Cloudy With Chance of Giant Spiders

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.21.52 PMGlobal BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon found herself in what appears a horror film when a spider on an outdoor camera projected an image of a giant spider on her green board.  The result was pretty funny.
Even with one of the anchors assuring her that the spider is miles away and not in the studio, Gordon cannot handle that close virtual proximity.  Below is what happens when arachnophobia meets meteorology.

5 thoughts on “Cloudy With Chance of Giant Spiders”

  1. Now that the video has been shown throughout the world, the spider has its own world wide web.

  2. Great one.

    Notice that the spider frightened her so much, she lost her “Official Newscaster Voice” and reverted back to her own.

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