Can You Guess What This Person Was Arrested With?

636056695852571860-thumbnail-WALDEN-2c-CHRIS-ANTHONY---20164340- Chris A. Walden, 46, has the distinction of taking a Chihuahua hostage and lighting a love seat on fire as part of his alleged criminal conduct. What makes it even more bizarre is that this conduct was allegedly due to the failure of a check to clear for him.

He reportedly was trying to collect $330 that he had loaned a woman living at a mobile home but was told that her check had not cleared. He then held the Chihuahua, Bandit, hostage. The also assaulted the three human victims with a knife and lit a couch on fire.

Walden appears a real piece of work — having allegedly just three days earlier beat his girlfriend and stole her car. The girlfriend then went to police with a shoe box containing a pipe covered in crack cocaine residue. Walden has robbery convictions dating back to 1996 in Baltimore City and was sentenced to 40 years for a 2006 robbery.

Eventually, one of the occupants were able to escape and called police. Walden was at large as police searched for him. Bandit was reportedly hidden to prevent Walden from hurting the dog.

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  1. I am pleasantly surprised Darren is a National Lampoon fan. The high school yearbook edition[w/ Wing Ding Weisenheimer..the mad crapper] is pee your pants funny.

  2. Can anyone of you haters please list just one SJW, BLM, Black Panther, ACLU, NAACP, usual suspect civil rights leader or member who has said one single thing in this criminal’s defense?
    You can’t just make up supporting memes that don’t exist to validate your racists claims.
    Well I guess you can, if it makes you feel better.
    Jesus Christ, you all are like the Blowback crowd at Hotair if they were actually capable of putting a sentence together.
    Please continue posting.
    Again, I love you all’s consistency.

  3. This guy sounds completely out of control. Hope the hostages and the little dog are OK.

    Probably we’re all just being racist and he’s just a gentle giant. BLM founders have stated we need to disband the police, and that all African Americans in prison are political prisoners.

  4. Was Common Core invented as a way for people to accept sentencing guidelines? Or what is left of our rule of law?

    1. issac – My personal favorite National Lampoon was the one explaining the Law of the Jungle, including case histories.

  5. I, for one, applaud this man in taking righteous action to regain what is rightfully his. I can totally see why he went over the edge here- some malicious, evil woman took advantage of his kind and generous nature and he was wiled into lending her money. Once he regained his senses, he did what needed to be done.


    /s (text, ya know?)

    Although Chihuahua Bandit Hostage sounds like a fun band to see. Or maybe just a good song.

  6. Stop picking on this guy! I bet he’s just started to get his life turned around.

  7. I said ‘trying to kill his bookie with a toaster bomb.’ I feel I’m making progress with my guesses.

  8. Money is at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Not having it causes frustration and drug addiction, girlfriend beating, dognapping and couch arson.

  9. It’s great to see our justice system working as it should. A sentence of 40 years in prison, related to a 2006 robbery, and this human turd is roaming the streets.


  10. Don’t underestimate the power of rage to make people do stupid things.

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