Alleged New York Bomber and His Family Sued Police Over Alleged Profiling In 2011 [UPDATED]

3893144500000578-0-image-m-7_1474295175812There is a bizarre twist to the most recent bombing in New York and the wounding of alleged terrorist Ahmad Rahami. The Rahami family filed a federal lawsuit in April 2011 that claimed that they were being targeted solely due to discrimination against Muslims and profiled by the government. The 11 count lawsuit named the City of Elizabeth, the Elizabeth Police Department, six Elizabeth police officers, chief of police Ronald Simon and police director James Cosgrove. Given the real prejudices that Muslim families face today, there is reason to fear that the situation could become far worse. Donald Trump has called for profiling while Hillary Clinton has called for tougher Visa rules. Notably, a news report indicates that his father actually contacted police two years ago to say that he believed that his son was a terrorist.  Thus, the family appears to have rejected his extreme views — precisely the type of tip that the government has sought to generate by working closely with the Muslim community.

Rahami was outspoken in his hatred of gays and Western values, particularly after returning from a visit in Afghanistan with a wife. The trip to both Afghanistan and Pakistan nine years ago appears to have radicalized Rahami. Rahami’s values however did not appear to include supporting his children.  Notably, Rahami’s current wife left the United States just days before his attack — raising concerns that she was aware of his plans or activities.  Her whereabouts are unknown but the government is trying to locate and contact her abroad.

thThe Rahami family alleged “selective enforcement” that was “solely based on an animus against plaintiff’s religion, creed, race and national origin.” The cause for the lawsuit was a police order to shut down their chicken restaurant “First American” at 10 pm. They insisted that other businesses were allowed to stay open at that time.

The complaint was dismissed with prejudice in 2012. It is not clear why the case was dismissed with prejudice. Settlements often result in unopposed motion for such dismissal but it can also occur in a party fails to satisfy court orders or establish a basis for the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is likely to play into calls for increased profiling. Ironically, some are likely to see any targeting of the family (which the city no doubt denied) as a good thing. What is clear is that Rahami’s actions (including his shooting of police in his capture) will worsen the situation for millions of lawful Muslims in this country. Indeed, part of the desire of ISIS and terrorists is to create a religious divide in other countries to attract followers and support. The question of profiling is likely to become a central issue in the election. The line between reasonable suspicion and profiling has long been debated in legal circles. Such subtleties are likely to be lost in the wake of the bombing and this shooting.

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  1. The opposite of cowardly are the people of the NYC area. I just got back from NYC area visiting friends and family. I was being driven to the Newark airport when this sh!tbird was arrested just a few miles away. People there don’t cower in fear. There’s a lot I don’t like about Nyers, but there is also much that is admirable.

    1. Maybe they don’t cower in fear because they’re sophisticated and well-informed enough to know that many or most of the people that MSM labels terrorists — aren’t. Most have connections to U.S. or Israeli intelligence services and/or the F.B.I.

  2. Folks, bettykath is our Unabomber. She mails in her bomb and then flees. No sense replying to her. She is cowardly.

  3. This bom ber was made a Patsy by his handlers at the F.B.I. Informed people know that another famous Patsy was actually a paid F.B.I. informant. I refer of course to Lee HARVEY Oswald…the Oswald that was born in Hungary, not LEE Oswald – who was born in New Orleans — the city where J. EDNA Hoover was arrested for soliciting a minor – boy.

  4. The difficulty we have is that immigrants arrive here and enter a cultural matrix wherein you have a bourgeois and elite population engaging in a campaign of harassment against ordinary wage-earners and the common-and-garden bourgeois. The harassers encourage immigrant populations to respond to unavoidable adjustment problems with arrogant and obstreperous attacks on ordinary people while they (the harassers) take concerted action to lower the status of ordinary people. Lawfare, the corruption of school curricula, the diversitocracy are all agents and methods of this harassment and status manipulation. There may be some signature problems re Muslim immigrants vis a vis other sorts of immigrants, but the locus of the problem is the legal profession, the teachers’ colleges, the educational apparatchiki, hr specialists, social workers, &c. If you want to take aim at problems in immigrant reception you should

    1. Repeal all anti-discrimination law.

    2. Insist that recruitment and promotion in the civil service be strictly according to the results of examinations, and by that I mean timely examinations which judges have no authority to second-guess. One could and should supplement this with something approaching termination at will in public sector employment.

    3. Replace public schools with voucher-funded (tuition-free) private schools.

    4. End any legal requirement that schools hire only certified teachers.

    5. Close all state teachers’ colleges and compel private teacher-training programs to re-nominate unless they meet the statutory definition of a teacher training program.

    6. Provide by statute (going-forward) that teacher training programs will consist (depending on the certificate sought) of 4-12 methods courses (courses on teaching techniques, not courses on RAAAAACISM), a brief internship with the balance of the first academic year, and a 1 year stipended apprenticeship under the tutelage of a master teacher.

    7. Provide, going forward, that admission to state teacher training programs will require the applicant pass a baccalaureate examination in English grammer, arithmetic, and algebra; and that those seeking to be secondary school teachers, art teachers, music teachers, or coaches have undertaken at least 30 credit hours of study in their specific subject.

    8. Dismantle social work as a free-standing profession and shut down licensure programs. Close schools of social work. Have courses in criminal justice / police training which offer instruction for aspirant child protective workers, assign the function of training counselors and therapists to schools of professional psychology, and have those aspiring to run social service bureaucracies take courses in schools of public administratio and the like.

    9. Train school administrators in schools of public administration, philanthropic administration, or general management.

    10. Replace the academic baccalaureate degree with a series of 1-4 year degrees in discrete (academic or artistic) subjects. Replace occupational baccalaureates and master’s degrees with a variety of degree and certificate programs, some of which would require a preparatory certificate and some of which would require subsequent clinical training. Such occupaitonal certificates and degrees would vary in length, with a 1-year 48 credit program being modal.

    11. Eliminate certain academic subjects by statute, making use of state mandates to clear them out of state schools and consumer protection law to clear them out of private schools. The targets would be all victimology programs.

    12. Provide for all stand-alone philanthropic organizations to dissolve within 60 years of their foundation, with their assets distributed to successor foundations determined in surrogate’s court proceedings.

    13. End grant distirbutions of tax proceeds to any private corporate body, commercial or philanthopric.

    If you take away the flow of franchises, public money and pirated philanthropic funds to the malignant elements in society, much of the ill they do will be prevented.

  5. That said, God bless Amal Clooney (a Muslim) for her human rights fight. She is currently representing a Yazidi sex slave who escaped ISIS, and is trying to bring the world’s attention to the horrors of ISIS and their attempts at genocide.

    She should be a role model and a shield to oppressed women throughout the Middle East.

  6. bettykath:

    We did not create the Taliban. That is a myth. They were bundling up women, forcing little girls into arranged marriages, and murdering gays in that region for a thousand years. It’s not like they were Western and we suddenly made them extremist.

    Extremist people hate gays, women’s rights, Jews, apostates, non-Muslims, and anything Western. Just our converting oxygen to CO2 is enough to engender their hatred, because our women think and are educated and speak their minds…the horror. No amount of pandering, gifts, or Halal fruit baskets is going to make them love the Land of Gay Rights, Freedom of Religion, and Women’s Equality. We will always be Soddom and Gomorra to them. You are to recall that ISIS’s directive is to create a global Caliphate, which means they will eventually wipe out the Australian aborigines and undiscovered tribes in the deep rainforest who have done no harm to anyone.

    These are the people who poured gasoline on a group of Yazidi young women, lit them on fire, and burned them to death in a cage because they fought being their sex slaves.

    Try to resist excusing the modern day Nazis. Because from what you’ve written in the past, I truly believe you would fall to your knees in shock if you truly understood what ISIS and other extremists do to women and gays in the ME, and you would want to throttle them yourself.

  7. And it wasn’t profiling. Other businesses open at that time, like gas stations, do not attract fights and public urination.

  8. The reason that he sued was because his family ran a 24 hour fried chicken establishment. This attracted loud, drunk, high people in the small hours of the night to make a ruckus and fight, which the neighbors did not appreciate. The neighborhood got zoning to force them to close at 10, which they fought. Their reasoning was that it had nothing whatsoever to do with the noise, fights, danger, vomit, and piss, but that their neighbors really were prejudiced against their religion. They relaxed the zoning to allow them to close at midnight, which they ignored anyway.

    They used their minority status to try to run roughshod over the neighborhood.

    In the ultimate irony, he turned out to be a terrorist who hurt 29 people.

  9. So…whoever commits a crime…..we should go after veryone who belongs to the same ethnic heritage?

  10. It is a family conspiracy. Prosecute the family. Particularly any person named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. They are out to kill Americans. It’s time to get them.

  11. In which bettykath removes any agency for Muslims, who are but victims.
    What choice did they have but to become insane terrorists?

    In reality, Muslims have created chaos and terror everywhere they’ve gone since Mohammed was around, centuries before Obama bombed the Middle East.

  12. One way to create “terrorists” is to bomb cities, wedding parties and funerals. We created the Taliban. Al queda was originally just a data base of names but by blaming the data base we created Al Queda. By creating power vacuums in the Middle East and by indiscriminate bombings, we created ISIS. Creating an empire is a bloody business, but very profitable to those who supply the arms for both sides.

    1. That seems to be one major cause of carnage and mayhem – the West terrorizing resource rich regions to exploit resources and transport routes. The second cause is when religious fantasy/myth takes a higher priority in a culture than scholarly study of science, technology, and human behavior. The third cause is lack of knowledge on how to address anger, violence, and mental dysfunction, emanating from poverty, religion, and epigenetics.

    2. I agree with BettyKath, making refugees is good business, and not likely to stop anytime soon (unless our glorious leaders push this Russia thing a little too far, then it won’t be good business any more). It just shows how screwed up things are when our government bombs people back to the stone age, then these glorious leaders say we need to let them in the country. ???? And then… not to think they may have a slight chip on their shoulder?? Once again, shows how much our glorious leaders care for their taxpayers. They dish it out, take the cash, and we take it on the chin for trying to make a living and do the right thing by our kids. Since our government is so quick to kill them—then graciously hold out a hand to those who didn’t die, we should just round up every government official and bureaucrat, and just send them over there to kill and help directly. They can kill people one day, then help someone else another day. Keep the American people out of it, and deal with the people over there. Let Obama’s kids try to play outside in the gunfire and bombings.

    3. We created the Taliban.

      We did no such thing, but that does not prevent leftoids and the alt-right from making stuff up out of whole cloth.

  13. What a country! We have to allow people to come here and suck off the system supported by the tax payers. And these people hate us and hate our values. These people were like this and so were the Boston bombers family.

    1. They view Americans (and Europeans) as a bunch of suckers, and unfortunately, they are right. We allow people into our country who hate us and hate our values and our way of life. They soak up every social welfare benefit they can get, and then turn around and spit on us. And meanwhile, the news reported last week that the Obama administration is reassigning federal employees from other functions to work around the clock to process as many Syrian immigration applications as possible in the time he has left. The employees were congratulated for exceeding the 7,000 goal two weeks ago and actually processing 10,000 applications, with many, many more to come…..

  14. That is the problem with allowing this kind of law suit. People who are really suffering from discrimination suffer as those like the Rahamis who choose to see it as an opportunity to engage in outrageous behavior and break all the rules and then cry discrimination when their neighbors have the guts to complain.

    He hates western values but enjoys the benefits. Italian Mafiosi used to be deported after spending their time in prison….sounds like a perfect solution here.

  15. In addition to the “rap contest” held at the 24 hour Rahami business, neighbors also seemed to be irked by patrons of the business milling in their lawns and urinating in their driveways.
    The Rahamis violated the order to shut down their business at 10PM, and an altercation occurred ( involving Rahami family members) when police responded to the violations.
    And the Rahamis complaint was dismissed WITH prejudice.
    Sounds more like a case of lack of consideration for the neighbors, rather than “Islamophobia”.
    These incidents were reported in a Sept. 19 NY Times article.

  16. According to some reports the cafe was playing loud music in a residential area after 10pm daily. This seemed to be the crux of the problem. That does not seem to be racial in nature.

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