Corpse Left For Three Days In Hungry Jack Restaurant Bathroom

Hungry_Jack's.svgAustralian customers should have some legitimate questions about the sanitization of the Hungry Jack restaurant outside of Perth.  It appears that a man died of a drug overdose in a toilet but was not found for roughly three days by the Australian franchise of Burger King.  In a remarkable statement, the police have said that finding a man dead after three days in a toilet is “not being treated as suspicious.”  I certainly understand the lack of a suspicion of a crime but at least we could agree that it is a bit curious.

The man is believed to have gone to the restaurant on Friday night but was not found until Monday morning.  The restaurant was open for the weekend, so people went in and out of a bathroom with the corpse.  While the toilet cubicle had a floor to ceiling door with a single vent, one would have hoped that a cleaning crew might have noted the problem with one stall.

There could be claims of negligent infliction of emotional distress by those unwittingly sharing a bathroom with a corpse, but such belated discoveries are rarely successful in such cases.

Now here is the line that caught my eye: “Stirling City Council health compliance officers . . .  [are] looking at whether health or sanitary issues needed to be addressed.”  I would think that leaving a corpse on a toilet for three days should raise a few basic sanitary issues but that may be just me.

9 thoughts on “Corpse Left For Three Days In Hungry Jack Restaurant Bathroom”

  1. I wonder how many people opened the stall door, noticed someone in there, and quickly backed out with an “excuse me.” It’s an ackward situation so the person usually quickly exits while avoiding looking at the person that he has “disturbed.” Or not.

    I’ve sometimes suspected forgery on those cleaning checklists that public restrooms hang on the inside of the door. An employee is supposed to clean the restroom at intervals throughout the day, then note the time and date and initial the form. I’ve seen a few really foul looking mall restrooms that have supposedly been just cleaned…..

  2. If I notice someone in a bathroom stall not moving for an extended period of time, I’ll ask them if they’re all right. It’s not my job, except as a decent human being.

    1. You think the morning shift would notice there was a strange person in the restroom before opening.

  3. It’s not all bad. After completing the unattended death call you can grab a quick lunch before heading to the morgue.

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