Can You Guess What These People Were Charged With?

23nun-comboVanessa Young, 26, and Crystal Young have the distinction of allegedly robbing a nun of her rosary at knife point on Sunday. Since they have pleaded not guilty, I would strongly suggest a bench trial.

The nun was actually wearing secular clothes but is a member of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth Catholic religious community. At 2 pm, she said that Young tried to snatch a satchel from her hands. She noticed that the woman had a small knife. The nun said that Young told her that she wasn’t going to hurt anyone. The nun tried to reason with Young and reportedly showed her that she had no money in the satchel and only rosary beads, a key, and a small memento. The nun said that Young responded by saying “I’ll guess I’ll take the rosary beads.” The nun said that Crystal Young was standing ten feet away as a look out.

Mother Olga, the convent’s founder, suggested that the rosary saved her nun: “Only then, thank God, did she take the rosary and put the knife away. I truly believe the rosary saved them both — the nun’s life and the woman from doing a more serious crime.”

When police arrested the women they report that they found a small locking knife, six cell phones, and a Weymouth resident’s checkbook. The rosary beads were not recovered. The phones were later linked to at burglary around the time of the encounter with the nun at a nearby home.

Young is charged with armed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon, and two counts of receiving stolen property over $250. Young is charged with armed robbery.

Kudos: Professor Roger E. Schechter

19 thoughts on “Can You Guess What These People Were Charged With?”

  1. Well, I hope the book the Judge throws at them is a Bible! What a bunch of evil little b-tches. I bet they will just rue the day . . . hmmm. . . an Irish Poem!

    They Rood The Day???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was two lezzies from Boston,
    Who, the Ten Commandments was lost on.
    They held up a nun,
    Then took off in a run,
    Stealing rosary beads that she crossed on!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. It’s a relatively new community founded 25 years ago by a convert from the Nestorian Church. They wear a habit, while the wrecked modernist orders favor iron-gray hair and sensible shoes. I do wonder why she was out of her habit.

  3. Will a plea deal call for the “husband” and wife to share a cell? It’s Massachusetts, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  4. These “Can you guess what these people have been charged with” articles are such a waste of time. This kind of crap is analogous to what is in the National Enquirer or Breitbart, so Prof. Turley, why are you doing it?? It lowers the quality of your site every time you post one.

    1. I like these posts. Of course, I don’t have a stick up my butt. And, if not for the National Enquirer, we may have had a sleazeball John Edwards as prez. Let me guess, you love the Huffington Post, a left rag.

      1. Nope. Don’t read huffpost. You are about 0 for 10 in your assumptions about me.

        1. I think they should get community service. Whatever needs doing where the nun lives. Clean everything and do whatever is needed outside. I like community service as a penalty because they’ll probably just get a fine. This way the person robbed gets to see robbers “pay”.

          Nick, what happened to Alice?

  5. I’m surprised the nun didn’t just slap the lesbian tweakers hand w/ a ruler.

  6. They need to charge her with loss of the rosary beads.

    I used to know a nun in Europe who works part time in a cathouse to make money. She does not engage in sex but says prayers for the men who can not perform. She pats them on the head as they leave and then tells the hookers to be better lookers.

  7. I’ve heard that Boston has an old law on the books which mandates the death penalty for robbing a nun.

  8. Other news outlets report that Crystal and Vanessa Young are married. So these lesbian meth-head nun robbers won’t have to testify against one another.

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