Meet Wise Intelligent Supreme Court Allah

wiseiallahSometime a name just does not make the man. Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah, 18, showed little common sense, let alone intelligence, in carrying a loaded handgun in a car in Akron despite an impressive criminal record, including felony burglary.

300px-Hipoint1Allah was found with a Hi-Point .380 caliber handgun in his waistband. Allah was the only person arrested of the five people found in the car outside of a Taco Bell.

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  1. Another member of the Five Percenter cult is Supreme Solar Allah, son of U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore (Dem – Milwaukee). In 2006 he was convicted of slashing the tires on 25 vans rented by the local Republican Party to transport elderly and disabled voters to the polls. He went on to found the Cream City Street Academy with partner Universal Knowledge Allah, who was subsequently arrested in the theft of a $5 million Stradivarius violin, which the FBI has recovered. Supreme Solar Allah is now a member of the Milwaukee County Council, where he is pushing for an Afro-centric school curriculum for black children, in which they will study the teachings of Malcolm X and Stokley Carmichael.

    How these clowns thought they were going to fence a $5 million Stradivarius is beyond me. I would think any reputable dealer in rare musical instruments would call the FBI or police if approached with something like that. And I’ve heard that there are mega-rich private collectors, especially in Europe, who will buy rare, stolen art for their private collections, but they only deal with sophisticated, discrete high-end art thieves. People at that level of wealth and refined tastes are certainly not going to have anything to do with some idiot named Supreme Solar Anus. Which is probably how they got caught so quickly.

  2. The photo of the guy is less relevant to his crimes than the genetic and physical conditions in which he grew up. Is it not significant that most of those arrested grew up in poverty often with mental illness and learning disorders? It’s easy to condemn people for the way they look. It’s far more challenging to address mental illness and learning disorders. Alcohol and drug use by a mother correlates well with brain disorders in offspring. Easy availability of birth control and abortion could be a positive step to reduce that problem.

      1. Squeeky – he had both a mother and father in the home. Father is responsible for the name. No woman would inflict that name on her child. You would be spending every other day in the principal’s office because of something with this kid. And if I had a name like that, I would carry a gun, too. 😉

    1. Thank you, Nick. Your comments are always interesting – I enjoy reading about your experiences in the “real world,” as sordid as it sometimes is…..

  3. Either he or his parent(s) are likely adherents of the “Nation of Gods and Earths,” also known as the “Five Percenters.” They are a black nationalist group, founded in Harlem in the 1960s, by Clarence 13X, as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam. They claim that all black men are God personified, and the black males all have “God” or “Allah” as part of their name. The black women members have “Earth” as part of their formal names. They claim they are not a religion, as their is no higher diety than the black man. They have a controversial history and some states have banned their teachings in prisons. Many rap group have adopted their symbolism. Wikipedia has an overview of their teachings and history.

    1. Thanks! I had never heard of the Five Percenters before! I wiki’d them, and what a bunch of wackos! Whew! I am afraid my mother might have secretly been one of them, because she always said I was full of the Devil, too!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  4. With such an illustrious name, he certainly should not have demeaned himself to carry just a Hi-Point–and a .380 at that !! DMD

  5. Did he pick that great name for himself–or did his parents give it to him at birth anticipating the illustrious heights his career certainly would achieve? DMD

  6. Isn’t that blasphemy to use God’s name for yourself? Definitely a higher crime than drawing Mohamed.

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