Couple Call Police After Wife is Squirted By Toy At Japanese Steakhouse

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.06.13 PMMany of us have been in Japanese Steakhouses when the chef pulls out and squeezes the little rubber toy of a boy. The result is a stream of water that makes it look like the boy is peeing.  I have seen it happen a dozen times to the delight of kids.  Isabelle and James Lassiter clearly did not get the joke.  Instead, Isabelle exclaimed “It peed on me!”and the couple called police and claimed that Isabelle Lassiter was sexually assaulted when hit by water by the prank.

30 thoughts on “Couple Call Police After Wife is Squirted By Toy At Japanese Steakhouse”

  1. Paul, Wonder why they went out of business? Maybe someone came in to celebrate his mom’s birthday wearing the tie that she gave him, her last gift for him just before she passed away.

    1. bettykath – they were in business for about 50 years and the owner wanted to retire, but couldn’t find a new buyer.

  2. aimeslee, Excellent comment. I didn’t watch the video so I didn’t realize that she was squirted in the face. It puts things in a different light. Adults using such toys are using juvenile judgement, i.e. none. I think I would have walked out after repairing the water damage, never to return. I wouldn’t have called the cops but would have been quite vocal about the treatment – a letter to the editor, a posting on social media, a posting on the site where you rate stuff (I don’t know what it is but would find out).

    1. bettykath – we used to have a resturaunt here that refused to let you wear a tie. If you came in with a tie on, the staff cut it off and stapled to the rafters. People were miffed for a little bit but then got into the spirit of the whole thing and would bring their friends (with ties) and after being de-tied, they would show them where their ties were stapled. It served great steaks.

  3. Wow, I read the blog post and all the comments before viewing the videos. I have to say, I got a VERY different impression. First, I was surprised that the customers are not warned about this beforehand. Then, that little doll and squirting it like that is in incredibly poor taste for a family restaurant. Third, no one looked or sounded drunk, maybe they were tired from the ordeal, including having to be on film. You should not have to assume a reasonable expectation of getting sprayed in the face with anything in order to eat dinner out. And lastly, I’m from Texas. I know people who look just like that and are conservative, devoutly religious, humble, chaste people. These customers are probably like most of us down here, they just wanted to be heard when they are not treated right, stand up and say this was wrong. Oh, and in this day and age, how can you be sure it is just water you are getting sprayed with? Did any of you try to put yourselves in the same spot? I happen to have a real problem with having stuff sprayed in my face. This restaurant shouldn’t be sued, but they need to nix the doll and concentrate on the tableside cooking for attention.

    And Autumn, your trailer white trash comment – does it extend to all of us in Texas or Tennessee? Just wondering. That was a cheap shot, not funny but pretty insulting.

  4. Well,
    Since the Lady complained about being sexually assaulted by a doll.
    I think the doll should have been arrested and punished to the full extent of the law, and then locked up in a cage for an appropriate length of time (maybe put on a registration list of some sort).

  5. Hey after watching that interview the chef did it on purpose. She looks like she was wasted, he probably thought the stream would wake the b#*ch up. If he turned the doll around would she have gotten a face full of s………. Gotcha you thought I was going to say snot.

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