Can You Guess What These People Were Charged With?

160914-long-island-couple-featureStephen Visconti, 57, and Pamela Visconti, 58, are a Long Island couple seem as perfect for each other as they are a nightmare for any neighborhood. It all started with a report of Stephen threatening people with a shovel. Then it got much much worse.

When two officers arrived, they found Stephen on the front patio. As they were questioning him, however, Pamela stood between them and Stephen. The officers then tried to move Pamela off the patio and Stephen threatened to throw his coffee mug at the officer. The officer then shocked him with a taser.

Stephen however pulled out the darts and threw the coffee mug at the officers’ head. In the meantime, Pamela and one of the officer were struggling and fell backward. Pamela grabbed his baton and used it to strike the officer on the head. That is when Stephen grabbed a long-handle shovel and raised it high above his head to allegedly hit the officer. When the sergeant pushed him away, the couple went into the house.

Pamela was now charged with second-degree assault while Stephen was charged with obstructing governmental administration and menacing.

Kudos: Professor Roger E. Schechter

19 thoughts on “Can You Guess What These People Were Charged With?”

  1. “Stephen however pulled out the darts and threw his coffee mug at the officers’ head” I don’t know about the rest of you but I gleaned one important thing from this article: 1. Lasers don’t work when brains are in short supply.

    1. harpertwo – I think it is tasers. However, they are not effective on drunks or the mentally ill.

  2. Hmmmm, methinks the original allegation of threatening people with a shovel is going to be easy to prove.

    Feel sorry for cops who have to deal with so many people with impulse control problems, acting like animals, on a daily basis. I remember going on a ride along, we responded to a call where someone claimed his rival stole a toilet from his front “yard,” in which he had several porcelain thrones he was saving. And he was pretty worked up about it.

    I hope the officer hit in the head with the night stick is OK.

  3. Uh, are there any details as to why the police were engaged with them in the first place? Or, is this just neighborhood gossip?

    And, no, I can’t guess what they were charged with, anymore than the dozens of other similar stories. Your headline generator seems to be stuck.

    1. It appeared to me that the cops were called when he threatened neighbors with the shovel.

      Show of hands: Who wants to be a cop?

      1. There was a time when I would have agreed with that “who would want to be a cop” sentiment, however following the Riots in Baltimore the 100 highest paid officers salaries were published, many exceeding $200,000 a year and these were beat cops not Supervisors or even Corporals or Sgts. It’s lucrative, and many occupations have frustrations and don’t offer full retirement after 25 years.

  4. Cops deal w/ crap like this on a daily basis. This just happened to get reported in the news.

    1. That’s called “worldview”. You can change it but you have to replace it with something. My suggestion would be information; you know, data. Oh, and critical-thinking.

  5. It looks like the lovely Mrs. Visconti may have sat on either the taser dart, the baton or the long-handle shovel prior to having her mugshot taken.

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