Bore Out: French Executive Sues Over Boring Work Conditions

185150_3007554There is a rather bizarre lawsuit in France that is likely to reaffirm the view of many that the French labor force is noncompetitive due to long-standing expectations of employees about mandatory work conditions, vacations, and protections.  Frederic Desnard wants 360,000 euros (£300,000) under a claim of a “bore out” or boredom’s equivalent of burnout.

Desnard says that he is being  “killed professionally through boredom” by his 80,000-euro-a-year job. He is  an executive in a perfume business.  Frankly, as the grandson of a coal miner on my Italian side and a cooper on my Irish side, I find the notion of a protected right to be engaged and excited by work to be rather precious.  We should all strive for such fulfillment and you can quit to secure more engaging employment. However, to sue your employer because you are bored is rather presumptuous in my view.  Many people are struggling to find employment today and only dream of a job with this type of compensation.

Yet, experts say that bored employees represent a serious health crisis and one expert,Dr Sandi Mann (referred to as a “Boredom expert” in these articles),says that workers likely die earlier to the boring conditions.

I do not question the health impact of such work, but I cannot imagine a legal basis for such a claim — or a way to rationally distinguish between jobs that are mildly engaging and jobs that are legally boring.


What do you think?

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  1. @squeek

    You give me hope. Only 5 Repuglicans voted nay. And 2 did not vote.

    The Trumpsters and Bernieorbuster/JillSteiners can and will unite on this one. Need to keep our eye on that particular squirrel!

  2. @Autumn

    I would not put it past the 1%ers to try to ram it through. If it is tried, I am sure Trump will light into the Republican Senators, and with the anger this year, I would expect a grass roots rebellion against the Senate, just as there was against the bailout.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. @squeek

    Progressive chatter is saying that Obama is gonna get the TPP through before he leaves office (remember he put HRC’s emails regarding the TPP on ice til after the election). The logic goes that if he gets it through it will take the focus off HRC on that particular issue. Senate Fast Track votes 60 yay 37 nay 3 not voting.

    What are your thoughts?

  4. ha ha ha conspiracy theories. You are funny Tom! I had friends on the ground in Philly and checked each time to see if reports were accurate. Dems are squirming and contorting themselves with pretzel logic the more information that gets out. The collusion of the MSM and the DNC is real. But, keep those blinders tightly on! JILL STEIN 2016

    1. @Autumn

      I was specifically talking about your own “theory” about HRC delving into Trump’s tax return and nothing more. Sure it’s possible but documentation will only make it plausible and convert it from being theory to reality. Just like the InfoWars documentation you provided on the replacement of Bernie delegates provided the documentation (which I haven’t fully read yet though I did stream it on fb). That is all. I’m not ignoring the issues of HRC corruption and I actually believe I’ve followed them as closely as you though I don’t have time for twitter (wish I did). Grief is a powerful blinder too.

      Paint me the color you want, but from my perspective I believe you could do a better job of listening to me— because the collage you’ve made of me in some respects so far is not what I am. Of course, I suppose I should blame some of that on the medium we are using since dialogue really isn’t what texting back and forth accomplishes without some distortion of understanding. But trying to understand is the key which I feel on some counts, you haven’t given me much of a chance since I’ve repeated over and again where I stand and you ignore it and place me in another box. Believe it or not (since you don’t know me you have no reason to believe me) I change my way of thinking about things quite often because I feel compelled to bring honor to my last name.

      I would vote for Bernie before the ink dried on his acceptance speech, if he ran as a third party candidate regardless of the outcome of the election and regardless of his chances. Until then, I’m still following his advice because I have no reason not to trust him (other than possibly some un-sourced theory of which there are some as you mentioned). I am glad to hear of your participation in his campaign at the level at which you worked. That is admirable and I applaud you! I wish I could have myself.

      Thanks again for the conversation!

  5. @Tom

    Some good comments. However you are deflecting the integrity issue. I do not ever recall saying the Donald has integrity. The fact remains: the Dems are devious and corrupt, HRC is a liar who will start wars (Obama’s already pushing Russia on their borders) and most disturbingly to me ensure the TPP gets passed. We know her record as a neo con neo lib.

    So Trump is not a factor – I have been saying all along – I dislike him, but I fear her.

    Everyone will vote however they see fit – some will vote out of fear and others with their conscience IMO

    1. @Autumn
      I’m not deflecting any integrity issues on behalf of HRC. I’m aware of those you mention, yes. I don’t like them either. I’m following the integrity of Bernie. Enough said.
      Sorry I must have confused Sqeeky’s support of Trump with yours. I apologize.
      Thanks for real conversation. I’m dropping out now for a while- got real stuff to do.
      Thanks again.

  6. @Autumn

    Hillary Clinton and other Democrats have already seen Trump’s tax returns. The IRS snuck ’em a copy. That kind of stuff isn’t supposed to be done, but it happens all the time. On the State level, too. Wanna know what an ex-husband made last year before you file for a support increase. Simple! Call somebody you know at the Revenue Dept. and get them to tell you the info. Then, you can go to court and subpoena the documents sooo that there are no trails.

    There’s a guy you meet at a bar, and he wants to date you. You aren’t sure, and those online criminal searches cost money, and sometimes lack accuracy. Sooo, you just call a cop who you are friends with, and get him to do a NCIC for you! it isn’t supposed to be done, but it is all the time. And license tag searches.

    Sooo, does anybody really believe that Hillary and other Democratic Party operatives haven’t seen Trump’s tax returns? The ones under audit? Because if you do, you’re wrong. Trust me!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. “At any rate it depicted HRC and the caption was “The last time I felt “the Bern” was when Bill brought home an STD.” Sounds like nick S .;)

  8. @squeek

    Also, the Dems have been praising Bernie up down all around even when they were suppressing (oppressing?) his supporters in the hopes that we will vote HRC.

    I saw a great cartoon – unfortunately I am not techno savvy so can’t figure out how to capture and post it.

    At any rate it depicted HRC and the caption was “The last time I felt “the Bern” was when Bill brought home an STD.”

  9. Good day Squeek,

    Perusing The Guardian – this is my fav comment regarding “Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate, and Trump is capitalizing on it” in response to the lame Hilbots – I’m kinda feeling sorry for them actually – they have so little to work with to defend HRC and the DNC:

    “oh come on folks….

    the whole nonsense about Russians…please.

    The whole nonsense about his 1040 filings, the IRS is under a Dem “regime”, anything he released would have an “issue” that would evaporate AFTER THE ELECTION.

    Let’s see the Clinton Foundation #s…oh, we can’t, because they are anonymous “charitable” donations…sure they are. Like the DNC is neutral…

    get a clue.

    The Clintons are not charitable, they are the MacBeth family.”

  10. So lessee – Putin is “evil” – sends dissident folk to Siberia and all that

    But Chelsea Manning has been subjected to Gitmo-like conditions in solitary confinement and after her recent suicide attempt faces even more heinous punishment and Obama is good??

    He could pardon her but I doubt he will given his record of punishing more whistleblowers than any other prez in history…

    But remember: We are the good guys!! =)

    The Guardian ran this article – tellingly though — no comments were allowed

  11. @TomWisdom

    If you are working to get people moved from crap jobs to $8oo per week jobs, then you are doing the Lord’s work! Kudos! I hope the jobs are long term type jobs which will provide stability.

    There are basically 2 ways to improve the financial condition of people (or companies). One, is to increase revenues. Two, is to decrease expenses. Might I suggest that if some poor people could see their way to only having one or two illegitimate children, it would make it a lot easier to get out of poverty. So, why not stress that solution, also. Plus, fewer kids is like “smaller class size”. The less kids someone has, the more time to concentrate on each kid. And more time to help with homework. And more time to discipline and stay on top of. Marriage is a really great way to accomplish that same thing! More hands to do the same work, and more money. And less expenses if Baby Daddy isn’t paying for his own pad, cable,electricity, etc.

    Plus, less kids means less stress. Because while “It Takes a Village!” sounds really great, when it is 3:00 am, and Little Johnny “calls” that his diaper is full, and he is hungry, the Village ain’t gonna be there. Just Mommy, and hopefully daddy.

    As far as the Drug Kingpins, I would argue that it would be better to release them, than the street dealers and pushers. Because it is the street levels who d the actual selling. And selling drugs is just part of their occupation. They squabble over turf. And supplant their earnings with other crimes, like robberies. And the pushers will shack up with some welfare momma for a few months and the kids will have to suffer more disruption.

    That is my take. The penalties do seem to be harsher on the Crack guys, than the straight coke guys, but the Crack guys are more destructive to their environment, Just reality.

    I am curious what approach to the roles of self-discipline and personal responsibility you take in your programs.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. @Squeeky Fromm
      Yes we are indeed doing the Lord’s work. We target high demand jobs in healthcare, aircraft maintenance, welding, etc. with wages that will provide a living. We work with city, county, and state governments to gain their support and participation as is possible. We cultivate employers who will hire these workers at a guaranteed wage of $17 an hour minimum. Kind of the “village” approach I guess you could say, except we don’t change diapers. But we do follow the individual progress of the student watching grades closely and giving them support, maybe occadionally telling them they need to cut back because of home difficilties or financial stress, all the while they are working low paying jobs, scraping by. We offer them another human at the other end of the conversation. We connect them with other services as well throughout the community because we engage in strengthening other institutions as well by training their leaders and by acting to coordinate the efforts of these institutions.

      Sure their are those who failing themselves and the broader community. They are not close to being the majority yet. But if we continue on a path of “I’ve got mine, you get yours” it will only worsen. Building communities is the answer and we are proving it.

  12. @Tom

    Okay, so you are not a Correct the Record troll. Just a Hilbot – like many of my friends who dismiss all the shenanigans that have taken place during her entire campaign as “drama” Well, I do not see it as such – it is outright corruption of the Democratic process.

    Scabs and white noise machine were used to drown out the Cali and other Progressive delegates at the DNC convention in Philly. Subversion of democracy streamed live. Thank God for social media! This is beyond sick folks – what would be a better slogan for the Dems? “unity Über alles?” “corruption Über alles?”

    please share this with your peeps!!

    Jill not Hill 2016

    1. @Autumn
      I’m sorry if you thought I was referring specifically to opposition to HRC as “drama”. What I meant was to contrast real conversation against name calling, bullying, insultting, and various ad homenim arguments.

      I posted against HRC too and listened to videos and read dozens of articles about her. She is establishnent no doubt. What is Trump anti-establishment yes but what else? Who really knows because according to fact checking sources 80% of his facts are lies while Clinton’s pretty much follows a Bell curve like most other polticians?

      So you want integrity? Follow the one who has it? Jill or Bernie (doing what he is doing supporting HRC ) but please don’t tell me Trump is loaded with integrity. I followed the streaming. I’m aware of the DNC corruption, in fact, I personally was speaking publicly about money in politics, Glass-Steagall, Citizens United, and other issues such as mass incarceration prior to either demo. candidate announcing their candidacy. If Bernie would run as a third party he would have my money and vote.

  13. @isaac

    good points all IMO. The US will never “learn” – why? Weak unions – and many of them are so corrupt they just pocket the dues and support the corps anyway. Also there is so much surplus labor people feel they have to accept the status quo. There are some good companies – mainly small business owners who treat their employees well and offer flexible hours, telecommuting, gym memberships, more vacation time, etc. but overall it is dismal.

    I used to work for a major German company — the Germans had contracts, pensions, 6 weeks of vacation, unlimited sick days – the Americans had the standard 2 week vacation, were at will workers whether on the assembly line or in the offices, 401ks instead of pensions. It did offer tuition reimbursement though to all.

    The stress level for Americans is increasing in all areas – whether working in education, the medical field, engineering, etc.

  14. Comparisons of productivity depend on certain formats to clearly indicate the better working conditions. French worker productivity is higher than American and even German when compared and contrasted hour for hour, week for week, and month for month. American productivity eclipses French productivity when compared and contrasted year for year. This is primarily because Americans get about a third of the vacation time as the French and work many more hours of unpaid overtime.

    Studies show that extended periods of work time tend to reduce hourly productivity. When a person shows up to work eight + hours a day they build in a rhythm that compensates for spending most of their day at work. That rhythm builds in substantial absence from the tasks at hand. In Sweden there are companies that have achieved a higher level of daily productivity by reducing the hours to six from eight and eliminating lunch. A person shows up and sprints for three hours, takes a fifteen minute break and sprints for another three hours. Then around three in the afternoon that person has another day to themselves. If they are paid well enough and do not have to work a second job as would be the case in the US, they go on to lead a less stressful and more rewarding life which is reflected in their level of hourly productivity.

    As someone who has been self employed most of his life, I know that sprinting for three hours gets more done than being locked in for longer. A six hour day gives ‘skin in the game’ to the worker. In order to get that extra two hours and the same pay as eight, they have to produce. Six hours of intense labor is easy. No one who is obligated to work eight hours plus a day works intensely for eight hours plus a day.

    The high productivity levels in France are a result of treating workers as participants and not as simple labor. The US has a lot to learn. The only question is how does number one learn?

  15. @Autumn

    Thank you!!! Why don’t you nudge him into doing it for youtube? Or just do an mp3. You can even use a laptop, or an app to record and playback. I do that on my Kindle, if I figure out a good chord progression or strumming rhythm, so that I can remember it. I bet your husband knows how! Plus, Jill Stein needs all the help she can get!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  16. @squeek

    My husband plays the guitar and also writes songs. He was blown away by your parody! More kudos to you!!

  17. @tom

    we are not talking about Trump. We are talking about how anyone who has a sense of integrity cannot vote for HRC. Not quite sure how Correct the Record works – are you paid per post, per hour or on salary? Are you people like head hunters who have to bring the heads of converts back to the hive? I’d be really interested to know.

    1. @Autumn
      I’m simply a person who believes that having real conversations instead of the drama with which most people wish to engage actually works.

      As far as head hunting— no. In fact, as I recall you wrote to me first answering a question I had posed to @Sqeeky From. I simply thought you desired to have a real conversation— I hope I was right. In fact, I have only initiated a conversation with one person on this blog— Sqeeky. Others have like you wrote to me first.

      I am in your corner for integrity which is why I gave hundreds of dollars to Berni’s campaign. That is why I’m still following him too with my decision to elect HRC. Do I want her as President? No. Would I prefer Jill over a narcissist? Yes. I admire your choice. It was mine too prior to the DNC. If I thought it would work for this country I would do what you are doing.

  18. @TomW

    No, I am not in Battle Mode tonight. Just sitting here chilling and strumming my guitar, and cat fishing. I really do understand that blacks have some “unique reasons” for being where they are, which include overt racism, subtle racism, and the impacts of wide scale poverty on past generations. But all of that being said, the overwhelming problem is the percentage of illegitimate births, which is around 75%. And the lack of marriage among blacks that is also around 75%. There is not a man in the house to keep the kids, particularly the young men, in line and these black neighborhoods have just degenerated into jungles.

    A huge percentage of the kids that come out of these environments are never going to be much good for anything. Their work ethic is almost non-existent, and about all many of them are suited for is some form of menial labor. Making it worse, the race-baiters stir them up to blame white people for all the problems, so the whole “looking inward” process dies on the vine.

    Poverty is a bad thing, but people come out of poverty all the time. Foreigners do it. Some skinny little Chinese guy comes off a boat, dripping wet and speaking no English. But within 10 years he’s driving a Lincoln Navigator and owns a Chinese restaurant, a dry cleaning business, and a cat house, excuse me, massage parlor. But American blacks just never seem to come out of it in the numbers that they should. But, the young girls start having sex about 11, if not sooner, and by 22 or 23 seem to have four or more illegitimate kids with 4 different baby daddies. A really large number of black girls and boys have no use for school. Selling drugs is a viable way to make a living, and even HRC is going to free those drug-pushers to come back to the hood! But, dropping out, selling drugs, being violent, having illegitimate babies, and getting checks and vouchers is what they are used to. It is just their way of life. They make those choices.

    Noticing this isn’t racism. Meanwhile, the blacks that do get married and do pay attention in school, seem to get past the racism and do okay. They join the military, go to law school, and medical school, become cops, etc. They are just normal people. Heck, one of them even became President.

    Sooo, I think if white people(Democrats) stopped with all the race-baiting and started concentrating on what was actually causing the problems, it could become a better situation. But nobody, at no time in history, has ever given up the things that give them an advantage. The Democrats hold on to power with the black victimology narrative, sooo that narrative ain’t going nowhere, no time soon. Which is why I despair about America’s future.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. @Squeeky Fromm
      I believe the pulling yourself up “by the boot straps” works— if you have boots. And yes, Democrats have been the source of as much bain as blessing (ex. Bill Clinton’s crime bill). I work in my local area with the struggling black community. When one examines the history of this community’s government and school board decisions over the last 5 decades since civil rights legislation, it is more than evident that decisions were made (by all white power lords) to slow the progress of blacks partcularly in education (I’ve surveyed the records). Now that community which at one time had the 2nd highest rated High scholl in Texas, has no businesses, no gas stations, no grocery stores, and 70% of the children coming out of 3td grade do not read at level (which happens to be one of the statistics Texas uses to determine how many prisons the corporate world needs to plan for). I’ve created a grassroots organization called WeCAN Wichita County Action Network, which is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation. Their philosophy is that broken schools are the result of broken communities and takes on the task of unbreaking these communities by establishing community. It works— one only need look at the results of IAF in SW San Antonio (the poorest community in SA) to see the dramatic change over the last 40 years (you can go to and read the stories). Not building community is the primary reason why injecting funds alone into these communities doesn’t work. It demands community building, training those in the community who are leaders, and engaging the community with grass-root actions which emerge from the community instead of being handed down from above (that’s when the white community has thrown up its hands and said, “see we tried”). Yes, some pull themselves up even from slavery. Back in slavery these exceptions were hidden to prevent blacks from getting any ideas of freedom and hope. Today they are trotted out (i.e., Obama) in order to blame the victims of systemic racism for not pulling themselves up by the bootstraps— mostly touted by the same kind of folks. The black broken communities in the US will only find their way out by building community not by finger-pointing and abandoning them. The unfortunate thing is that in order to do so you have to understand that they matter— even the black teen with two children and no husband. I guess you could say IAF gives them the boots.

      Long reply but I want to give one example of IAF in San Antonio called Projecr Quest. It is a jobs program just to shorten the story some. The average person comes into it making less than $10,000 a year (woeful poverty). They have a 90% graduation rate and 80% job placement “upon graduation”. The average first year income is around $42,000. This program goes beyond job training and builds community on both sides of the track. At the last action I attended there a majority of the city council of SA told IAF it would make Project Quest a line item on the budget. Building community is hard work especially for Americans who prefer to polarize as the first order of coming up with a solution.

      Also, I think it oversteps to say that Clinton will release drug kingpins. It’s nonviolent low level drug offenders (those that “hard on crime” Reagan and B. Clinton put there)— offences which will soon be decriminalized anyway.

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