Purdue Follows University of Chicago In Standing Ground In Favor Of Free Speech

Purdue_University_Seal.svgWe recently discussed the courageous stand of the University of Chicago against the growing speech codes and “safe spaces” in campuses around the country. Now, Purdue University has taken its own stand in favor of free speech in adopting “the Chicago principles.”

Purdue asked its students not to go through microaggression training or cultural sensitivity courses but a program on free speech and academic freedom that showed “the value and importance of robust speech and debate on campus.”

Purdue guaranteed that those on its campus will enjoy “the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn.” It also unequivocally declared that “it is not the proper role of the University to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive.”

Bravo Purdue Bravo.

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  1. Drawing lines not to be crossed without foresight, afraid to call the recession a problem and never owning being a chief executive ….although I haven’t heard him blame a Bush for some months….. or the will to stand to, is a real sign of a great leader, eh? China, the Philippines, Venezuela, Russia ….oh my this Nobel has no bell.

    Sooo, how come some many of the protestors in ND are out of state you may ask? Well, the real residents actual work for a living all yr long. I’ve got a lapel badge that captured the Fargo sentiment….-40 degrees keeps out the riff raff. Lived there for four years and raised in eastern Montana.

    Soooo, how did those so very employable people get the money to travel?? Why do I think that a US TREASURY deposit comes to their bank account no matter what.

    That demonstration is a bunch of crap. What does one expect making all the noise and charging dogs with the hands up…don’t bite ….bull.

    Let’s see who owns the land and who gave authority….anyone remember ta Reservation’s whole council going to jail for drefrauding their own people? One scam…buy cars for the RES business from a conspiring dealer for full price, then trade in for a pittance then buy the used car for themselves and sell it.

  2. @jill

    let’s just hope that Obama spends the rest of his tenure on a golf course where he can do less harm.

  3. @Jill

    Spot on as usual my friend! BTW did you see this story? “Barack Obama deliberately snubbed by Chinese in Chaotic Arrival at G20”


    Wow. The Chinese leaders have delivered a message to Obama – the most powerful man on the planet– “we don’t respect you” IMO The Chinese are putting out a message to crazy Kim in N Korea – as well as to other nations who are currently being bullied by the US (actually the big corporations who own our politicians) – the UK being harassed about Brexit, the EU nations who have rejected the TTIP, fracking and Monsanto, the expansion of NATO bases and operations ever closer to Russia’s borders, the recent removal of Brazil’s Rousseff from office….

    In many countries the far right is increasing their power due to a backlash against neo liberalism as well as neo con policies. People are sick and tired of corporations exerting so much control in every aspect of their lives and endless conflict.

    The only antidote to authoritarian madness is the growth of Progressive parties.

    HRC will continue the path of domestic and global domination by corporations at the expense of human lives and the environment – set into play by Bill Clinton, ramped up by Dubya and continued by Obama.

    Many Americans are going to vote for Trump as he is seen as an outsider. And I don’t blame them – he is far less dangerous than HRC IMO

    But we have a great alternative to both candidates: the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. Similar to Bernie – the MSM does not give them media attention – but a growing number of us are getting the word out. Jill is currently on the ballot in 41 states, a write in candidate in GA, IN & NC and actively trying to get on the ballot in remaining states.

    Only 65 days until the general (s)election!! Please, check out Jill Stein!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No, I had not seen the link. Here is my favorite quote from Obama: “According to a White House statement, Obama told Xi of “America’s unwavering support for upholding human rights”.”

      Yes, never mind that the US is making very bellicose moves towards China. Never mind that Obama sells weapons to some of the worst human rights abusers in the world! Never mind that Obama engages in and excuses torture, starts wars and kills people with drones and cluster bombs. And of course I know nothing is wrong about Gitmo or Chesea Manning’s treatment….

      The crap we are expected to ignore keeps getting deeper every minute!

  4. Jerry,

    Thank you for sharing this video. I will send it to the Texas group opposing the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. These people show great courage and real commitment to life.

  5. There’s a protest in North Dakota against an oil pipeline DAPL. The security goon squad came in on September 3, 2016. College campus with free speech might look like this.

    1. It is a good move for Purdue to do this. The remedy for speech you don’t like is more speech, not less. Americans support Free Speech. Those who don’t like free speech are usually Communists of the Castro, Chavez, and Maduro kind.

    2. The “security goon squad” came in when protesters became threatening and began to vandalize material and equipment.

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