Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

5731fa44dded0.imageIf you guessed, assault with a prosthetic arm, you are a detective first class. If you guessed that he is a recidivist for this particular crime, you are a genius. That’s right, Joshua Stockinger is charged with hitting a woman with his prosthetic arm — the same act that he allegedly committed in an assault on a police officer just last May.

Jefferson County (Mo.) police say that Stockinger got into a road rage incident that took off his prosthetic arm and used it as a weapon to beat a husband and wife. The husband, 52, was left with two broken legs and his wife, 53, was left with cuts to her head. Just a month ago, Stockinger was caught on videotape in a fight with a St. Louis County police officer and hit the officer on the head repeatedly with his prosthetic arm. After that incident, police returned the weapon to him since it was his arm.

Stockinger is facing four felony charges stemming from the latest assault.

12 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?”

  1. Well, the photo has him wearing a wife-beater. Can’t say we weren’t warned.

  2. Let’s see based on his photo my guess is he was arrested for being a moron? I was right!

  3. For this tedious “guess the charge” shtick to work at all, doesn’t there have to be some clue to the charge in the photo? Even then, what’s the point of holding these people up for mockery? To me, this seems beneath Prof. Turley.

  4. An Arm-y veteran, no doubt. Just make him wear a long-sleeve shirt. No bare arms.

  5. Since the USA has one third of the entire worlds prison population behind bars here, and all of these Muslims and other countries people are flooding our borders by the thousands. Why don’t we promote an option program whereas the criminally convicted and criminally insane can have the option to serve their time behind bars locked up, or here is your passport, plain ticket and $1500.00. You are going to Muslim Central and when your time is up and if your still alive, contact the embassy and you can come home. We would save billions of tax dollars and give those A__holes a good dose of America’s finest.

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