Omaha Father Spots Brownies in Back Seat Of Car Used By His Adult Children . . . Immediately Devours Four and Is Found Later Saying Bizarre Things To The Family Cat

I love this story. Omaha paramedics were called to a home in Omaha after a 53-year-old father spotted brownies in the back seat of a car used by his adult children. Being a Dad, he predictably immediately ate four of them. He was later found by his wife saying bizarre things to the family cat. Police believe that the brownies were laced with pot.

Paramedics observed the father crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat “a bitch.” The mother tried calling the children to see if there was anything in the brownies. One of the kids arrived at the house and said that the brownies belonged to his siblings and probably had marijuana in them.

The father declined to go to the hospital but paramedics took him to bed. The story reaffirms that fathers are refreshingly predictable. When we see a pile of brownies, we will eat them in true Homeresque fashion. If we end up yelling profanities at the cat, it is hardly our fault.

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  1. Autumn, Sorry for your trouble. Yes, I think both Trump and Hillary will be making numerous trips to the Tar Heel State the next 3 months.

  2. @squeek

    Dammit! the best laid plans of mice ‘n men at work here. I got tickets to attend the Trump rally today in Charlotte, NC – was curious as always and was looking forward to meeting Trumpsters en masse FTC – as well as looking for a dining room table at IKEA up there — had my “pro woman/anti Hillary” t-shirt laid out to wear for the event. Went to load up my car only to discover that my rear window was MIA. My initial thought was maybe someone who didn’t like my bumper stickers smashed it — but no broken glass and the stickers are still there.

    I am a “victim” of corporagte planned obsolescence =)

    Oh well, he’ll be back I’m sure.

    In the meantime Jill Stein totally IMO kicked it on the Clinton Newz Network Town Hall last night:

  3. Thanks, flyboy. I’ve yet to determine the cause of yours. Lack of oxygen to the brain?

  4. The cats thinks: “Who is this bozo? I’m not in heat! No wonder he failed biology in college!”

    Great story!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I wonder if Rudy Guiliani has been eating some of them brownies – saying bizarre things and all…

  6. A cat high on catnip is usually a very happy cat. But it might not hesitate to call the household dog a bitch.

  7. What a hilarious story! Cats are cool – I’m sure it just looked at the incident as evidence of how superior felines are to other species.

    1. Autumn – way long many years ago I had a neighbor who used to blow marijuana smoke at his cat to get it high. It was kinda funny when the cat got stoned. 😉

  8. Well, we really know what the father was thinking about the cat all these years. 😉

  9. If the effects of overdose are to talk to a cool cat, what is wrong with the stuff?

  10. The birthday cake was dosed with 900 hits of acid…..Jerry swears it was dosed.

  11. One can hallucinate if they eat too much cannabis. No one puts LSD in baked goods!

  12. I’m sure the cat had a few foul names for him when she was crawling around, high on catnip.

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