Mega Church Pastor Steven Furtick Declares God Does Not Want People To Know How Much He Makes

350px-God2-Sistine_ChapelIt is often remarkable how ministers facing tough questions on their income or luxury purchases will find a way to explain their lifestyle or secrecy as a biblical command like our prior discussion of televangelists who insisted that they really need private luxury jets. Now Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick is insisting that he would love to disclose how much he makes annually but it would be against the will of God.

Furtick, 35, insisted in an interview that disclosing his salary would be unfair to his family and would violate Jesus’ call to be discreet about donations. He then added what he thought was a higher moral ground: “I would never make a decision about how the church’s finances were communicated based on the agenda of a reporter or a newspaper.” Ok, how about just the value of being transparent in the eyes of both God and man.

Furtick recently built a 16,000-square-foot gated estate in Weddington. It is also known that church brings in $500,000 each weekend. How much does Furtick take? Only God knows and that appears that way God and Furtick like it.

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  1. Why would any human “believe” in some notion on the premise that all you need to have in you to believe is “faith”? What a dumb set of facts. Millions are so dumb as to fall for this holier than thou apCray. Pastor: fleece your flocks. Sheep: go get fleeced.

    Church goers are sheep in human clothing. With wool over their eyes. With no brains.

  2. “Because god said so” and “for national security reasons”, the two most used excuses for hiding crimes.

  3. These church leaders are almost as corrupt as our government. It truly is disgusting. What is amazing to me is how people keep giving money to these preachers, and also how people keep voting for higher taxes. If people did not fall for supporting this foolishness, it would not exist.

  4. Why “belong” to a church? Think about that word: belong. When you belong it means that they own you– lock, stock and barrel.

    1. Gus On Cloud 9 – your explanation is wrong. I can ‘belong’ to the Elks, Toastmasters, etc and not be owned body and soul. However, if I ‘belong’ to a gang or the Mafia, then I am owned 24/7, Belonging to a particular church fits with the Elks and Toastmasters.

      Having said that, when I was growing up you identified yourself by the particular church you were attending. There was only one of each.

  5. Pastor T.D. Jakes says free your mind. I got an ear ache & mind splitting head ache.
    T.D is doing $150 million/yr. Glory be.

  6. Paul (Shulte). There was a time when the Dutch Philips company also forbade its employees to reveal their incomes to one another. Here is how that failed legally and miserably for married employees. Philips could not legally forbid an employee to reveal his/her income to his/her spouse. Philips could not legally forbid the partners of employees to reveal their incomes to the partners of other employees. In the company the Philips rule was laughed at as a great joke.
    I believe that this is true in most if not all of our states too.

  7. A bit off topic but one thing I cannot stand is when celebrities, or worse, politicians make photo-ops at “soup kitchens” claiming to show they support the unfortunate only to return to their palaces and swanky, hyper-materialistic lifestyles. It is as if they are seeking some sort of redemption at best. This is in part of what Matthew 6 refers–conspicuous charity. I don’t take issue with individuals volunteering in various capacities for the unfortunate, but if they worked in the background and nobody knew of their presence the sincerity shows.

    Although, in a different line of thinking, despite whatever reason a person gives to legitimate charitable programs, even for the vain or for political means, pragmatism shows that such undertakings at least provide the down-trodden with a meal or groceries.

  8. Oh, I know that some of you folks on the blog go to church on Sunday and hope for the best when they pass the plate and you put in some hard earned dollars. Your own congregation is not as dumb as this guy’s. Right? Or wrong? Or left?

  9. I go to Mathew VI , Latex 4: Those who wear rubbers hide their skins from the Lard and those who pray on Monday give message to Crisco.

    Those who think their itShay don’t stink do not read pig latin and live in a dumb group of people.

    Which gets us to the topic: dumb people. Went in the church door dumb and come out dumb too. Hustlin round the aisles in their alligator shoes.

  10. Pastor Furtick needs to change his name to Pastor Furtive and all will be forgotten under the Bloomberg Truth in Labeling Act.

  11. It seems Pastor Furtick is referring to Mathew 6 but in a self-serving way that is not only incorrect but actually in opposition to Jesus’ teachings: From the Common English Bible:

    “…Whenever you give to the poor, don’t blow your trumpet as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets so that they may get praise from people. I assure you, that’s the only reward they will get. But when you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what the right hand is doing so that you may give to the poor in secret. Your Father who sees what you do in secret will reward you.”

    The pastor claims that in revealing his wages, he would violate these words about being discrete. Nothing could be further from the message of Matthew 6. The lesson behind this passage is that one should not seek glory by advertising their charity as doing this serves vain purposes and the alms given is only an inconsequential means to this end. It is the giving of alms that God sees as righteous.

    Where Pastor Furtick is accused of enriching himself from the tithes of his church is in opposition to traditional Christian teaching and he is fully aware of this. He might have a sense of Prosperity Theology, but in my view this type of evangelism is actually of an appeal to people seeking wealth by those charlatans who have it.

    If the pastor wants his just rewards he might consider finding a way to miniaturize camels.

  12. How convenient.

    This is exactly why some churches have boards, or the parishioners themselves vote on the salary and benefits package offered to pastors. There may not be enough oversight or restraint when evangelicals run their own show. In that case, it’s the light of public scrutiny, plus actual Hell, which may be the only limiting influence.

    1. I agree, Karen. My church is in charge of such things, the pastor’s salary is known and discussed by council members. There is very little wiggle room financially. Charitable giving within the church does support the pastor and keeps the lights on, but so much of it goes out into the community, local and global. Our church supports food banks, crisis counseling, localities dealing with natural disasters.

      Not all churches should be lumped in with this man.

  13. I have worked for companies that do not want you to disclose your salary to other employees, so I think the pastor may have a direct pipeline to God. If God does not want him to disclose his salary, I am with God.

    1. Big difference, but not to Trumpsters. Hillary released what she earned on her taxes, while your boy trump refuses to do so. You must be a reporter for Breitbart?

      1. Lloyd Blankfien – Trump has said he will release his taxes when his tax audit is done. At this point blame Obama and the IRS for not finishing the audit.

        BTW, I cannot remember another Presidential candidate being audited during campaign season. Odd, isn’t it?

        1. Funny
          The IRS has stated numerous times that Trump is NOT being audited.
          He has no evidence to the contrary. It’s just another lie from the Donald.
          How do you not know this?

          1. philat – the IRS says a lot of things that are not true. I would not set my hopes on anything they say.

  14. those who would like to conduct further research I am sure the church as a 501 C 3 ;nonprofit organization files an IRS 990.tearly. This is available to the public.

  15. i have issues with John Oliver about Brexit, etc. BUT he did a great job in exposing “Christian” churches:

    1. First of all, Oliver, why did you send him money? He’s laughing at you all the way to the bank.

      Secondly, the idiots that send the money, fund these charlatans, screw the rest of us that pay taxes, are Trump supporters. Anyone stupid enough to send money to an extremely well coiffed talking head, will vote for Trump. You do see the hair connection.

      1. Let me rephrase that for JH, churches and their pastors need to pay taxes like the rest of us. No more religious privileges.

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