Saudi Arabia Arrests Teenager for Participating In An “Enticing” Video Chat With American Blogger

imgresSaudi Arabia continued this week to prove to the world that it is every bit as extremist as counties like Iran and radical Sunni groups.  Our closest Arab ally arrested a teenager named Abu Sin for engaging in “unethical behavior” by appearing in online video chats with an American vlogger named Christina Crockett.  The video was deemed “enticing” under the Kingdom’s medieval morality laws.

The exchange between the teenagers were viewed as hilarious by thousands of viewers as they struggled with language barriers and expressed fake love for each other.  Abu Sin – whose nickname translates as “toothless” at one point puts on  a traditional Saudi headdress and sings Christina a traditional song before asking her to marry him.

While Saudis are joining or financially supporting ISIS, the Saudi police made the arrest of Abu Sin a priority.  Ironically, he was on a live streaming service when the Riyadh police pulled him over.

Colonel Fawaz Al-Mayman, a spokesperson for Riyadh police, defended the ridiculous arrest and just good police work done in the name of Saudi morality:

“His videos received many comments and many of the commenters of the general public demanded for him to be punished for his actions.  The two of them [Abu Sin and Christina] composed enticing videos which received thousands of followers and viewers from all over the world within a short period of time. Most of the viewers were from the Arab world. Abu Sin, nicknamed for his projecting tooth, became famous and received negative attention.”

Well then by all means arrest him.  Thousands of followers and critics.  In Saudi Arabia, that is all you need when someone denounces a video as “enticing.”  Abu Sin could now be imprisoned for three years.

For those who want to be enticed, here is the videotape but I think you will find it as enticing as a Metamucil commercial.


11 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Arrests Teenager for Participating In An “Enticing” Video Chat With American Blogger”

  1. I am shocked that the liberals, leftists, and other assorted ultrasubcretins are calling Saudi Arabia “extremist.” Saudi Arabia is a nation of Muslims. Therefore, nothing bad can happen because Islam is good and holy. Muslims are wonderful, peaceful, and compassionate people.

    Are the liberals, leftists, and other assorted ultraubcretin turning into Islamophobes? It would seem they are.

    Consequently, the problem is not Saudi Arabia. The problem is the liberals, the leftists, and the other assorted ultrasubcretins. They need some serious long-term training in political correctness. And they need to do a lot of praying to Allah and start following the mandates invented by Islam’s pedophile, mass murdering “spiritual” leader.

    Until the liberals, the leftists, and the other assorted ultraubcretins begin to do this, I don’t think their Islamophobic concerns about Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim nation should be taken seriously. Okay?

    Get it?
    (Got it)

  2. I think it’s fairly atypical in select parts of the Arab world for men to converse with women who are not relatives. Some of the enforcement of modesty is in part a consequence of urbanization. In a rural area, the men around you are your cousins.

    The other aspect of this is that she’s handsome and you can see her cleavage. It’s quite risque in context.

    Social relations, Saudi-style, are not appealing. That having been said, what’s modal in this country is not appealing either.

  3. You have to take into consideration the Saudi way of life. I know many men who have had to live there for months at a time because of their jobs. You will not see a woman the entire time because their are hidden. You may be invited to someone’s house for dinner. You will sit in the living room and talk to him and his sons while the wife and daughters prepare the meal. Then, the dining room is opened up and you eat the meal with the man and his sons and never see the women.
    These men (Germans) all said that it took them weeks after returning to Europe to get used to seeing women and that just seeing women on the street in normal street clothes made them feel a little ashamed as if they were watching porn.

  4. What about a good old-fashioned genocidal costume? I built my son a Dalek costume when he was in the second grade. Don’t know where that would stand today.

    1. Sorry, wrong thread! I may be too old, but I would have a problem with my 14 year old daughter hanging her assets out for the whole world. Always thankful I had a son.

  5. Poor boy. From the photo he looks so very young.

    What are they complaining about? It sounds like he did the honorable thing and proposed after the shocking crime of conversing with a woman showing her arms and décolleté.

    What’s going to happen to this child? He needs to be saved from whatever sadistic punishment they have planned, and a good orthodontist to boost his confidence. He sounds like a young teenager with a crush. But, seriously, what are they going to do to him? I feel sick to my stomach when kids are in trouble in places like this.

    And they are complete hypocrites because the men of the Royal Family live like hedonistic heathens, especially while traveling abroad. And they are hardly discrete.

    I think the UAE started really falling apart once it stopped revering its horses. Now they are in the news all the time for drugging or merely running them into the ground like at the WEI. Name a riding discipline, and the Arabs are abusing the horses, cheating, and acting like bad sports. Some still love their horses, but the trend has become entitled, spoiled, thoughtless, and callous. Whatever happened to the country that originated the saying, “And Allah took a handful of the West wind, blew upon it, and brought forth the horse”?

    1. And they are complete hypocrites because the men of the Royal Family live like hedonistic heathens, especially while traveling abroad. And they are hardly discrete.

      You’ve been tracking them, or do they have a reality show like the Kardashians?

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