God Was My Co-Pilot: Woman Crashes Into Home While Praying With Eyes Closed

UnknownRuqiyyah Abdur-Raqeeb-Sadiq, 28,had a curious defense after she ran her car into the side of the home of Mary Ester in Florida. She said that she was praying at the time . . . with her eyes closed. It appears that faith alone was not enough for Abdur-Raqeeb-Sadiq and, while God may be her co-pilot, he cannot be charged with the offense.

The police did not view praying-while-driving to be a sufficient excuse and charged her with reckless driving. By the way, her impromptu praying session also resulted in her blowing through a stop sign and an intersection.

Nevertheless, it turns out that you can just close your eyes and put other people at risk of death but only face a misdemeanor. I guess her prayers were answered.

18 thoughts on “God Was My Co-Pilot: Woman Crashes Into Home While Praying With Eyes Closed”

  1. The absolutely best excuse I have heard (from a high school classmate who ran into my car when we were in high school) was as follows:

    “Sorry I ran into your car. My girlfriend’s head was on my lap and I would have hit her head with my arm if I had turned the steering wheel. ”

    Much more secularly inspired than religiously inspired, but I suspect some prayers were involved AFTER the accident.

  2. Praying, texting, eating, drinking, dropping a cigarette, scolding kids in the backseat, doing your makeup, drunk, drugged, sex, reading, bad shoes, dementia, dirty windshield, cruise control and on and on and on. There is a common denominator and it is not the excuse.

    1. Olly – my new van has a pop-down wrap-around mirror that lets you see the people in the back. That way you know which kid to hit before you turn around. 😉

  3. It’s a conundrum why some human brains accept nonsensical irrational self-destructive ideas but refuse to accept logical reasonable self-sustaining ideas.

  4. “If you really believe in me, you will close your eyes, step on the gas, and all will be right. Trust me.” Perhaps it’s not god talking? That would explain a lot; if all this religious mumbo jumbo was in fact based on a real set(s) of characters.

  5. If nothing happened, she’d praise her sky-placed delusion.

    Because she survived and no one died, she’ll praise her sky-placed delusion.

    If people were hurt, she would still praise her sky-placed delusion to show how strong her faith is. I’m sure she considers herself Abrahamic.

    O, convenience. How logically loathsome.

    All believers do this in all circumstances, no matter the outcome. If it turns out well: thanks, god. If it doesn’t: thanks for testing me, god.

    A deluded person with eyes closed is not far off from a deluded person with eyes open.

  6. Uh, if she is a Muslim what’s with this “God” stuff? An Obama translation special?

    If a Christian is “praying to Jesus” does that translate into French or German as “praying to God”? Nope, it does not.

  7. @Squeeky

    If Jesus were at the the wheel they wouldn’t have been going to Cincinnati.

  8. I have an idea: lets all suspend logical thought. Let’s pretend that thousands of years of cultural differences mean practically nothing in the scheme of things; that contradictory social mores can be magically wiped away in our childlike fantasy called Nirvana – if we want it badly enough. We can all mesh seamlessly into a singular society with finite borders practically overnight . . . with no serious consequences whatsoever,

    Or, we can refuse the goofiness of being appallingly stupid, and recognize that the sea-change we so valiantly crave is inherently unnatural.

    The idiocy is not in the wanting of “harmony.”

    The idiocy is believing that we can force harmony on our own, ridiculously flawed American timetable.

  9. I think Ms. Raqeeb-Sadiq was praying to Mohammed and he told her to ram Mary Easter’s house. We must be tolerant of diversity, folks.

  10. There seems to be a lack of faith between God and the communicant.

  11. “With a name like hers, was it God, or was it Allah she was praying to???”
    If there is only one God, it can hardly matter whether this deity is called God, Thor, Allah, Yahway, Jupiter or Ralph. The only purpose for a name is to differentiate a particular entity from a collection of similar ones.
    It seems to me that God, Thor, Allah, Yahway, Jupiter and even Ralph are all one and the same.

    But aside from the theology, this woman was naive to imagine that any such defense as hers would fly.

  12. With a name like hers, was it God, or was it Allah she was praying to??? Just color me curious. Because it is usually only American Christians of the West Virginia Church of Dancing Adders type congregations who do really stupid stuff like that.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  13. I’m sure God had left the car at the last stop as he had already see the quality of driving.

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