CoiffeurGate: Hollande’s Hair Costs Leaves Many French In Shock

220px-François_Hollande_(Journées_de_Nantes_2012)It is the prototypical French scandal: CoiffeurGate.  While U.S. leaders are hounded by national security lapses or fraud allegations, President François Hollande is under fire for paying roughly 10,000 euros per month to his personal hairdresser.  The unpopular socialist has failed to deliver on key campaign promises and has reversed early disastrous policies that resulted in an exodus of wealthy people from the country.  However, his pricey hair maintenance appears the final blow for many who are outraged as the excess of the President.  To put it in perspective, Holland’s hair costs roughly the same as what one of his government ministers make in a year.  What is particularly curious is that there does not appear a whole lot of hair up there to cultivate, but it is enough for a wonderfully French scandal.

AFP US-CRIME-JOHN EDWARDS A CLJ USA NCOf course, we have had our own political follicle fallout.  Remember Bill Clinton holding up air traffic on the tarmac so his hair stylist could cut his hair?  While John Edwards reimbursed his campaign for the $800 paid for two haircuts, at least he had some impressive locks to show for the cost.  It even looked good in a mugshot.

Hollande, 61, of course campaigns as the “normal” man who would be the ideal of a Socialist leader. Right now, he appears as popular as a full body French wax.

The Élysée Palace confirmed the stylist, Olivier Benhamou, “redoes the president’s hair every morning and as much as needed, for each public statement.”

22 thoughts on “CoiffeurGate: Hollande’s Hair Costs Leaves Many French In Shock”

  1. Yes, Nick. Time for a new government in France. Just got back from 2 weeks’ vacation there. Lovely people!

  2. He wants to look good for the guillotine which is coming after another terrorist attack or two. He suppressed evidence of torture by ISIS savages @ the Bataclan attack in Paris, including castration, gouging out eyes, and disemboweling victims.

  3. I don’t think he’s gay – just very vain. I wonder how much Hillary’s stylist costs…..

  4. He should grow out what’s left and donate it to organizations that make wigs for people with cancer. Then, he’d only need a haircut about every two years.

  5. Hmmm. A cup of Seattle’s Best, level 5, Dark Intense, and voila! A French Irish Poem! Did anybody know that the limerick form actually originated in France??? Anyway:

    Petite Mane???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a guy named Hollande,
    Who lived way across the Big Pond,
    For a French head of state,
    There weren’t much on his pate. . .
    Sooo, he paid his coiffeur by the frond!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    PS: Petite Mane (little mane) is a play on “Petit Manie”, which is kinda French for a “foible.”

  6. For a socialist that is over $110000.00 for haircuts per year. That does not seem a good use of funds in a socialistist state.

  7. Jeez Turley, you have really outdone your self in your attempt to become a tabloid artist. This is nothing. There are much more pressing issues. You are a pathetic slacker. Try this

  8. History shows it is necessary for those wielding sharp objects at the heads of French kings & leaders to be happy and well compensated

  9. The French govt should get a refund–at that price his hair should look like Boris Livingstone (of London) DMD

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