University of Wisconsin – La Crosse: Students Encourages To Submit Their Halloween Costumes For Review For Possible Racist Elements

unknownThe University of Wisconsin – La Crosse has been much in the news these days and, for some, the news is not good.  The school seems at the heart of a national trend toward hyper-sensitivity and intense scrutiny over the use of free speech.  In one recent inside, a student objected to a Harry Potter mural that was condemned as depicting  “Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power.”  Then there is the school’s “Hate Response Team” which has investigated such alleged offensive terms as “All Lives Matter” and “Trump.”  Then last December, the Vice Chancellor apologized for the “fear and angst” caused by a truck that drove through campus with a rebel flag on its grille.  Now the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department of UW LaCrosse have posted signs for the review of Halloween costumes to determine if they are racist.


The poster  asks “Is Your Costume Racist?”and informs students of a costume review session in early October.


We have previously discussed other schools declaring costumes to be inappropriate or racist, including efforts to deter students from dressing as cowboys and Indians.

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  1. O’k children, after you tell us what approved costume you will be wearing, we can have milk and cookies. Won’t that be fun. By the way, the cookies were approved by mayor Bloomberg.

  2. I just got back from a Bill Burr concert in Madison. He skewered a feminist heckler and Hillary. He also blasted Trump but did a short bit about how Hillary is the truly dangerous one. You can tell Burr doesn’t like doing politics. He may not have done anything about the election if he wasn’t heckled. And the heckler wasn’t a plant.

    Burr eviscerates PC and word police. He is very smart, creative and funny. He challenges the audience and himself. Did a very though provoking bit about Hitler v Stalin and gorillas. He is worth the price of admission. There are some good bits of his on YouTube.

  3. It shouldn’t be too difficult to dig a trench around La Crosse, connect it to the Mississippi River, and give the burg to Minnesota. They’re mostly ViQueen fans there anyway.

      1. While I understand Miner’s link..thank you btw…I think the word conjures “troglodyte” images. Troglypuff….??

  4. So togas are out of the question? Offensive to Romans?

    Really listening to a Milo performance should be mandatory for all incoming freshmen/women/trans/its whatever…….

  5. Do we have any sympathy for war vets with PTSD who don’t want to be exposed to 4th of July fireworks, or do they need to suck it up and put on their big boy trousers?

    1. I hate fireworks. But they do not constitute speech. They are noise, and noise is routinely regulated. But, knowing the current culture, activating animal lovers about how fireworks terrorize dogs would be more effective. Sad, but true. Just some video of a cute puppy cowering from firework noise would do it.

        1. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” – Amendment IX – Non-Enumerated Rights (1791).

          Don’t like fireworks? Put earplugs in your ears. Or your dogs’ ears. Or the ears of veterans with PTSD.

          Better yet, I’ll put ’em in my own ears, so I won’t have to listen to the bourgeois elite like you who want to turn the USA into a national mental institution where everything is banned lest anyone get so much as a paper cut.

          Do you live in a city/state that ‘bans’ fireworks by the plebes? Next July 4th, pull out your earplugs and take a listen IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. See how the plebes exercise their free speech and what they think about your hatred of fireworks, noise, and your “good idea”.

          Looks like that watering can is going to get used real soon to refresh that ‘Tree of Liberty’ …

        2. Another good idea would be to just stay home, and avoid the crowds and mosquitoes!

  6. The name of the school is University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, not LaCrosse or LaCross or Lacross. (See seal in image.)

  7. “Shutting down conservative opinions has become all too common at American universities and colleges. When opinions are given, as in the case of Jenson’s, people need to remember that they are opinions. Publishing them, particularly with legitimate evidence and reasoned arguments, is the job of a press concerned about healthy debate and the presentation of diverse views.”×641.jpg

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