Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

unnamed This is Daniel Reinsvold, 44, who was charged with breaking into a home and other charges. Most people get a dog to stop break ins, but this family said that it was the dog that Reinsvold was after. The daughter of the family reported finding Reinsvold with his pants down and trying to have sex with Cooper, their Golden retriever. If you guessed that, you need to get help. Seriously.

The daughter identified Reinsvold as someone she worked with before he fled through a window. He was later tracked down and reportedly confessed. He was then charged with mistreating animals, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. However, he was later acquitted of molesting Cooper and ordered Friday to pay $1,347 for entering the man’s house. Instead, he was convicted of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. The judge found that the prosecutors didn’t have “quite enough evidence” on the dog assault.

Kudos: Professor Roger Schechter

11 thoughts on “Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

  1. Ezra, you may snicker but bestiality is savage animal abuse AND is not illegal in 36 states. I guessed immediately what this man did & I DO NOT “need help.” Bestiality causes excruciatingly painful, grievous & often fatal injuries to victimized animals. This horrific practice is FAR MORE COMMON than you would guess. It is not funny. Please educate yourself. The information is easily available. In many countries there are businesses catering out in the open to these sick people. Plenty of pictures available. You won’t finding amusing. Animals are horribly tied & repeatedly raped.

  2. Most of those who pork, live in York. New York that is. It is a crime which occurs more commonly in that state. In fact, if you are lucky to live elsewhere yet have a New Yorkie immigrant in your area put up a warning sign to your dogs and to your neighbors. Something like: Dogs: Watch Your Rear. The Yankee Yorkie is Queer.

  3. I guess the jurors know golden retrievers are easy. They love everybody, even crooks and pervs. Wonder what could prove rape in this case. Did they do a rape kit or a medical exam, but then I doubt many vets have the expertise or equipment to do this.

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