI to Make the World Safe For Democracy? Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat. And a bigot. Let us not forget the last part. Maybe those who wish to go fight wars for dumb reasons are dumb. In this day and age Wilson would be a Republican. He was born and raised in Virginia. The stint he did in New Jersey did little to alter his bigot mind.
    Make the world safe. Bush, Bush, and now Obama. Safe I say. Safe for Democracy.

  11. And meanwhile, isn’t Germany prosecuting a comedian for lampooning the Turkish president, at the behest of Turkey?

    Also, a German court has granted an injunction against Jan Böhmermann, prohibiting him from repeating his satire against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


    So Turkey can get a comedian prosecuted in Germany for satire against the Turkish president, but Turkey won’t prosecute actual war crimes.

  12. It is a certainty that God will not grant President Er-Dog’-An a get out of Hell pass for there is to much blood and hatred on his hands.

  13. Uh…ain’t it what our administration secured from Iraqi government in order to reput our boots on their ground?
    I have noticed how we are currently leading the world in rolling back human rights, and we always seem to be most readily followed by our “allies”, Saudi Arabia and Israel…and now Turkey!

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