Kurdish Journalist Fears Execution If Sweden Deports Him To Iran

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

While it might seem to many a prima facie case where a dissident, Kurdish Journalist will risk their safety if deported to a country known for its ghastly mistreatment of members of the press, a Swedish Migration Court ruled that Journalist Kamran Mirzaian will be instead deported to Iran, citing no proof that he will suffer threats to himself or his freedom.

Iran is an internationally recognized pariah with regard to its oppression of journalists and is ranked the 11th worst of 180 countries according to Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index. Journalists subject facing capital crimes in Iran include Briton Salman Rushdie, the seven-year imprisonment of an economics journalist critical of the government’s financial policies, and horrific murders of journalists arrested for “crimes” involving ordinary journalism

In a three month period from November, 1998 and February 1999, Iran witnessed the killing of five journalists. According to Association of Progressive Communications, “secular opposition leader Dariush Foruhar and his wife, Parvaneh, were stabbed to death in their Tehran apartment. Within weeks, three leading journalists-writers outspoken in their demands for greater freedom of expression in Iran – Majid Sharif, Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Pouyandeh – were also found murdered.” The government claimed that the murders were committed by “rogue elements” within the security forces and responded with nothing more than show trials and secret proceedings.

In 2003, Photo Journalist Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian dual citizen, was tortured, raped and murdered while under arrest following her photography work at demonstration in Tehran.

2008 saw the execution of Yaghoub Mehrnahad under the auspices of “Supporting Terrorism” in reporting dissident groups.

The nation is widely known to execute persons accused simply of “insulting the prophet” or for modesty crimes.

Mr. Mirzaian arrived in Sweden in 2014 after having worked for several years in Iran. He has been politically active with Free Life Party of Kurdistan. Kurds are an oppressed ethnic minority in Iran and have for decades suffered reprisals and accusations of sedition and subversion.

“I want to be able to write articles and and do my work in my own language, but in Iran that would not be possible, because as a Kurd I don’t have any rights.” says Kamran Mirzaian.

Mirizain volunteers for NewrozTV, a Kurdish Language network channel featuring various life and cultural topics and is broadcast throughout the world. It is, though, banned in Iran.

The Swedish Migration Court did not consider factors such as that Mirizain could confirm his identity and dismisses his voluntary work at NewrozTV and his political advocacy have been extensive enough to attract the attention and ire of Iranian Authorities. As a result, the court does not find that an imminent need for protection and asylum exists. Despite Mirizain’s appeal of the lower court order, wherein he submitted additional documentations proving his political activities in Iran and elsewhere, he was informed yesterday that the Migration Court would not reopen his case despite new evidence.

Mirzain Commented:

“I came here with the idea and the hope that Sweden is a democratic country that stands up for people fleeing from dictatorship and oppression. When I heard about deportation, every hope that I had, dropped that moment. It makes me very disappointed and sad.

I don’t understand why the Migration Court makes such unfair decisions when they have all the evidences in front of them. I have shown what situation I live in, and still they decided to deport me to Iran, the regime where I awaiting a death sentence.

I can not return. A few weeks ago 20 of my comrades hanged by Iranian regime. I have received many threats, both via the Internet and telephone that I will be tortured if I will return to Iran again.

There seems to be a duality between Mr. Mirzain’s case and the plight of those Syrian Refugees who received in large part blanked offers of residency to escape the unrest in their home country. Reportedly, Sweden took in the most refugees per capita than any other European nation. But in his case, Mr. Mirzain finds that the Swedish government cannot accept just one additional person who already has established ties and assimilation within their nation.

One has to wonder what is motivating the court to deny asylum.

An Online Petition formed to bring attention to Mr. Mirzain’s fate asks for reconsideration by the Swedish government.

By Darren Smith

Source: e-Kurd News

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41 thoughts on “Kurdish Journalist Fears Execution If Sweden Deports Him To Iran”

  1. @Ralph Adamo, October 1, 2016 at 3:19 pm
    “Consequently, the problem is not Sweden or Iran. The problem is the liberals, the leftists, and the other assorted ultrasubcretins.”

    You may want to consider thinking a little more clearly and concretely and try harder to eschew emoting so abstractly and vacuously, utilizing such self-stupefying language as “leftists, liberals, and ultrasubcretins.”

    I know how emotionally satisfying puerile name-calling can seem to be, but intellectually and spiritually speaking, it’s really thin gruel compared with the fruits of concrete thinking about phenomena such as the drivers of human political behavior.

    1. KR – I have distilled the “drivers of human political behavior,” as you bombastically put it, to its core essence. Many things in life are very simple once you truly understand them. Like the world is spherical, not a flat surface. When you get over your jejune modes of”thinking” in the decade to come, you will begin to grasp the simple truths that I’ve spoken of.

      “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
      ― Confucius

      “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
      ― Albert Einstein

  2. I do not understand why the liberals, leftists, and other assorted ultrasubcretins concerned about this journalist. Islam is a nation of Muslims. Therefore, nothing bad can happen because Islam is good and holy. Muslims are wonderful, peaceful, and compassionate people.

    Are the liberals, leftists, and other assorted ultraubcretin turning into Islamophobes? It would seem they are.

    Consequently, the problem is not Sweden or Iran. The problem is the liberals, the leftists, and the other assorted ultrasubcretins. They need some serious long-term training in political correctness. And they need to a lot of praying to Allah and start following the mandates invented by Islam’s pedophile, mass murdering “spiritual” leader.

    Until the liberals, the leftists, and the other assorted ultraubcretins begin to do this, I don’t think their Islamophobic concerns about the fate of the journalist should be taken seriously. Okay?

    Get it?
    (Got it)

  3. I signed the petition. The United States should insist on asylum here. I have friends from Sweden. They don’t think much of the country. If we have any financial dealings helping Sweden, cut them off until he is sent here.

  4. @Autumn, October 1, 2016 at 1:37 pm
    “Sweden has lost its standing – trying to extradite Assange on fake rape charges as well as shutting down stories about the increasing assaults on Swedish women.”

    In addition to the transparently political attempt to drag Assange back to Sweden for extradition to the US for some journalist-rehab, the Swedish government has previously and infamously demonstrated its willingness to enable the torture of asylum seekers:

    “Sweden Violated Torture Ban in CIA Rendition
    “Diplomatic Assurances Against Torture Offer No Protection From Abuse
    “The United Nations’ ruling that Sweden violated the global torture ban in its involvement in the CIA transfer of an asylum seeker to Egypt is an important step toward establishing accountability for European governments complicit in illegal US renditions, Human Rights Watch said today.

    “In a decision made public today, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled that diplomatic assurances against torture did not provide an effective safeguard against ill-treatment in the case of an asylum seeker transferred from Sweden to Egypt by CIA operatives in December 2001. The committee decided that Sweden’s involvement in the US transfer of Mohammed al-Zari to Egypt breached the absolute ban on torture, despite assurances of humane treatment provided by Egyptian authorities prior to the rendition.

    “Human Rights Watch today released a detailed briefing paper answering questions about such ‘diplomatic assurances.’ ‘This UN ruling shows that we are slowly but surely getting to the truth about European complicity in illegal US renditions,’ said Holly Cartner, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. ‘European parliaments and prosecutors must continue their inquiries into these matters.’

    ”Swedish officials handed over al-Zari and another Egyptian, Ahmed Agiza, to CIA operatives on December 18, 2001 for transfer from Stockholm to Cairo. Both men were asylum seekers in Sweden, and suspected of terrorist activities in Egypt, where torture of such suspects is commonplace. Returns to risk of torture are illegal under international law. [My emphasis]

  5. What can you say, Iran is a retarded nation based on a religious cult. It is a country from the stone age that presents itself deceitfully to the world as civilized. The more advanced nations have no choice but to retain open communications in hope that civilization will be absorbed by the mentally deficient who happen to be in charge. In common parlance they are simply thugs. It is unfortunate that Sweden, long time leader of civilized nations, is responding this way to whatever pressures the thugs are bringing to the table. This is a perfect opportunity for the Congress, Senate, and Presidency to offer unanimous support by taking in this guy.

    1. While I am certainly not in support of the theocratic triad that rules Iran and suppresses the citizens to say they are “mentally deficient” is absurd. They know exactly what they are doing and are clever enough to remain in power by using the mullahs to enforce “morality laws” and terrorize the people. Iran is Shia – surrounded by Sunnis and also contained by the US and our allies. Some of whom are real thugs such as Saudi Arabia.

      Sweden has lost its standing – trying to extradite Assange on fake rape charges as well as shutting down stories about the increasing assaults on Swedish women.

      1. Maybe they are not fake when one takes into account the strict Swedish law with regards to rape.

      2. Assange has not been formally charged by Sweden for any crime. He is wanted on suspicion of three crimes including one of rape. Granted, this may split hairs a little, since Sweden tends to bring official charges later in the process than other countries and Assange’s asylum at the Ecuadorean embassy has thwarted that process from advancing but that is still not the same thing as being formally charged (falsely or otherwise) with rape. It could just as well be that Sweden would drop the arrest on suspicion as soon as they had Assange physically on Swedish soil and instead grant the US request for extradition..

        There is so much murkiness regarding the alleged incidents, that it is plausible this is a political tactic Sweden is prepared to grant on behalf of the United States which would like to charge Assange with highly serious crimes against national security under the Espionage Act. Obama has used the 1917 Espionage Act more than all other presidents combined since it was created (by a bipartisan vote of congress). Such charges would, frankly, be better directed at Hillary Rodham Clinton since her activities were to hide corruption whereas those of Assange were to reveal it and hold the US government accountable, which would include Obama.

        Not least among the concerns is that Sweden refuses to provide guarantee against extradition claiming it does not have legal authority. Yet it also claims it would never extradite anyone to a country that might execute that individual – an implied legal authority if only by precedent – so why can’t it make such a promise?

        The US is one of the few “developed” countries, along side such enlightened specimens as North Korea, that still upholds the barbarity of the death sentence as a form of justice, though unlike even North Korea, such killing lust is strictly for and applied to those NOT belonging to the 1% club. Since this could mean Assange’s life, he is probably wise to remain under the asylum of the Ecuadorean embassy.

      3. No, Iran is retarded and mentally deficient. From a collective sociological perspective as a country Iran is backward, not evolving at a normal rate or retarded, and ruled by perverts and pedophiles or mentally deficient. Perhaps this is being somewhat blunt but step back and imagine the country as one person. You don’t agree with my perspective on god, so I’ll kill you. You don’t cover up your hair, so I’ll whip you. You make a joke that I don’t like, so I’ll stab you and it will all be swept away. There are many mentally deficient and retarded people that excel in some things. Such is the case with Iran and the other perverted nations, peoples, etc. Sometime this behavior will have to stop being accepted on the basis of, ‘That’s just the way they are.’

        The difference between someone who is retarded, mentally deficient, and backward and someone who is evolving in the right direction is that when one disagrees with the retarded, mentally deficient, and backward person that person flips out and lashes out, injuring, killing, imprisoning. When someone disagrees with the normally evolving person that person simply flips them the bird at the worst. It’s not that complicated.

        1. Isaac, I am totally irritated with your inane critique of Iranians at large as being “retarded” – look at the amazing films Iranians have produced despite living under a theocratic regime. Don’t conflate the government with the people! How many wonderful films have the f*cking other ME people produced including Israel- answer :NOT many!!. Quite frankly, I am tired of supporting with my tax dollars, the nation of Israel which foments chaos in the ME


  6. What exactly should be the criteria for accepting or rejecting immigrants? It used to be that one had to have enough money to support ones self or have a host to support you or have knowledge, skills, and ability to earn a living. That meant the most desperate folks were turned away.

    Do they perhaps intend to trade this guy for a Swedish prisoner in Iran?

    1. There are various types of immigrants – migrants who seek economic opportunity, refugees fleeing war zones and political refugees seeking asylum for their safety. This guy obviously falls in the latter category. If we in the West espouse freedom of speech he should be granted asylum — or at least a plane ticket to another country who might be willing to take him in. How bout Germany? Mama Merkel given her experience living under the Stasi horrors should up to the plate?

  7. Why Is this man being deported? Has he violated the law in Sweden or is this part of the normal review process and his time is up? Something is missing in this story.

  8. The USA could arrest him and put him in with our political prisoners, we seem to be getting a lot of them lately.

    1. The only political prisoners inhabit the static between your two ears.

  9. This reporter does not fit some part of agenda of political correctness. Free speech is not an important element to pathological altruism simply because it’s not the quickest road to hell. Swedes are looking to damage themselves. They’re on a cultural suicide mission and this guy doesn’t help. This is also going on in Germany. They seek to get rid of the productive members of their migrant occupants. I see this suicide mission and self flagellation in Minnesota. By the way 10% of the population of Sweden immigrated to at the turn of the last century. This proves that cultural diversity and tolerance aren’t legitimate progressive ideas. Those belong to true liberals, not those who have hijacked the term. I wish I was surprised.

  10. I’m not familiar with Swedish immigration laws, but it would seem that he should have the option of being deported to any country that will take him. Considering the alternative of facing certain death in Iran, perhaps his supporters could raise enough money to induce some poor country, such as the Philippines, to take him. I agree that Sweden is caving to political pressure to deliver him to Iran. Stockholm is known as the “rape capitol of the world,” and Swedish women have taken to dying their hair black and wearing scarves, as the Muslim “refuges” only target the women of their host country for violent assault. Yet Sweden isn’t deporting these animals who have destroyed their freedom and debased their culture.

    1. Courts then meddle a great deal but don’t protect us much.

      The man in question is not useful for the social projects of Sweden’s elites. Hence, he goes.

  11. If this guy is imprisoned in Iran maybe Sweden can send a cargo plane loaded w/ pallets of cash to free him. Obama can advise Sweden on that.

  12. Autumn, may be that’s his problem. All he has to do is assault some Swedish woman and they’ll think he’s some kind of social hero.

  13. The American government needs to export some Swedes to Iran. Start with some of those ambassadors to the UN living in NYC.

  14. Wow. Thanks for alerting me to this man’s plight. re: “One has to wonder what is motivating the court to deny asylum.” Exactly – that is the question.

    Ironically, earlier this evening I saw the Iranian film “Taxi” – the filmmaker, Jafar Panahi was imprisoned and has been banned from making movies and although it won an award he was not allowed to leave the country and collect it.


    Sweden has always been a bit of a weasel hasn’t it? Famously neutral during WWII but playing it both ways. And downplaying how many women have been sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrants.

    1. Sweden enjoys its reputation as a bastion of liberalism – just ask any Swede and they will delight in telling you how much more moral Sweden is than the U.S.

      But the truth is, Sweden has always – as you said – been a bit of a weasel.

      Go to Malmo and you will see a once pleasant provincial Swedish city transformed into an Islamist wreck. But the Swedish liberals prefer to point figers at the U.S.

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