Alaskan White Water Adventure

IMG_7730I just received a few photos from our seventh day in Alaska when Jack and I went onrivers with a wonderful adventure with Chugach Outdoor Center in Hope, Alaska. Chugach is an outstanding company that is owned by Jay Doyle and is associated with RaftDenali. They have an incredible program for running Class III-V rapids through the canyons in the gorgeous Chugach National Park. I thought I would share them as a way of encouraging any reader who might be interested in a great day on the river.

The people at the Chugach Outdoor Center are incredibly professional and helpful. I could not recommend them more highly. It is a family run business and they have a staff of experts who know everything about rafting and rivers.

Here are a few of the pictures:


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6 thoughts on “Alaskan White Water Adventure

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Appealing? Cold, wet, etc., naw….had a career with a lot of that. Enjoying watching others get knocked around and PAYING for it.

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