DePaul Reportedly Bars Conservative Speaker To Avoid Protesters and Objections

DePaul_U_Seal.svgIn May, we discussed the highly disturbing incident of DePaul security standing around as a conservative speaker was prevented from speaking on campus.  It was a terrible low for DePaul in allowing free speech to be denied to appease those who believe that only their views should be heard on campus.  Now another conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, has reported that his event was canceled after objections from protesters.


Shapiro also had an event cancelled at Cal State LA due to protesters blocking the entries and exits to the event. These are the same tactics used at UCLA to shutdown a conservative speaker.

Shapiro says that DePaul’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter invited him but that the university intervened.  DePaul Vice President of Facilities Operations Bob Janis wrote to the chapter that “Given the experiences and security concerns that some other schools have had with Ben Shapiro speaking on their campuses, DePaul cannot agree to allow him to speak on our campus at this time.”  Really?  That is basically saying that DePaul will enforce the “heckler’s veto” and allow protesters to silence those with whom they disagree.

I find DePaul’s position incomprehensible and deeply disturbing. Universities are meant to be bastions of free speech, but they have increasingly yielded to pressures of protesters in the silencing of unpopular — and particularly conservative — speakers. DePaul must decide whether it wishes to maintain its status as a place of learning and free expression or whether it will surrender to those who will not tolerate opposing views or values.

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  1. This is happening everywhere. The Texas State Bar refused to let me speak at the Annual Criminal Law program because the prosecutors are angry with me for writing LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, which names names and is true. See

  2. I realize that you are going to hate me for saying this, but please don’t ever again glue verbs and adverbs together. It is a vastly ignorant practice. You don’t “shutdown” an event, you shut an event down. And then what you have done is called a “shutdown” (noun).

  3. “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that right is reserved only for the libs.”

    The people who are doing this cannot be called liberals. They’re clearly left-wing, yes. But any label one may affix to them which implies some kind of devotion to freedom would necessarily be a misnomer.

    They’re left-wing authoritarians — and, sadly, it’s hardly new for left-wing authoritarians to actively suppress competing ideas and arguments.

  4. If all of you really want to do something about this, it is quite simple: Don’t hire graduates from DePaul university. Make possessing a degree from that institution (or any other fascist institution) an automatic circular file offense.
    If you find out a friend is from DePaul, cut off further contact. If a coworker is from there, make it your mission in life to get them fired. When your children look at colleges to attend, refuse to consider DePaul. When your child goes somewhere else, send DePaul a letter detailing exactly why you choose to send your child somewhere else.
    In short, make it is plain as possible that DePaul has been ostracized.

  5. Mr. Turley, what makes you think the college apparatchiks and the ‘protesters’ are antagonists? The twit-brownshirts are an extension of the dean of students, not a challenge to him.

  6. DePaul is a Jesuit university named after St. Vincent DePaul.

    No, it’s a Vincentian school. Different order. Vincentian schools may be wrecks but they haven’t reached the level of corruption the Jesuit schools manifest.

    1. Art Deco – you are correct and I stand corrected. Their motto is “I will show you the way of wisdom.”

  7. Most dictators get elected by the people(Hitler, Hugo Chavez, etc.). After they get elected they consolidate their control and power.

  8. Perhaps the libs should realize that thier modern strength was built upon the 1st amendment. For those who don’t remember (or know) that’s freedom of speech. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that right is reserved only for the libs. My bad!

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