Hadrian’s Hand: Bizarre Google Street View Artifact Discovered on Hadrian’s Wall

hadrians-wallBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

While our host is basking in a well deserved vacation in our nation’s most adventurous state, I’ve resigned myself to my office to travel via Google Earth and Street View.

In taking my whirlwind tour of Hadrian’s Wall,  with my virtual flyover I found a 21st century “artifact” of sorts upon a 2nd century artifact.

Google street view is known for sometimes featuring bizarre artifacts caused by software when merging photos or catching people by surprise, yet I have to hand it to Google for this latest glitch, a disembodied hand left by a previous hiker.


HERE Is the Google Link

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12 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Hand: Bizarre Google Street View Artifact Discovered on Hadrian’s Wall”

  1. Didn’t The Hand get its show biz start in the Palmolive/Jan Miner “You’re soaking in it!” commercials? Please stop with blank stare at that mid-1970’s pop culture reference…

  2. Visited Hadrian’s Wall in 1968. Walked about 1 mile along the wall. Few people understand the extent of Roman power even today. In 1971 visited the Great Wall outside Beijing. Walked only 1/4 mile. Of the two walls, the Chinese structure is still impressive while Hadrian’s Wall is, in some places, nearly ruinous & withering.

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