17 thoughts on “Mercury In All Of Its Glory”

  1. Wow. Hauntingly beautiful. And yet, its pockmarked surface makes me very grateful we have an atmosphere that shields us from most small impacts. Hopefully Bannu will not be a problem in 150 years.

  2. It is a stunning shot. Thanks to the professor for sharing. Kind of makes reality seem a little bigger. Mercury sure does look beat up though. I guess it sucks if you don’t have an atmosphere.

    Thanks Autumn, I did not know about the planet stamps, I’ll be sure to pick some of those up!

  3. That is beautiful! BTW the USPS has gorgeous planet stamps out for those of you who still do snail mail =)

  4. GOC8. The surface of Mercury is pockmarked because of crater-forming impacts. How did we learn that the intense bombardment of Earth by asteroids and comets is no longer happening because that intense bombardment stopped about 3 billion years ago? From the studies of lunar samples returned by dorks in space suits.
    You do not seem to understand that the study of all of our environments is DNA driven.
    NASA does dumb things too. Recently it has exposed persons to a “Martian experience” but without the simulated bombardment by high-energy solar and cosmic radiation.

  5. I have to ask what that photo cost the taxpayers. Why do we spend all this money on NASA? Why are we so enthralled by the dorks in the space suits? Year, after year, after year. National Ahole Shitzoo Association.

    1. NASA budget 2016 – $18.5 billion
      Department of Defense budget 2016 – $585 billion

      Why do we spend all this money on the military? Why are we so enthralled with the military?

      The NASA budget is a very small fraction of the overall budget. If anything we need to spend MORE on SCIENCE and a lot less on death.

      1. In fact, maybe we should direct the energy of the death-loving military crowd towards outer space where they can shoot, bomb, and destroy things to their heart’s content, and stop endangering the rest of us.

      2. “We” are enthralled by the military due to the trillions the parasites (MIC) suck off the tax payers. I took a class in Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law a year ago which was fascinating. There is an growing industry right now looking at developing space hotels, etc. which we never hear about. Check out Bigelow Aerospace


      3. Nice call Jeff. I am not big on government spending in general, but the hard work and discovery that are by products of the space program have proven themselves over and over. Can’t argue with the military business model. You kill people, you need to make more stuff. The more people you can kill, the more orders you can make for more stuff. Just look around the world, business is good for the US defense contractors.

      4. NASA does NOT deserve MY taxpayer dollars, nor anyone else’s!\

        “NASA MOONED AMERICA”, Ralph René, 1992/4, 1994-00-00 English 20.69 176, AS16-107-17446
        Visual evidence of the NASA/Apollo moon hoax

        René was a member of Florida Mensa. He was too smart for them. They threw him out when he discovered and exposed their embezzlement of member funds.”

    2. Sometimes things farther away than the length of our own arms are worth the investment

    3. To find actual answers to questions about life and the existence of the Universe for which religions have only stories of fantasy and lies that were made up a couple thousand years ago.

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