The Democratic National Convention Reportedly Bars Two Male Delegates From Vermont And Orders The Substitution Of Female Delegates

2016_Democratic_National_Convention_LogoThere is a little reported story out of the Democratic National Convention where two Sanders delegates have been barred from attending the event. The problem was not their credentials or their conduct. State Sen. Tim Ashe (right below) and Ken Dean are men and the DNC ruled that there were simply too many of that kind in the delegation. Vermont was ordered to replace them with women, any women, so long as the delegation was equal. Ashe and Dean have filed challenges for good reason.

TAsheCoupled with a growing controversy over the determined effort of the Democrats not to release a list of donors to the media, this is hardly a good story to trigger days before the opening of convention. The national party appears to be imposing a quota system on delegates based on gender despite the fact that such delegates can claim that they are qualified through the democratic process. After all Dean and Ashe were elected as delegates on June 11. Then, on July 5, the state party was ordered to remove them due to their gender deficiency.

Of course, the infamous superdelegates remain untouchable. It is just those elected by the people that can be negated solely on the basis for their gender. Notably, eight of 10 Vermont superdelegates are men.

The Democratic party leadership appears to be moving away from the fight against gender discrimination in guaranteeing equal opportunity to the fight for gender equality with the use of quotas to force gender balance. Ironically, it was Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in United States v. Virginia (1996) who warned that “Today’s skeptical scrutiny of official action denying rights or opportunities based on sex responds to volumes of history.” Not only are these delegates saying that they are being denied position due to their gender, but the DNC is negating the choice of Vermont voters — male and female. There is such a thing as individual achievement and choice. The Vermont voters are allowed to select people on the basis for their individual merits rather than categorical exclusions based on race, gender, religion, or other immutable characteristics.

This point was made by the Supreme Court in University of California v. Bakke (1978):

[R]ace, like gender and illegitimacy, . . . is an immutable characteristic which its possessors are powerless to escape or set aside. While a classification is not per se invalid because it divides classes on the basis of an immutable characteristic, see supra at 355-356, it is nevertheless true that such divisions are contrary to our deep belief that “legal burdens should bear some relationship to individual responsibility or wrongdoing,” . . . and that advancement sanctioned, sponsored, or approved by the State should ideally be based on individual merit or achievement, or at the least on factors within the control of an individual.

Those concerns are heightened in my view when alleged gender discrimination negates the results of a democratic process like delegate selection.

What do you think?

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  1. Squeek,

    Jill Stein is certainly not owned by banks/corps and neither was Bernie. Going all conspiracy theorist I think they must have threatened to take out Jane or his grands for him to endorse HRC. But certainly some Progressives will vote for Trump as they consider him to be a lesser evil.

    You are obviously an intelligent person, but I have to say that I find your statements about blacks very offensive and ignorant.

    Why all the hateful statements about blacks?? — oddly despite that I grew up in Germany I had many black friends and teachers – it wasn’t til I moved to the US that I became aware of a racial divide. Black GIs for example were very welcome in the clubs overseas because they took note of the environment and fitted in well — unlike way too many of the white redneck louts who acted like drunken jerks and hassled the frauleins. What do you mean by such statements: “Geeesh, have you ever had to put up with a black server at a restaurant? By and large a horrible experience.” I don’t know where you live, but here in Charleston, SC (as well as DC and Las Vegas) I have experienced consistently excellent service by black waiters/waitresses.

  2. Three types of blacks support HRC – the powerful establishment blacks who could care less about their black brothers and sisters (NAACP, Sharpton, Lewis, etc.), the blacks who still live on the plantation and voted for her over Obama in 2004 and the ignorant blacks who recognize the Clinton brand but have no understanding of the issues.

    Trust me: there are millions of blacks who get it. Tune in to the Tim Black show or LTMB

  3. SWM,

    re: “They overwhelmingly support a strong middle-class, and they crave stability and security in politics.” Exactly. That’s why Progressive Jews will not vote for HRC. They understand the implications of the TTP/TTIP and have seen the income disparity increase under Obama and they do not want a warmonger in chief.

  4. You can convince yourself that black people don’t support Obama, Autumn, but the evidence shows otherwise. Like Trump you can find a few black people to put up on the stage that support your viewpoint.. If you look at polls in PA and Ohio, Trump polls at 0 percent with black people. Good look with that campaign. The dog whistles are apparent.

  5. @Nick

    Everytime HRC opens her mouth her numbers decrease. that’s why she didn’t hold any press conferences for five months and now when she speaks she uses other people as foils – Warren, Sanders, Obama, etc. But it still ain’t working and won’t. Seriously? Tweeting out her VP pick in an attempt to be cool? Where is Bernie btw? Do they have him locked up in a dungeon somewhere??

  6. “That is why 90% of American Jews will not vote for Trump. Jews, whether Democrats or Republicans, are small “L” liberals. They overwhelmingly support a strong middle-class, and they crave stability and security in politics. Also, as an oppressed and persecuted people for nearly two millennia before making their way to America, Jews have more experience than most other Americans with dictators and demagogues. They also have a fuller understanding of precisely how fragile modern democratic governments are. ” With good reason, Jews have good instincts when it comes to neo nazis like Trump.

  7. @Jill

    I am a “yuuge” fan of BAR and Glen Ford. I thought he was being harsh about Bernie serving as a sheepdog to herd Progressives into the Demoncratic party, but it appears that he was right (although I still think the DNC did something to threaten him/his family).

    I stood in line 3 hours to vote for Obama in 2008, but when he began picking Goldman Sachs, GE, Monsanto and other vile corporatists to staff his cabinents and told his supporters that he could take it from here the koolaid quickly changed to alarm. Obama is a corporate tool – he could have brought about real hope and change.

    The townhall with Velma Hart demonstrated quite clearly that he held his supporters in complete contempt when he literally laughed in her face!

  8. SWM,

    RE: “Ninety percent plus of the Jewish vote is going to Clinton.” Really? That’s news to me. While my liberal Jewish friends are all about HRC / Bernie the Zionist Jewish faction is ALL about the Donald. Sheldon Adelson, one of the richest and most powerful Jews is backing Trump big time as well as many others.

    I will continue to correspond with you for sure as I believe you are sincere even when delusional so there is hope. Rose, on the other hand, is obviously on the Clinton Correct the Record payroll.

  9. DWS should have been fired when she wanted to kill the Iran deal.

    I can’t wait to see the end of her. BUT, you don’t fire her a month before the convention unless you are looking forward to chaos.

  10. This is interesting: “Oh, what fun we have with the nonsense that flows out of the mouth of Donald J. Trump. The man is suffocatingly banal, racist, dishonest, inarticulate, uninformed, uneducated, narcissistic, a bully, just plain stupid, and an as…hole (or in the immortal words of my people — a schmuck!) I would guess that as the boss of his own enterprises for many years, with the power and the habit of firing people, he eventually became deeply accustomed to not having his thoughts seriously questioned or challenged, to the extent that he really believes the crap that comes out of his mouth and doesn’t really understand what others actually think of him.

    But if we look at what comes out of the mouth of The Barack is there any reason to castigate The Donald for his supposedly outrageous or weird way of expressing himself? Here’s a sample:…”

  11. SMM, you write: “Americans have not yet developed an appetite for nazi salutes, antisemitism ad white supremacy.”

    Sure it has! By the election of 2012 Obama had killed people through the use of drones, including a 16 year old boy, on his own say so. He authorized mass surveillance. He had and still has people tortured in Gitmo with no hope of release or civilian trial or even a military “trial”. He has ordered night raids on Hispanic citizens, tearing them from their home. He has had immigrant children, both legal and undocumented put into freezing holding cells. Muslims are spied on and stopped at the border, detained and searched. Protesters for social justice have been locked up, to include doctors for single payer, just for presenting their proposal at the WH gate. He has began at least 7 wars, sold weapons illegally, hired mercenaries from companies that profit his buddies in private corporations, let the banks off the hook, etc.

    You still support him. Many Democrats just can’t stop cheering such a wonderful man and now, such a wonderful woman,. There is no reason to complain about Trump and Republicans if you and other Democrats accept the same kinds of behavior you complain of in Trump, while cheering your own people every step of the way. As to antisemitism, didn’t the DNC just try to get Bernie on his religion?

    If you read Black Agenda Report, there is an entire series documenting the devastation Obama has wreaked on the black population of this and other nations. Just because someone is black does not mean they are for black people.

    Democrats cheer murders and torturers, destroyers of the economy and the earth. It never bothers you when its a Democrat doing these things, only when it’s a Republican. There is no moral or ethical thought behind this and honestly I cannot see how you have any basis to complain about Trump or his supporters actions when you and other Democrats countenance horrific actions by your own candidates. It just doesn’t make sense.

  12. inck S, You just want a democratic to beat up.:) Can’t be much fun when there only Trumpians around.

  13. I’ll say it again, good to see you here again. Is Rose your sister?

  14. SWM, We agree. But she is still a useful errand girl. In Clinton style, as soon as her usefulness runs out, she’ll be gone.

  15. I smell panic in Clintonville. Hilary is spending money like a drunken sailor on TV ads in swing states and she’s losing ground. She needed a bold pick for VP, a multi flavored gelato. She chose vanilla ice milk, not even ice cream, ice milk.

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