EU Chief Blasts The Very Notion Of National Borders In The Latest Call For Globalism

Ioannes_Claudius_Juncker_die_7_Martis_2014For years, European Union advocates denied allegations that they were trying to erase national borders and create a single country with a shared military. Then recently proposals for a single military emerged — just before Britain left the EU. One of the most effective criticisms made against the EU before Brexit was to challenge voters to actually name the people in charge of the EU and policies affecting their lives. Now, the head of the EU has gone out of his way to confirm the worst suspicions of critics. The much-maligned EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker has publicly denounced the very concept of national borders as the “worst invention ever.

We recently discussed Juncker drunken appearances in public. Now he is proclaiming the very globalism and world government that is fueling demands to break up the EU. Speaking at the Alpbach Media Academy Juncker said: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

Juncker’s contempt for the notion of national identity is a touchstone of the new globalism that has taken hold in Europe — and encouraged voters in Britain to leave the EU. Many people have a pride in their national identity and want to control the laws that govern their nation and their lives. The image of a drunken, dismissive uber-bureaucrat in Brussels will hardly improve the situation for the EU. It also shows precisely how little accountability or restraint EU leadership feel in Brussels. The arrogance and erratic behavior of Juncker would not be tolerated in a politician who was subject to local or national elections. However, his audience often seems a circle of EU bureaucrats in an echo-chamber for globalism. The feel for civil libertarians is that such remoteness couple with rising power can be a threat to not just national identity but liberty.

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  1. So I suppose the newly erected European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) will be abolished soon.

  2. There is a well-penned quote from a wonderful man from your side of the pond who said something about “You can fool all of the people some of the time but…
    Sol, England

  3. @true liberal

    you are a pathetic troll. And rest assured that we Progressives are aligning ourselves with the Trumpsters to ensure that HRC gets nowhere near the WH. Our common mantra is “lock her up”

    1. “And rest assured that we Progressives are aligning ourselves with the Trumpsters”

      Unfortunately many of the “Trumpsters” don’t realize they’ve aligned themselves with a Progressive.

      So progressives have consumed the term liberal and what, they are going to claim conservative as well? Progressivism functions more like MERSA and should be treated as such.

  4. Remember when Bush Sr. called for a New World Order? I was not ready for it then and I am sure as hell not ready for it now !!!

    1. Yes, I do remember the Sr. Bush call. Of course, his son’s were pushing it where they could. Glad that newworldorder Jeb is off sulking somewhere in his one worldorder.

    1. Bernie has three houses and an Italian sports car. He bought the third house to avoid capital gains taxes after the sale of his wife’s family home.

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  5. @Squeeky You could always become active in the Texas secession movement.

    1. Are you kidding? There’s no way an independent Texas could support all the welfare blacks, and the welfare hispanics in the state. Sooo, scratch a peaceful secession. There are very few states that could successfully secede, and some of those are filled with college-educated white folks, who would never consider such a step. And even they would have to do something dreadful to the black welfare classes in their large cities. Like exile them, or force them to get married and get jobs.

      That cuts you down to maybe Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Alsaka. This list will give you an idea which states could pull it off, probably from Minnesota down. But like I said, some of their larger cities have significant numbers of blacks, who would be lost without Section 8, food stamps, and crazy checks.

      You would also have a problem with old folks who live off their social security checks. A lot of them can’t work due to old age.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  6. I am supporting and contributing to Canova. He is a good democrat. Unfortunately that district has a lot of seniors that will vote for her, and she will more than likely win.

    1. And exactly what difference will it make to the Democrats as a party??? None. They are a despicable, criminal organization, and any pretense about an individual member here and there changing anything is sheer fantasy. Whoever wins, the party will still race bait, and try to stuff the ballot box, and engage in demagoguery, and sell the “emollients” of office to grease their palms. While dumb street-level Democrats pat themselves on the back for being so intelligent, and moral. Sheer Farce.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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