IMG_4965The tenth day of our trip to Alaska was spent in Girdwood where I spoke to the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (AKACDL).  I spent much of today at the speeches, but Jack and I joined AKACDL members on the top of the mountain at the beautiful Glacier restaurant.  It was a spellbinding night to take the tram to the top of the mountain for our final evening in Alaska.

Glacier overlooks the mountains and offers extraordinary dishes.  I had a steak that was to die for and the crab cake is also quite good.  The service and scenery is incredible.  The Aurura restaurant is also a good choice, though we were given a free desert of cheesecake before our hike yesterday that almost did us in.  They make the cheesecake at the hotel and it is awesome (but hardly an ideal snack for a mountain climbing hike).  The hotel also has incredible statues, murals, and decorations from Alaska.  Alyeska is a fantastic place to stay.

We also ate at Jack Sprats (photos below), which is a good restaurant but pricey.  We were not overwhelmed by the food for the cost frankly.  I had the vegetable curry which was very good, though the serving was on the small size. Jack did not like his entrée of a Japanese rice dish.  The food overall was a tad bland (except for the curry).  Th restaurant itself is cute and near the Alyeska, but it can get crowded.

We will be returning to Washington tomorrow but hope to get in one last hike before heading to Anchorage for our flight home.  In the morning, we hope to do the Winner Trail, which is also just off of the Alyeska property.

Here are a few pictures from the top of the mountain at the restaurant.


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14 thoughts on “DAY TEN: GIRDWOOD”

  1. Yes let us stay on topic for the last 10 “articles” on Alaska. So, as a public service, I shall comply with that wish.

    Of course, Jon Turley is treating 100% of his travel expenses to Alaska as tax deductible “business expenses.” He needn’t worry about the IRS, however, as the IRS loves Jon Turley’s efforts to advance leftism, bigger and more expansive government, and Islamopandering — as these are all national objectives of the Obama administration. Only Constitutional “fanatics,” Christians, Conservatives, and pro-Israel taxpayers will be targeted by the IRS.

    However, just for appearances sake, I would suggest that Mr. Turley refrain from expressing that he experienced any pleasure during these trips, and that he mentions frequently that he discussed lots of “business” while hiking, sightseeing, and eating and drinking.

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  4. JT, have you considered extending the vacation plan? Things are getting a little dicey back down here in the 48 states. I’ve bin looking at Bolivia and Argentina vacations. One way ticket.

  5. I was hesitant when our friends in Anchorage suggest the Glacier restaurant. I figured it would be all view and average food. I was wrong. A superb meal.

  6. It has always been my dream to tour Alaska but doubt I would or will ever get there. So thank you for sharing your adventures and your thoughts on the experience. It was a pleasure to read daily what you did and how it was for you to do the things you love in such a beautiful place. Thank you Mr. Turley.

  7. So glad you enjoyed the 7 glaciers restaurant. It was a highlight of our first trip their too. I’m betting you’ll be back to explore more of this spectacular state.

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