Lena Dunham Encourages People To Tear Apart The Movie Posters Of Other Artists

Unknown-1Fresh from declaring her support of Oberlin students in claiming the serving of sushi is cultural appropriation, actress Lena Dunham (creator of HBO’s “Girls,” is supporting producer Tami Sagher’s effort to get people to deface the posters for the Jason Bourne movie. The objection is to the inclusion of a gun. So Dunham and Sagher are calling for the work of other artists to be defaced because they disagree with the content. They are doing so without a hint of recognized hypocrisy. Despite the attack on free speech, the response has been muted from HBO and Hollywood figures to an actress and a producer calling for the vandalization of the work of other artists.

There has been a long complaint that advocates on the left appear to discard free speech values when they disagree with the content of speech, as we have seen on college campuses in recent years. That growing concern is evident in the call of producer Tami Sagher who posted a photo of the gun image ripped out of the Jason Bourne New York subway ad with the caption, “Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling & get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns.”

Ok, you are tired of guns, but what you are really saying is that you reserve the right to prevent others from seeing images if you are “tired” of seeing them. To make matters worse, you want others to tear apart the images of other film artists because you are tired of them. Nevertheless, Dunham loved the idea of vandalizing images that she does not want to see. She reposted Sagher’s juvenile message and added “Good idea @tulipbone! Let’s go!”

It would be interesting to know how Dunham would respond to those people “tired” of seeing her work and proceeded to use the same privilege to tear down her posters or deface her images. How about HBO? Would HBO support the tearing down or defacing of its posters? Presumably, these advocates would draw a distinction on the merits of good and bad speech, a distinction that they reserved the right to draw according to their own values and transient mood. Some speech is tiring while other speech is valued. Not only do they reserve the right to make that distinction with regard to the work of other artists, but to deny others the right to make their own choice. Imagine how far this approach could go with other forms of art like sculptures or paintings. Soon we would release millions of micro-censors to remove “tired” images in the name of “truth.”

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  1. If there is any doubt about Hillary Clinton’s approach toward transparency, personal accountability, and her hawkishness and arrogance in prosecuting wars that kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in countries posing no credible threat to the United States then consider this video. Answer the question in your own heart if you are too invested in your politics to make a contrary outward statement that perhaps Hillary Clinton shows no causal remorse in the “little people” this government kills or subjugates.

    It’s ok for HC to call for a war crime trial against those little people who took down Qadaffi in the streets, but not against the hawks in the Whitehouse who convinced the US public Libya’s leader was a threat despite the fact he really was not. Then our government allowed another meltdown of a society that must suffer terrorist attack and sectarian violence in the wake. Jump for joy Hillary, perhaps you can give another speech to Wall Street for a quarter million dollars, donate it to the Clinton Foundation which of course, OF COURSE, will send it right into the trembling hands of the children in Libya who’s parents the hellfire missiles or the Al-Qaeda RPGs were so majestic in blowing them to shreds.

    Sorry Mrs. Clinton, you cannot absolve yourself with your personal slush fund masking as a benevolent charity.

    Do those who support this candidate seriously believe that more of the same will not be repeated if she finds he way into the presidency?

  2. Yep, hard to get past the team mentality. It’s only bad when the other team does it. Civilian deaths including journalists. Whatever happened to the “anti-war left???…”. Now we are stuck “We came, we saw; he died” Hillary. Pretty much admitting to government-approved assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation, telling us all that Trump’s message is “too ugly” for this country. He has many issues, but he is going to have to work pretty hard to leave the swath of death and destruction that woman has. Maybe her campaign poster could be the Bourne piece with her holding the gun instead of Matt Damon.

  3. I do like her show “Girls”. Adam Driver is excellent. Lena is Jewish. Looks like the Trumpkins are bashing all the Jewish gals today….par for the course.

  4. hey man, now I’m all confused? did anyone ever let bettykath know that Lena Dunham is WHITE? I know there was a famous modern-dance lady named Dunham who was black, but that doesn’t mean every “Dunham” is black!

  5. slohrss29,

    Yes and then there are the drone assassinations. Who minds all those civilian deaths? Why not me! At least not when a Democrat is the one doing it!!! Blowback is inevitable but hey, Obama won the peace prize so I’m sure no one minds. And Clinton is a woman, so it’s all good in the USA!

  6. My opinion would be considering tearing up any poster she might be on, since she may have had a fall from the ugly tree?

  7. Maybe HRC will appoint LD to the Supreme Court.
    Go Lena!
    You all get way too bent out of shape by minions that are slaves to a medium, the inter tubes, that need an instant predictable feedback vehicle for vanity and self identity framing.

  8. I planned on catching the new Bourne flick and now I have even more incentive to do so. Its a great spy thriller franchise! And if I can poke a Neo-Maoist in the eye by watching it, I’ll enjoy it much more! Watch Jason Bourne and support liberal democracy ; )

  9. Paul, responding to the sidebar above–yes, that will be very interesting to see how that works out. I have also noted how the elites demand everyone else accommodate their conclusions to events–they have an air of royalty now how they dictate to the masses. It was asking alot (sort of like, “well, let them eat cake…) to expect a population to absorb so many new people who need help at the most basic level. We’ll see how Clooney reacts to what can possibly become a volatile situation–literally in his own backyard!

  10. @Hugh A Focker

    re: “I think that big black gun he’s holding is definitely offensive and racially insensitive.”

    But wait! Following that train of thought the gun is a phallic symbol so the poster also promotes misogyny.

    Theatre of the absurd – we’re living in it

  11. I think that big black gun he’s holding is definitely offensive and racially insensitive. People just don’t have a right to say whatever they want. It’s not like we have a right to speak freely or anything.

  12. @Nick

    Re: “One of the signs of an intellectually honest person is when they admit problems within their own political leanings.”

    I totally agree. The far Left-leaning politically correct crowd are as insane as ueber-Libertarian Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories.

    IMO those who hide behind identity politics to deflect from issues are intellectually DISHONEST. Comments made about a person/issue are immediately parsed through their clouded lenses and assumptions are always made that the writer is racist, anti-gay, etc.

    Very sad.

  13. I was going to ask whether she had any education, because her words and actions are so ignorant. But she went to college at Oberlin. Do they teach ignorance there?

  14. @Paul

    The DNC and HRC push gun control IMO as a way of differentiating themselves from the RNC. It is empty rhetoric like the rest of their platform as they are beholden the military industrial complex. HRC may screech about gun control when it’s useful (remember when Obama referred to her as Annie Oakly in 2008?) but she is all about “yuuge” arms deals:

    “Hillary Clinton Is Pro Gun Control, But She’s Also Big on Arms Deals”


    The DNC is becoming increasingly desperate as it loses Progressives and Trump rises in the polls.

  15. @bettykath

    I am a fan of Shonda Rhimes work (Scandel, Grey’s Anatomy) who is black. Rhimes endorsed HRC much to my horror, however that was certainly her perogative – maybe some of her material comes from the Clinton’s history. Difference is that Rhimes does not use her celebrity status to promote inane “causes” just to rustle up some cheap publicity.

  16. Deb, LOL! I missed bettykath’s stupid assumption. I don’t know if you follow this blog, but bettykathy is consumed w/ white guilt and sees racism EVERYWHERE, even when we don’t accept a white woman as black? It’s the Dolezal effect.

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