Touchdown Alaska!

IMG_4313We just landed in Alaska and we are already overwhelmed by the immense beauty of this place. I just wanted to share a few pictures taken out my plane window. Flying into the airport, we passed over hundreds of miles of uninhabited snow covered mountains and valleys, including areas with fresh avalanche markings. That gave way to brilliant green areas as you draw near to Anchorage.

There is only roughly three hours of semi-darkness in Alaska so it is still bright outside. Tomorrow we will be doing a trail that runs outside of the city. We cannot wait!


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  1. I visited some former co workers from the Houston refinery who worked on the Aleskya pipeline, and in the summer it was spectacular. I then understood why they took the jobs up there, though I could not take the wintertime. It was wildly beautiful, and a pilots paradise. Glad to see you enjoying the last frontier.

  2. Steve, I have hiked in Denali, Haines and Skagway in July. It’s no worse than Wisconsin bug wise, from what I experienced. Of course, Wisconsin sucks. Denali was actually better than Wisconsin, it was mostly wide open spaces w/ a steady wind.

  3. So lucky you get to visit Alaska!

    And glad Darren didn’t lose a fortune in fish.

  4. Can you give a mosquito/horsefly tolerance report (scaling from one to ten, ten being unbearable) after your hikes? One reason I’ve never been acutely interested in going up there to hike or fish is that I didn’t want to be an hors d’oeuvre or look like one of those insect strips hanging from the awning on the back patio.

    Fabulous images! Thanks for posting them.

  5. BENGHAZI………..If I were you Mr. Turley, I would want to talk about Alaska too.

  6. We snookered those Russians on that deal! Hopefully your rooms have black out shades. Sleeping in the summer can be a challenge in the land of the midnight sun. Great photos.

  7. My first trip was a conference there too, and we’ve been back to different parts of the state many times since. Enjoy…and try to have a dinner up at that restaurant with the glaciers. You’re going to have a spectacular visit.

  8. I remember one time in Alaska, I don’t remember actually where, I stopped at a small bridge spanning a creek. I came to the waterline and witnessed a seemingly boundless number of salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Truly astounding

    On a similar note yesterday I bought my annual sockeye haul and was in the process of dressing and deboning fillets for vacuum packing and freezing when the power went out. Just my luck: five hundred dollars in fresh salmon and the freezer/fridge goes dark. Luckily it only lasted five hours and the fridge remained relatively cool.

    Hopefully when Coho comes around there will be less drama.

  9. “Alaska! Where you’re never too fat, and nobody asks you pesky questions like, ‘Did you complete your GDE?'”
    – Homer Simpson

  10. Looks incredible. (And if you stop by Palin’s house, you can also see Russia.)

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